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Found 13 results

  1. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd be most appreciative. I tore down my IPS Zero 260 because it simply wouldn't charge anymore. This, after a few stages of degrading performance (e.g. a one-off cutout at low speed, limited range, erroneous low battery warning, wouldn't charge past 80% or so, etc.). These occurred over a period of a few months of daily use. Thinking that I had bad cells (I don't know, just guessing) I decided to remove the battery pack and get an estimate to build a new one. I know it'll be tough to afford that but I hate being without my EUC. As I got into i
  2. Hi, thank you for the great forum. I would like to start with EUC so I have not much knowledge. I want to buy an EUC but have not decided yet. I would be thankful for help! I live in a city (and especially my street) which is quite steep so some power is needed. I do not intend to use it regularly for my commute but more for fun or for some travels with trains etc. Therefore range is not a big issue. I like speed. I am not squeamish when it comes to carrying weight, but as mentioned before, I will use it for public transport so a medium weight would be nice.
  3. Ive been riding my ips zero day n night, sunny days, rainy days on cement/paved roads and dirt roads. It has performed all times until yesterday. Coming home after a 4km ride in rain I couldnt turn it off. Figured it was water making it way into the interior and shortcircuit the power. Since I live 3 stairs up I decided ill just carry it up. lifting it up made the wheel alarm go on and since only way to turn it off is to push the powerbutton... that didnt work... 4 hours later the button still didnt work and I had coverd it with towels and laundry and a big paperbox and the alarm still went th
  4. Instead of charging when I plug it in to the charger, my IPS Zero now powers itself on as soon as I connect the power cord. Just started happening after a few months of issue-free operation and several hundred miles of riding. Since it turns on when I plug it in, it also won't charge. I'm a bit leery of any power-related issues for obvious reasons; has anybody seen or experienced this before? HUGE THANKS CHEERS
  5. Super-excited that my IPS Zero has arrived in the U.S., FedEx shows it in Memphis and it should be arrive to me in San Francisco this week. In order to pass through customs, the seller needed to ship the 340wh batteries separately. They told me DHL rejected the shipment twice before it was accepted — without batteries — by FedEx and successfully shipped. The batteries will be shipped Monday now that the wheel has passed through customs. I have studied CSMeyers' teardown photos, but can't figure out which screws and parts will need to be disassembled to install the batteries. Will it
  6. All, Happy to announce I have taken shipment of the long awaited IPS Zero 340wh units. US retailer based in NJ (edge of NYC). Please PM for more info on purchasing. Thanks! John
  7. Hello EUC community, I've started my EUC journey three month ago with a used e-run 14'' EUC and quickly found out I need something stronger and faster. I bought an IPS ZERO (340Wh) mid of February and got it delivered mid of March. In my third ride it broke - fortunately while I was holding on to a light post. I contacted the seller and after describing the facts, I received the information (full correspondence below): Control board is broken, he will send me a new one. One day later I got an other email stating that an exchange of the control board is not necessary: I shou
  8. Hi, I'm looking for advice on selecting a second EUC. My first EUC is an Airwheel X8 which I have had for just on one year now. I use it to travel approximately 2-3km twice a day from home to the train station. While I have enjoyed learning to ride the X8 and it's convenience and overall feeling of using it there are a few things that I would like to improve upon. The features I would like to improve are; being able to configure settings, having a more powerful / torquey motor & battery package (more specifically, the route to the station is up hill and in some parts reasona
  9. I have a question for all of you guys who have IPS Zero. Do you ride it with or without leg pads ? If yes, did you put some customs leg pads or the one that come with the unit with the (ugly ) IPS LOGO ? I don't know if it is because I used to ride the 9B1 and I got to be used to place my foot in a certain way on the pedal, but the first time I tried to ride the IPS Zero, I obviously understood that I wouldnt ride for more than 15 min without being in Pain. So I used some kinda shin guard.
  10. This is my shop to buy the corresponding product address. Alibaba's website, it is worthy of trust. gotway mcm4:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Reserve-Gotway-MCM4-130wh-260wh-340wh-520WH-680WH-electric-unicycle-one-wheel-scooter-800W-motor-max/1908673_32468490098.html ips zero:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Freeshipping-IPS-zero-800W-motor-the-hightest-speed-30km-h-life30km-LED-APP-Bluebooth-Electric-unicycle/1908673_32541556347.html inmotion v5:http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Freeshipping-Inmotion-v5-v5-18km-40km-APP-Lighting-bluebooth-Perfect-design-E
  11. Vic

    IPS Zero for sale

    Hi, I bought 5 ips zero 260Wh version together with my friends. But we have only 4 persons so there is one left for sell. I live in Sweden, so I would like to sell to the person who live in EU which will cost low shipping price. If anyone of you are interested please contact me. Btw, the product is still on the way to Sweden, hopefully arrive next week. Vic
  12. Hi, I bought 5 ips zero 260Wh version together with my friends. But we have only 4 persons so there is one left for sell. I live in Sweden, so I would like to sell to the person who live in EU which will cost low shipping price. If anyone of you are interested please contact me . Btw, the product is still on the way to Sweden, hopefully arrive next week. Vic
  13. IPS Zero being tested at the IPS R&D center in Shanghai. https://youtu.be/qVs_U2LgVzg https://youtu.be/HSB8xYuY-As https://youtu.be/6XWov9DfKUY
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