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Found 20 results

  1. Helmet info and opinion is scattered all over the forum, mostly in thread derailments, which I categorically deny having anything to do with, ok, maybe a little,. ALRIGHT! IT'S ALWAYS ME. HAPPY NOW? Please feel free to add your thoughts and recommendations about all things helmet related. So here's what I bought: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01L6SS4FW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and why: 1. its road legal, and therefore safer than a bicycle helmet. 2. it's matt black like my wheel, so it goes with anything. 3. I can wear goggles and keep my eyes from tearing up. 4. I don't care about the extra weight, It's not like I'm peddling for Gauds sake. 5. I can wear it while jet skiing, powered paragliding, and if I ever get on a motorcycle/scooter again. 6. the padding comes out for cleaning, etc 7. there's room for speakers 8. it was cheap 9. it comes well recommended Concerns: 1. I do a lot of sidewalk and boardwalk (promenade) riding, so I'm concerned that my full MC helmet and jacket combo will scream "HEY! he doesn't belong here". Which, of course, I don't. But riding in the road is illegal here too, so I'd rather be hung for a sheep than a lamb (as the old English saying goes) said to mean that because the punishment for a bad action and an even worse one will be the same, you have no reason not to do the worse one 2. How bad is my hair going to look, when I take it off? 3. How much more time is this going to add to my pre/post-ATGATT routine? 4. Just one more bulky thing to find a place for here, and where I'm going. 5. Makes my recent headphone purchase useless, as I use them exclusively when gliding. I tore apart my old headphones (won't charge anymore) with a view to installing them in this helmet. Another project that may never see the light of day. Yeah, I know, somethings wrong with my nose, or the helmet, or the goggles, or my head. Either way, nothing is lining up.
  2. I've had already some minor incidents with people since I started EUCing, this includes cars, bicycles and pedestrians (never motorcycles). The incidents range from people simply not paying attention to just plain a-holes that purposely pushed me (people), threaten me by coming at me or closing me forcing me to stop (cars and bicycles). This morning some guy thought it would be fun to push me and try to steal my Tesla. This ended with him receiving a good lesson. Hopefully he's learned that he shouldn't mess with people looking like robocop As you've guessed, I'm looking for a camera to "protect" me a little more (and other people) from these issues with the aim of bringing these subjects to justice (and maybe upload a thing or two to youtube). I've read a lot here about how having a visible camera changes people's reaction, but I think that you shouldn't give a chance to those who likes misbehaving to stop doing it while they are being recorded. Also you risk having your camera destroyed by falling or having one encounter with a smart a-hole. So I am in a quest for finding a good camera to fit inside my TSG Pass. To my surprise they seem to be really cheap and convenient to remove them for charging because of their magnetic mount: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0819RN617 Does anybody use them or have a better suggestion?
  3. Recently I succeeded in converting a friend to the EUC religion! As a good preacher, I am helping him choosing the EUC and the gear Now we are looking at full face helmets and I am struggling to justify my decision of buying a TSG Pass... Well, the reason I bought it is because I read in one thread here many good things about it (concerning safety) AND I found it on sale during the last Black Friday (It is an outstanding helmet and I even forget I am wearing it!) My friend would like to know if he should go with a similar model (not on sale though) or one of the MTB/DH helmets also mentioned in the previous thread like the Leatt DBX 6.0 Carbon. I told him that, in my opinion, it is a trade-off between convenience (being able to just remove a piece of equipment + not having to buy goggles) and heat (as I tend to boil with this helmet in direct sunlight even in winter). Though his point is that the Leatt's shield will protect him from the rain and sun during the summer, plus during winter he could just put on a balaclava. He will mainly use the EUC (one of the new Inmotion V8F) for daily commuting and to go with me off-road once in a while on weekends. One important remark is that he has glasses, and I am not sure how would that play with goggles, although he's been snowboarding with them inside goggles with no issues... What would the helmet gurus of this forum recommend, DH/MTB or longboard/skateboard full helmet? PS: Any suggestion regarding goggles?
