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Found 20 results

  1. Hello EUC riders! I see a lot of technical issues posted about a v8 on this forum. This post is not about it Just want to share my design that could slightly improve your riding on a v8. These spiky pedals can be printed with PETG or Nylon (preferred). My test has shown it is useful, especially on bumps. The link to the models is here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5085899
  2. selling my Inmotion V8, only 10 miles on it. try to learn so there is some scratch. i include both new covers. also i upgrade the pedals to the larger ones. i have also 2 ankle pad never installed to be include. pictures: Pictures
  3. How big of a difference would there be when going from a V8 to a V11? How difficult would it be to adapt to the V11? I've used my V8 for at least 3 years.
  4. Had it for 3 years is was my first wheel. I love it, but it's time for an upgrade. Due to it being my first wheel, it's had crashes and such, but only in the first year. Trolley handle has been replaced once and the inner tube, multiple times. Works perfectly fine just has scratches on the cover and such. Mileage is 700.6 miles (1130 km). Includes: Inmotion V8 Charging brick. Asking $500. I can cover 50% of shipping via UPS. Paypal only. (Shipping estimate in the US: $50) I'm in Houston Texas if anyone wants to buy local.
  5. Has anyone ordered off of https://www.chicway.shop I'm wanting to order an inmotion V8. I live in the UK. Thanks
  6. Hi- For sale is this inmotion v8 wheel with the Solowheel logo on it. Has about 280km on it. Still has the protective plastic from the store in some areas (like handle and around the unit) --I put a protective plastic that came with the unit on one side of the EUC and on the footplates to protect them. All could be peeled off if desired, it includes a protective sleeve, not pretty but very functional. Units does have some signs of normal wear. No wipe-outs, no accidents, no flats, no problems of any kind, includes charger and original box. Purchased from ewheels so is not second hand, I am original owner. Please see picture if interested. Reason for sale: I need to completely pay off my KS 18l. Pick up available. Where: US, CA, Long Beach area asking $525
  7. eWheels has the V8 at a tempting price. I get the feeling, however, that it might be problematic for my 245 lbs riding weight. I currently have a Ninebot one E+ and it does everything I want except a little more speed. I would like to cruise at 15 mph with no tiltup. Also a little more range than the 8.5 miles I can get commuting with the E+. I have no problems climbing the hills I encounter on the 500w E+, so I was thinking the V8 with a 800w motor should at least do as well?? I get the feeling, however, that might not be the case? Jason? Any V8 riders out there at or near my weight?
  8. Today I was riding my V8 on my daily commute like I've been doing it for 2 months. I was around 15mph on asphalt flat terrain, when suddenly the inmotion v8 gave up and I went body against pavement. It didn't play any different warning sound it just suddenly didn't do anything. As I've had a couple events where the wheel slowly titled completely and now gave up totally, is there a data logger where I can retrieve the wheel facts of the issue ?? I really want to know if something failed, overheat, frozen, over-speed. I can't really trust it, this thing might be trying to kill me. Maybe it has a buggy firmware, this device must have a log memory that logs every event and then later be retrieved, just like a tesla car. Facts: As I dragged myself to grab it out of the road I noticed the blue lights were still on. Temperature this morning 30 degrees Fahrenheit. About -2 celsius. Battery was probably around 92%. I do full charge at home and I had only ridden about 1.5 miles. I've set its max speed to be 19mph so the wheel beeps at 16mph and start tilting back. Not sure if it's even possible to go to 19mph as it plays the warning sound and tilts back. Yes, lots of cuts, lacerations and pain. Lucky is winter and I was riding with a big jacket. Not sure if I had any major complication as I'm still waiting for the pain to go away. Please let me know how do you guys troubleshoot falls, if I can retrieve logs it will be very useful.\ [Update 2 years later] I'm still riding the same wheel. About 4 thousand miles yes 4000miles. Never felt again. The reason for the fall was overspeed on a super loud helicopter area. I didn't hear the alert, didn't feel the push back, the weather was also very cold. After the fall I learn that MAX Speed is not Cruising speed, unlocked Knees Always. Long story short. I'm very happy with the wheel and just learnt the hard way. This wheel is great. love it every day. [Update almost 3 years later] Still ride the same wheel and no falls. Very happy with the wheel.
