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Found 7 results

  1. I recently bought a Gotway Tesla V2 which was sold to me with a flat tire. The seller included a bike tube which he said could be used as a replacement, though I noticed the Tesla's tube has an angled valve stem. I'm having trouble finding a replacement... Does anyone know where you can purchase a replacement tube online (in the US)?
  2. Hey Guys, Long story short (Does anyone know why my tires keep popping at 30psi??) I've bought 2 wheels before, I bought a inmotion v5f about 4 months ago and just recently bought an inmotion v8. My inmotion v5f tire popped after 2 weeks of having it, I knew nothing about tires so I had it at about 20 psi. (I know my bad) My inmotion v8 popped today after 2 full days of riding it at just above 30 psi. I weigh 140lbs so plus my bags I'm probs 160lbs, someone suggested 30psi would be fine. Im not riding on any off-road but I have a lot of bumpy roads around where I live. Does anyone know why my tires keep popping?
  3. I have the tyre on my 16S inflated to around 38psi. Unfortunately over a 2 week period it will slowly deflate to around 25psi. Usually I only notice it's low just as I need to get somewhere in a rush. There isn't any obvious leak. I tried using inner tube sealant and it seems to have lessened the problem a bit but it hasn't really stopped the air from gradually leaking. Is there anything I can do?
  4. Is the Kenda 18X2.5 inner tube the only other option for my KS18XL? I see a brand on Amazon called Durader that has the same size; however the reviews are not good. Also, eWheels is the only place online that I've found that sells Kenda inner tubes for King Song. Any other companies?
  5. So 2 Sundays ago I ripped the valve stem out of my wheel. By Tuesday I had a couple of replacements on their way from Poland, thanks to @steve454 doing some research. Tubes arrived Monday, so no excuse but to do it. All the typical stuff getting a tire off, then comes a decision: which way to orient the valve? Putting some air in the tube, to keep it ridged, so I could get an accurate look at it, it made sense to copy the factory orientation. So,I did that but I just wasn't happy with the direction the vale was pointing. You see the problem is the valve stem is mounted slap dab in the centre of the tube, but angled outwards a bit. But the hole in the wheel( KS14c )IS NOT IN THE CENTRE (centre,.English spelling, from the French I guess). So forcing a centred valve stem through an off-centre hole puts a kink in the tube and causes the stem to stick out a bit sideways. No amount of Pfaffing with it, made it right. so I put it all back together, and I do mean ALL together, only to discover that the stem rubs on the shell as the wheel rotates ahhhgggg???????? apart again, tire loosened, again, inner tube out, again. Tube swapped around so that not only does the stem face the other way from the factory setup, but it's also angled In towards the wheel; a different kink. back together, and it's working well, but knowing how kinked the stem is already, I'm loathe to handle it much to fit a pump. So I added my own version of an extension, which I leave in place, so I don't have to move the stem around when pumping it up if I ever have to remove a tire again, on a small wheel, I think I'll take a drill bit to the wheel and make a new hole for the valve stem, a lot closer to the centre. this is not so much of a problem on bigger wheels, as there's more room between the motor and the wheel. On a mini monster like the KS14, the motor IS THE WHEEL There's almost no room for the valve stem. i took pictures but they're on my phone and I can't remember my login, otherwise I'd upload them. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. Bought my first electric unicycle - Ninebot One C+ (£400). It arrived on Monday The tyres arrived at a low pressure but perfectly ride-able. I'd done some reading on this forum in advance and it suggested that learning to ride on less inflated tyres would be easier. Potentially true, but it turns out that does NOT outweigh the risks... (Read on) I went out and obsessively practised for about an hour. By the end of that, I was able to stand and go in a straight line for about 50m. But my unicycle was making a thumping noise like it had a flat tyre... Went back to check it and the valve had gone INTO the tyre and got VERY stuck. Impossible to pull back out with my hands or any tool I have. Went to a couple of bike shops - no one was really interested and no one wanted to help sadly. After a lot of searching I decided the best option was to invest in some tyre levers and hex keys, open up the ninebot and try to fix it myself. SUCCESS. I opened it and found the inner tube was completely mangled into a small part of the tyre, and when I got the tyre off, the valve came loose. I untangled the inner tube and pumped it a bit to restore its shape, before putting it back into the tyre and putting the tyre back on. Wahay. Super excited to be able to get on it again... I pumped up the tyre to about 40 PSI and started the long job of closing the Ninebot up again. (Total time to open, fix and close up again: about 2 hrs - I am inexperienced...) Once finally closed, I give the wheel a squeeze. Crud. It's completely flat. The inner tube isn't holding any air. Great. So two options: buy some tyre patches (and open it all up again to apply them), or get some 'slime'. Slime has a lot of good press on here and I thought I could apply it without opening up the ninebot again, so I went and ordered it off Amazon... Just my luck the package never arrives but shows as delivered. No card left and nothing with neighbours. Not giving up, I call around every bike shop near me, find one that stocks slime, go and purchase it. Return to ninebot with slime. Very excited. Ready to put slime in but can't get the bloody valve core out of the valve. Spent an hour trying to do that. Eventually decided I'm going to have to start dismantling it again to get sufficient access to the valve. Start opening it up and about halfway through taking stuff off the valve is accessible enough to remove the core. SUCCESS. Plug in the slime, fill it with slime. Follow the instructions perfectly. Put the valve core back in and pump it up. ...... HSSSSSSSS The slime didn't bloody work. Add more slime and repeat. Still doesn't hold air. Re-pump 3 times and spin the wheel loads just in case slime hadn't spread around enough. Still doesn't hold air. Sooooo it's 3 days after my ninebot arrived, 3 long days and nights trying to fix it, and I still can't bloody use the thing. --- I don't blame anyone but myself really because I should pumped it before riding it or stopped riding much sooner to pump it up. But thought I'd share my experience because it was stories like this that helped me to make the purchase decision and to at least make progress towards repairing it in the first place. So..... does anyone have any spare Ninebot One 16" inner tubes and/or tyres in the UK that I could purchase to try and get this thing working again ASAP? Thanks!
  7. had a freaky flip over yesterday. Just walked it off, no biggie, but when I picked up Lassie (my wheel), the tire was flat. Inspection revealed the (bent) valve stem was rotated 180 Deg. And had ripped out of the tube. I know what happened, but it's not the subject of this post. Why is it so freaking hard to find a 14" inner tube in Europe. Jason's got one in the US, but my cost delivered is $55. Keep looking. if you don't know, EUC s need a special bent valve stem parallel to the tube not at 90deg or straight, So local bike shop or FleaBay is not an option
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