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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have really been enjoying my new 18xl. I was wondering if you guys have any tips pointers or advice on how one should fall off properly if the time ever occurs. Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  2. When I received my brand new EUC I was clueless about how to see if it was good to ride, I remember I only checked that the tire was ok and that it powered on. It was midweek afternoon and I was impatient to try riding it before the sunset. Of course I scratched my Tesla a lot because I didn't pad it, fortunately nothing broke during my 2 weeks learning because I always went to a park. When I found this forum I learned that before riding one should: Have enough battery, at least more than 50% and depending on the ride Update the firmware if possible (ideally step updates) to the latest working one (check this forum otherwise you may brick your EUC) Calibrate the wheel if you feel pedal dipping in curves (probably there won't be a need for calibration out of the box) Have the tire with 30-35 PSI Pump the tire until it feels firm but bouncy. Use the Forum Downloads > Tire Pressure Calculator as a reference. Check if the wheel wobbles a lot while lifting the EUC in the air Pad the EUC if you are learning Recommended by @houseofjob: spray anti-rust agent like Kroil on all exposed metal parts (pedal grub screws, exposed axle between the shell body and motor, etc.) spray lubricant like white lithium grease on the pedal rods to prevent rusting and getting that piece stuck when de-pedaling in winter cold, top up charge as often as possible, due to artificial battery depletion in cold. in the summer, limit extreme heat exposure as much as possible (indoor A/C), as with all computer-like electronics, extreme heat is the most damaging. check the wheel internals in general for loose screws, especially the ones securing the pedal arm, main axle nut, and main board MOSFET screws. also check for stripped wires, etc. buy one replacement inner tube ahead of time. Also one should balance the batteries once a month and store the EUC with 40-70% of the battery to try maximize its lifespan. In cold weather pre-heat the EUC if the temperature is below 5ºC (41ºF) before riding and also for charging it if the temperature is below 0ºC (32ºF). Plus putting gorilla-tape in the openings of the case may help keeping water and dust out of the internals. Is it recommended to check more in detail any specific component (such as the motherboard, battery, cables, etc) or have other precautions before riding or charging it? Edit: Corrected following the thread's responses.
  3. How to Manually Calibrate your Ninebot One Z6 / Z8/ Z10 without using Ninebot App. This method can also calibrate the pedals at your custom angled degree at your liking, slightly downward / upward, which is unable to achieve using the app. Hope it helps!
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