  9. I've finished the Kuji pads mod follow instruction from Kuji Rolls https://youtu.be/NEFZmKrApLw Modified a bit to avoid blocking V8's leds since his instruction is only for big wheel like V10, MSX, etc... Do not looking for jump with V8, but seeking for more stability when riding. Gonna test it soon and report the effectiveness Latest updates: - Adjust the upper pad for comfort. - Reduce the ankle pads thickness to fit with my leg and need.
  10. TL;DR: a new one's gonna be out soon? Can anyone roughly estimate how soon? Hi there.. Brand new to the world of EUC - been absolutely soaking up information regarding a first wheel and am really looking forward to learning with much anticipation. According to one tutor, a background in skateboarding is a plus point for a beginner but I imagine this is only marginal. The Inmotion V8 seems like a good wheel to start with, especially that it's possible to fit a cover on it and potentially save some of its aesthetics (aka resale value). I definitely see the ~30kmh/18mph top end becoming too little sooner rather than later, though it seems apps like darknessbot/wheellog can welcomingly nudge it up some.. Pedal height and that biscuity 16 are more apt for my commute. Was really attracted to the torque of the mcm 5, though it's been mentioned that it isn't a good wheel for beginners. The idea of the "nothing touching the body" stance does seem a few too many steps forward for an absolute noob. Also the build quality has come up a few times, esp regarding the trolley and the single sided carry handle (beginners are initially advised to attach some kind of harness to catch the wheel). That power though. Anyway it seems Inmotion has recently teased at a new V8 being released soon. So I'm worried that I'll purchase mine (looking to visit the distributor as early as next week) and then the price will come down dramatically shortly afterwards. Does anyone have an idea as to the pace of Inmotion's euc releases? What's a realistic time frame to expect the updated version to come out?
  11. Hi all. I am only into my second week of riding in the street. I’m wearing a bike helmet, knee and wrist and elbow protection. Though I’ll likely continue those, but it seems like more protection like an armored jacket, full face helmet, is a bit much at 15 mph or less. I am riding an INMOTION V8 and I doubt I’ll exceed that on my commute. When I ride a bicycle, I go faster and wear less protection. Thoughts from the experienced ones?
  12. Hello, I just bought a V8 and installed the Android app (v 7.3.3). I cannot figure out how to change the LED lighting effects. There is an "Apply" button in the upper right corner when I choose the active effect (which does nothing). When I choose a different effect there is a "Trans" button which does not do anything at all. Can somebody help me with this issue? Thanks a lot!
  13. Speed wobble when slowing down or picking up speed on a v8. I upgrade the pedals from the v10 and still having the wobble. Anyone knows why? Thank you.
  14. Hi Folks, Looking for a v8 Battery in good condition. I'm currently limping along with a few dead cells but would prefer not to fork out $$$ for a replacement battery from inMotion. I'm in Alberta, Canada. Thanks, John
  15. Hey All, I have recently made my first EUC purchase of a Solowheel Glide 3 (a week old from Newegg). After some bumps and bruises learning how to ride (both me and the EUC), I feel like I'm getting the hang of it and I'm very happy with my wheel. Unfortunately, a couple of things started happening the past 2 days. For some reason, it seems like powering on the wheel is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I can short press the power button and it will work, sometimes I have to long press the button and it will work, and sometimes short pressing the button several times will result in the battery icon flickering for a second and then eventually powering on after a couple more tries. My second issue started happening at the same time. I can make changes on the Inmotion App like max speed, pedal horizontal tile, volume and that works fine until I power off the machine. As soon as the bluetooth disconnects from the wheel, the settings are gone the next time I power it on and it appears as though everything is back to factory defaults. I don't believe this was happening when I first got the wheel, but I wasn't making many changes at that time. I plan to contact Inmotion support, but wanted to know if anyone had anything for me to try. I'm pretty comfortable with electronics and up until now, I have tried removing the side casing and disconnected the two cables I found, hoping removing the battery for a bit would reset everything and solve my issues. I look forward to being a part of this community!