  4. I'm upgrading my EUC to a 30+ mph model soon. I also need to upgrade my current cheap-o bike helmet to something that will protect my face. Not that I have a modeling career, but I'd simply prefer to not have my jaw wired shut due to a face plant at 20-30 mph. So, in the interest of safety, I'm planning on getting fully geared up. Unlike some of you that are able to drop $300+ on a sweet, glossy, carbon fiber brain bucket, I'm looking for something to get started keeping a budget in mind, but still being safe (read value here). After reviewing existing threads on this, I haven't found the information I'm looking for. I'm interested in paved trail riding with some off road. I'm not sure if the open face (downhill mountain bike style) or the modular fully enclosed helmet (motorcycle with flip up front) would be better. Here are a couple options I'm looking at that would be an improvement over the basic bike helmet I have now. Since I live in Southern California, rain and cold are not really an issue. The ability to stay cool with good airflow is more important. Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet Pros - Light weight, can easily talk to other riders, pedestrians, etc. Visor, (52) 4 star rating on Amazon, easier to mount rear view mirror. Cons - Only CPSC bike compliant, would need to wear sunglasses or googles for higher speeds, noise Pros - Quieter, built in optional shaded visor, ability to lift front to talk to other riders when stopped, DOT Approved (safer), (804) 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Cons - Heavier, not as easy to engage with others, maybe harder to mount the mirror (?). $55.29 on Amazon $58.95 on Amazon If the bike helmet looks too cheap, I also looked at the Bell Sanction Helmet. It seems like many EUC riders like @Flyboy10 use the BMX style open full face helmet. However, other riders like @Marty Backe go with the full motorcycle helmet. I'd really love to hear about the pros and cons from actual riding with the various options and I'm interested in helmets that can be purchased right now on Amazon rather than a special one that is available in Europe only. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you have. I really value all the experience and positive support this group provides.
  5. What happened: So I was riding after the rain. The speed was about 30km/h. I saw a small pothole, filled with water. "Nah, a pothole, I'll manage. :-)" Boy I was wrong! Hidden underneath the water was the truth: This wasn't a normal pothole, it was a Fucking Assassin Pothole From Hell! About 1ft deep. I didn't fall from the wheel, it just changed trajectory. What followed was 1s of death wobble, followed by a faceplant. First time my helmet was scratched. And first dislocation in my life. What went well: Helmet - I banged my head harder than ever before in my life. My cheap $15 helmet made me feel nothing - not even a slightest headache! Without it I'd suffer concussion for certain. Wrist guards - my wrists are in perfect condition thanks to well spent $5. Knee pads - my knees are unscaved. Not even an ich! Another $5 of investment paid off. Phone cover - the cover got destroyed, the phone survived. I'll need to 3D print another one. That's what I designed it for. What went wrong: Dislocated shoulder - Since I have a pretty sturdy build, I couldn't pop it back in with a fence and I had to ride back home. I used this method to reduct my shoulder. I did it solo by tying my wrist to a bedpost. Best method from the ones I tried. I'm pretty sure I lucked out - I didn't rip any tendons (all muscles are working) and I have enough mobility to use the keyboard. It should get better every day. Conclusion: WEAR A HELMET! Preferably always. You may luck out like me previously, but the time will come when it will save your life. Concussed, I'd probably need an ambulance. I can't imagine riding a unicycle home 7km with brain damage. With a helmet it was a pleasure to get hit in a head. I felt literally nothing. Even the cheapest one from crapsco will do wonders. Wear wristguards! They are small and fit in pockets. I can type with both hands thanks to them. Wear knee pads whenever you're doing anything risky. I'd have two more shallow wounds to take care of if I skipped them today. Be really careful of ANYTHING under water. You never know how deep it is. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16057-my-new-ks-18xl-survived-from-being-underneath-2ft-of-water/ What other people thought: Since I kept both my hands on my helmet when I rode home (it was the least painful position), I'm pretty sure that other people thought I'm showing off or smth. Actually, it would be pretty hard to ride back home on a bicycle or a scooter. On a EUC you can ride with two shoulders dislocated! Please disregard all my past posts about not needing a helmet. You never know when death will send a Fucking Assassin Pothole From Hell after you. Especially when you think "Ah, a straight street, what could possibly go wrong?". 0/10 - would not recommend. Wear protection, ride safely, beware of water!
  6. My helmet mounted camera project is complete, and so far it is working well. I used a little better display and battery pack, but it still came in around $50. Helmet Cam Pics.docx
  7. Bonsoir je suis un utilisateur de giroroue. En ce moment ma giroroue ne cesse de sifflé et refuse de rouler, je ne sais pas où trouver de l’aide sur la plaque de ma giroroue est marqué : JA 4008046080 c’est la seul référence que je vois. Je suis de bruxelles capitale merci de me répondre si quelqu’un sais où m’orienter pour aller dépanner ma giroroue. merci d’avance
  8. Safety is important so I bought a new helmet a Bell Super 3R. This helmet provides a technology called MIPS that helps absorbs blows to your head :-)
