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Found 5 results

  1. So, the app, version 1.54 on my android devise is how do you say... no good. I was wondering when a new version would be coming out, where can I get it, and when it would actually be on the app store. Come to think of it, why isn't it on the app store at this time? Does it's current iteration violate the terms and conditions of Google's play store? My issue with the app is it will connect to my wheel maybe half of the time. When it does it will reset my tilt back speed and alarms. That can get really annoying. It takes me many tries to get that back to the way I like it and then I don't want to use the app again. BUT I was having an issue where my light wouldn't turn on one evening so I cracked out the app. The ride home was slow as it reset the speed. I was able to get the light to turn on after opening up the app, still don't know why. (And before you point out that you can use the power button to toggle the light I know and it wasn't doing anything for me, But hey, thanks for pointing that out). While I was in there I was also hoping there was a sensitivity setting to the light sensor. When it is set to auto it turns on and off constantly as car headlights, street lights, and some other source that is too dim for me to notice can affect it. I was hoping the sensor was only strong enough to tell if it was in direct sunlight or not. Light issue aside I would love it if we could get some idea when a working, reliable app would be available and it was downloadable from normal channels.
  2. Has anyone that’s updated had any problems with their wheels? My KS16s is on firmware 1.07 out of the box with no issues and haven’t updated to1.08 because of the posts I’ve read. Tempted to update, but curious about other experiences.
  3. Hey all, I have a 14B travel version of the Kingsong and love it to death, so I picked up a used 14C with the 500w motor and the 520wh battery. It wouldn't charge, so I looked at the charge wires going from the charger port to the brick red battery connector and noticed the polarity was switched on the wires at one of the ends so that the neg connected with the pos at the brick red connector. Having solved that gremlin, I cannot connect it up to the app. I can find it on my bluetooth phone and iTouch and I can connect to the speakers using both android and apple apps, but cannot find it to connect to the app. This is a second hand unicycle so maybe its only paired with one and wont let go, or maybe my app thinks it is trying to connect to my 14B. I read about the speaker hook up and thats how I figured that out, but have no clue as to the app connectivity. When I was fixing the charger issue I did notice a loose black wire which I assumed was the Bluetooth antenna bunched together with the charger wires. Would that cause any interference? Is there a way to reset the device from its guts or by using a different means? I have already taken this thing around 10 miles on a journey and it has been fine, but I want to keep a safe eye on temperature, distance, and speed, and want to adjust the ride and speed warnings and pedal lean back features. Would anyone know how to help me? Can @tinawong be of any assistance? I am quite technically proficient and could perform whatever triage is necessary for the little 14C.
  4. Any thoughts about these? I started on player mode in the app on my 14c and just left it there because I wasn't sure where to set it. I'm still learning and couldn't tell the differences really when I tried the other modes. Where do you set yours and does it seem different really?
  5. Dear All, Would You like to have the KingSong application running on Your (inexpensive and easy visible) smartwatch instead of (expensive, bulky and easy to drop) smartphone? If yes - please support this petition to KingSong to make this concept come true. This would be very nice functionality as watch is easy to.... "watch" on - for example ZGPAX S83 watch http://www.ebay.pl/itm/ZGPAX-S83-3G-Smartwatch-Phone-Android-1-54-MTK6580-Quad-Core-8GB-Bluetooth-WiFi-/282283901173?var=&hash=item41b96e80f5:m:mtP-77eERXyJAslSmBv8J8A Current status is that - KS app starts sand show scanner (no way to select the KS as this is below, and watch is 320x320 pix screen) also WheelLog starts -but can not connect as it needs first KS app to "initiate" communication in 1.25 - anybody around with KS16 firmware V1.23 and the android smartwatch to test it? like ZGPAX S83 watch, to test Your app to run on 320x320pix Android 5.1 system. So the required modification from KingSong side is probably minimal - just remove the "scanner" or make it smaller, or make the found devices as overlay, or show them on top of the scanner wheel
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