  16. So... backstory in an attempt to justify my bad decisions I've been rollerblading for the majority of my life and about a month ago decided to buy a Segway miniPro to commute to the bus stop. After getting the hang of it, I decided it was just too slow to meet my needs and a bit too awkward to carry on the bus. Fortunately, I found a better use for it. It was the perfect speed to teach my Husky to jog next to me so she can get more of a workout than our usual walks. This had been going extremely well and the Segway's balance and control made it easy to control her 'personality'. After doing a ton of research, I decided to purchase my first EUC (V8) and learned how to ride in a few hours. After the second day, I felt comfortable enough to ride from the bus stop and back. After a couple of weeks of riding, I was starting to feel extremely confident on the wheel. Around the same time, I had been taking my pup to the park and Segway'd around a low foot traffic area to tire her out. Again, this had been going really well and I was very proud of my girl. Naturally, I realized 10-11mph was not enough to get my pup running and now I had all this extra power with the V8 and I was confident in my riding abilities. I had already taken her on a short ride with the V8 around my neighborhood at a slow speed and she acted the same as on the Segway. After a few laps around the park on the Segway, I decided to take her on the V8 to really get her running and to tire her out (only wearing my wrist guards). She was doing extremely well and we were almost done for the day when I decided to take her around the park for a final lap. At this point she was trailing behind because she had already gotten a good workout in. And then... a squirrel ran across the sidewalk in front of us and my pup kicked it into gear and sprinted toward the squirrel which gave me a huge yank to the left going around 15mph. I held onto the leash for dear life and unfortunately overcorrected and fell off the wheel on the right side and skidded several feet on the sidewalk. Luckily, because of my rollerblade experience, I bent down when the instability hit and fell forward. My wrist guards took the brunt of the fall and I managed to escape with a sore knee cap and a scrape on my forearm. Lessons learned: Wear full protective gear, especially when you're doing something new or have something like a dog that you can't have full control over. When taking your dog on your EUC, ensure that at minimum they have a good call back in case you need to let go of the leash to save a crash. When she took off after the squirrel, I should have dropped the leash then called her back. Running your dog on your EUC is a bad idea unless you're willing to put in a ton of time to train your pup and yourself. Otherwise, this is a danger to you and your pup. There were many times during training on the Segway she wanted to walk in front of me and stop, which could have resulted in getting hit if this was at higher speeds. If you're like me, you'd rather hurt yourself than your pup so you end up taking spills to avoid hurting your pup. At some point during my fall, I let go of the leash and my pup went after the squirrel. Attached is a photo of where she ended up after I dropped the leash.
  17. Hi, this may have been asked before, but not seen anything. Where is the ride data stored, is it stored in the V8 or do I have to use the inmotion app while I'm riding to be able to analyse it later? Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm looking for a way to transfer sound effects from the application to the vehicle but the actual application only allows voice recording. Someone knows if there is a way to do that with the application or another way to communicate and transfer files to the unicycle? Thanks in advance, David
  19. I am slowly starting to begin my EUC training on my Inmotion V8, but I really like suggestions to protect my wheel. I got some foam to pad up the wheel to avoid the wheel to get too damaged. But I am struggling to understand where this foam will do the most good, Obviously, you could cover the hole wheel but, in the end,, I don’t have that much foam and it sort of obscure the pretty design of the wheel. The other part why my learning curve is extended to be a bit longer than normal is I have medical condition (psoriasis arthritis and osteoarthritis) with my lower back, hips, knee and feet that have put me off sports and general exercise. I has come to a point I have to start thinking: going to work, home to tv/computer and then sleep, repeat cycle, have to change. Hence the EUC comes into play. I am pretty sure the EUC over time, will help me achieve what I look to get out of my EUC. And on the up side I can use it to commute to work (only 1.5-2km each way). So back to the original question: protective rookie foam. I have the original cover too, but I am thinking to put foam on the red markings. As for a laugh, here is the result of 5-10 min training in basement, This is practically my first ride on it: http://youtu.be/c1nr3l52HI8 Note: I found it was easier without the baggage strap attached to wheel, but I don't have a video of that. suggestion clear pic you can draw on if you like
  20. Hi Guys, I need your help deciding on a wheel. I am from Australia and I have been researching this for quite sometime now. I can't seem to make a decision. Gotway seems to have the best capacity in the market but the worst quality control. With all the reported incidents on youtube; I do want to get the best, sturdiest, off-roading, long rage, highest wh out there but I dont want to die. Now I have seen many people on youtube crashing with Gotways without even reaching half its speed limit... ACM 2 giving up at 15mph after hitting a minute bump on the road. I sense a lot of frustration in many videos with gotways (ACM 2 with a wrong footplace installed). I need someone to give me an honest opinion on what is the best and safest out there for what I want bearing in mind that I dont plan on going any faster than 45 km/h - 96 kg weight
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