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Found 5 results

  1. IPS 121 16 inch wheel for sale. (Purchased from Jason McNeil 2015) Black model with red side pads. NO app functionality. Selling my trusty wheel as just upgraded. Used lightly over the past 4 years and been very reliable. Pretty modest specs by today's standards, but I think would make a great learner wheel. 350wh / 1000w / 13.5kg Condition isn't too bad. There's a lot of scrapes on the pedals, and some scratches and dings. But this is a tank of a wheel, very tough construction. It's also never been taken apart or anything replaced, on it's original tyre. I have no idea of mileage, but I'd guess I've done approx 300 miles. Pics on request. I can meet in London for purchase, or collect in Amersham, Bucks. Was £600 new... Selling for £175.00 Review can be found here:
  2. Hi All, Just signed up on the forum. I started riding an airwheel a few months ago and am on an ips121 now. I have some video riding with some locals in Miami Beach..
  3. This is a review from my friend who is a newbie in EUC world. Below is what he wrote about ips121. Wow. I'm impressed, and I haven't even gone for a ride. I'm new to the electronic unicycle (EU). Been interested since I saw the Solowheel introduced here in town a few years back. Spent a couple of weeks researching, and my conclusion was the IPS 121. Well built. Reliability. Power. Size. Range. Hill climber. Ride quality. Speed was decent (they all pretty much have speed limit 9-11 mph). Reviews where all pretty much top notch. There are a number of ways to purchase them, but Amazon seemed easiest for me...if they had the one I wanted. Sure enough, there it was at a decent price. Wasn't happy with the stated delivery dates of a month+ out or so, but it was coming from China after all. So I went ahead and purchased it on a Saturday, and settled in for the long wait. Monday morn I got an email from the seller, Offical IPS Store. They said that they wanted to make this the best delivery every. They had inspected and packaged the EU, and are sending it out to their delivery center. Sweet, it's not going to take 2 months after all. The Offical IPS Store then proceeded to keep me up to date as to the EU's where-abouts. Then got a text from DHL ,"will be delivered Friday" So when it was all said and done, I was gonna get the EU in less than a week from ordering...from China. Wow. However, DHL could not make delivery by end of day Friday, and I had to wait until Monday. But I was impressed!A week or so later I finally get a chance to try it. Not sure what to expect. I've done, or do many of the balancing activities, skiing, inline skate, long-boarding (sidewalk surfin), learned to ride a unicycle in about 5 hours, etc. however, I'm 61. Funny side note: the instruction that came with my EU says "over 60 years old forbidden". Anywho, what a blast. I had read about others experiences riding so maybe that helped. But it took me about a half hour to get going. Got pretty comfortable in about an hour. Then proceeded to buzz around a high school parking lot with lots of levels and turns and hills. Your lower body does get a little work out like a cruise'in day on the slopes. Big fun! Then branched out and around the neighborhood. This EU is all they said it would be. Since I have not ridin others I can't compare. But it's solid. Rides smooth. Great hill climber. Good acceleration, but a bit of a push back on the pedals at speed, (to keep you from going too fast) seems a bit soon (needs a touch more speed?). I may get another IPS EU of a different size and will for sure only buy from the Official IPS Store via Amazon.I'm hooked. It's so much fun. Looking forward to many miles of cruising, and all the places you can go (until they kick you out). It truly is "Travel'in without moving.
  4. This is a honest review from my customer for IPS122 I really love this thing.Learning curve is steep; I was frustrated to the point of almost returning it because of my impatience. Thankfully with a little more persistence and help from all the tips and vids out there I finally was able to start riding. One big tip that helped me was to stop looking down at my feet and keep my head up and look ahead to where I want to go; my body was able to figure out how to stay upright on its own.Now I've enjoyed riding amongst the throng of tourists at the memorials in Washington, DC, gliding and weaving through them with ease, being stopped occasionally to answer questions about my new toy. I've zipped around Old Town Alexandria, VA to experience much of the same. I've taken leisurely "strolls" through some local parks being able to enjoy the scenery and yet not feeling exerted or strained by the beating sun because of the breeze from riding. So far it's been a very pleasurable experience.So I've talked about my escapades but what about the unit itself? Not having anything similar I can compare it too here's what I can say:-It's heavy and clunky to carry around, but from what I know of the genre it is typical. Spend your time riding it and not carrying it.-It's fast enough for me. I've not measured any specific speeds, but I'd put it at the same speed as a leisurely bike ride. I was able to easily catch up to and surpass all joggers I encountered. If I try to push the speed, the unit gently raises the pedals to tilt me backward and forces me to slow down a little.-There's no padding on this thing whatsoever, so be prepared for some bruised shins and ankles while you're learning. Once you learn it, the lack of padding is not as big a deal, but still it would be nice. So ergonmically this thing gets a "Meh," but I'm not docking any stars because of it.-Battery life so far is sufficient. The most I've gone on one charge is 12 miles split between several locations. According to the battery indicator (which is kind of pathetic; the power button blinks green once per second when there is between 33% and 67% left on the charge, blinks faster when it dips below 33%, and blinks red when it goes below 10% I think) I had at least 33% left, but how accurate that is I don't know. My feet tired out before the battery did. We'll see if that remains to be the case a few months from now.-It's rugged. When I was learning to ride it took a couple of hard falls and even crashed itself into a solid concrete wall at a good speed a few times. It's definitely scratched up but it has maintained it's shape and functions as well as ever.-Beauty contest winner this is not, but it does have a stark functional aesthetic that I appreciate. The big "IPS" lettering and red battery housing are the only attempts at beautification and I do not find them unpleasant.Like I said, I really love this thing. I find myself waiting for the work day to be over so I can hop on for a little bit and enjoy a taste of flying on the ground. I look forward to times when I can ride for an extended period. It's fun to see the stares of wonder and hear the gasps of "Oh wow I want one!" as I zip by. I'm evangelizing widespread use of these things because I believe everyone should have as much joy as I have when I ride. So stop reading and get yours now!!
  5. A couple months ago I did some controlled range testing with the Ninebot E & the IPS132. Although both units have similar nominal battery capacity—the IPS 132 has 260Wh, while the Ninebot has 240Wh, the results where surprising in that the IP132 had 20% better range in actual range than the Ninebot with identical cruising speed, track conditions & rider weight. This is accountable, because many cells nominal capacity is rated with a load that is less than the cruising speed of an Electric Wheel. With high-power cells, like the Sony US18650V3 that are found in the IPS132, offers a similar energy output across a wide-range of loads, from 1A to 10A. Other cells, however, may loose a substantial % of their rated capacity as the load increases. How this translates in Wh/Mile, is that the best performer (out the the three units tested) is the IPS132 at 20.68Wh/mile, with Ninebot One E managing only 22.84Wh/M. At first sight, 10% may not seem like much, but practical experience demonstrates that this increments make a big difference for range planning in the real-world. Another related consideration is how the control board manages 'limp-home-mode', the condition where the battery is low, usually about 25-33% capacity. Some control-boards are setup very conservatively (with pedal-tilt-up action), where it is difficult to exceed 5MPH—those last couple miles home are never as enjoyable. With others, you can still maintain a fairly respectable 7-10MPH until the battery is finally exhausted. Ninebot One E: 22.84Wh/MIPS 132: 20.68Wh/MIPS 121 (T350): 21.88Wh/M
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