  9. Full face helmets have been a topic of discussion here of late and for good reason given the increased risk of a full on face-plant that riding an EUC presents above and beyond that of almost any other mode of transportation. As part of buying protective gear for my new EUC I ordered two different full face MIPS enhanced bicycle helmets made by reputable brands; the Bell Super 3R and the Giro Switchblade. Over the course of a week or so I have been gathering my thoughts on them. I wanted to share what I have learnt and felt over that time in the hope it helps others when making this expensive purchase. To be clear this is not a review or recommendation of either helmet. I am not a specialist in bike helmets nor do I have the resources to test them properly. This is just my stream of consciousness/thoughts/feelings/ramblings. Both helmets came from Amazon. The Bell Super 3R cost $230 and the Giro Switchblade $250 which matched the manufacturer RRP. Both were ordered in medium size and have similar sizing charts. I will break my text into separate posts, each containing their own related material and images. This will help keep everything organized. Please don't post in the next 5 minutes while I add them all. Finally, this was not sponsored in any way. I purchased both these helmets from Amazon and will be keeping just one of them. This is why I could not road test them. P.S. Sorry about the ugly dude in the pics. My head model canceled so I had to drag this sorry creature in off the street in exchange for a six pack and some pocket change. Bell Super 3R It comes with a padded cover. Giro Switchblade Packaging Also comes with a soft cover as well as second camera visor and thinner cheek pads
  10. Inspired by the full face helmet comparison between the Bell Super 3R and the Giro Switchblade, I almost bought the Switchblade. That was until I found a report from a downhill MTB rider in the UK who had a fall and a pretty bad face impact with a rock that caused the chin guard to separate from the helmet. That was my major concern about helmets with detachable chin guards. I don't see a reason why I would ever consider taking the chin guard off anyway but it leaves a systemic vulnerability to the helmet. So I went on trying to find something that was airy as the Bell Super 3R (I am riding in Southern Arizona and in the summer you need every bit of cooling you can get!) but had a solid chin guard and possibly an MTB downhill certification. And I found it. It's the Proframe from Fox Racing. At $250 in the same price range as the Switchblade and the Super 3R, features an integrated chin guard in a skeleton configuration that allows for lots of air to come through and the whole helmet is designed to funnel air through the skull cap and keep you cool. Oh, and it has MIPS. The size adjustments happen by replacing the liner pads in the cap and with 3 sizes of cheek pads. The strap locks with a glove-friendly magnet-assisted locking mechanism. Pretty cool and easy to use. I spent around 5 hours in the helmet on Saturday's ride and am really happy with it. The weight is so low that you hardly feel you are wearing a helmet (the shell is Polycarbonate) and the visibility is excellent. I had no issues with wind noises up to my KS14's max. speed of 30 km/h. Hearing was not impaired while wearing the helmet. I could easily hear everything around me and detect the direction of sounds as if I wasn't wearing the helmet. This thing gets a big thumbs-up from me!
  11. hey riders, a few hours ago I flew right across a hood going approx 10-15kph on my wheel. A car driver crossed the bicycle lane turning right into a shopping center without giving a second thought to me. Luckily I wore almost full protection (no helmet!) and only my wrist guards got scratched. The wheel came to a halt running into a hedge. did you get in familiar situations? I can only guess some inattentive drivers mistake EUC riders for pedestrians. The accident happened in daylight, though for me this is the final wake up call to always wear my full face downhill helmet from now on. I might even order some extra lights for the helmet as well as one of those ugly high visibility vests. btw I was so stunned by the behaviour that I forgot to swear and claim a new pair of unscratched wrist guards. Guess I got off cheaply today. (the car driver too)
  12. Amazon currently has steep discounts on four colours of the Super 3R large helmets with removable chinguard and GoPro mount. These helmets are not downhill-rated. Matte Emerald/ Retina Sear $149.90 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) Matte Cobalt/Pearl $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) (with nice Kiwi silver fern on the visor ) Matte Emerald Joy $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) Matte Red/Marsala $160.95 with free shipping in the US (Prime membership not required) (nice brain splatter red ) Also, Bell has just introduced a new model of this helmet - the SUPER DH MIPS-EQUIPPED. This helmet IS downhill-rated, but it is expensive (MSRP $300.00). It, as its name states, has MIPS, as well as the removable chinguard and GoPro mount. It is not listed on Amazon.com as yet.
  13. Hi all! I joined this forum in hope to get some insight on why accidents happen with electric unicycles. I have no experience with them and am doing a little project on whether electric self-balancing devices, motorized skateboards, etc. should be legalised in public areas (in Switzerland) or not. So, here are my questions: 1. Whenever you had an accident, which category would you place yourself in? (It would be helpful if you could shortly state what happened as well) A. self-inflicted, no one else included B. self-inflicted, other people included (e.g. lost balance in public area and crashed into pedestrian?) C. device failure D. other party caused the accident 2. What kinds of injuries did you attain? Was a visit to the hospital needed? How long did it take to fully regenerate? 3. If it were legalised, would you say, that certain protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guards and knee pads should be mandatory? 4. Is it safer to drive on pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes or the open street? What should the speed limit be for each of the options? I am thankful for every answer! Cheers, Alexa Edit: If you can spare 5 minutes of your time, please fill out the following survey: https://evaluation-app1.let.ethz.ch/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyID=78L1n561 The link is also in another thread I have created - just in case you have already come across it.
  14. Are there certain types that protect more surface area than others? Drug store therapist wrist braces seems to cover more area but do they protect the hard fall? Or should we use products designed for a specific sport, like snow boarding etc? Some of the wrist guards have splints in them. Is that a better choice? Interested to know what are you all wearing for wrists? Links to products would be awesome.
  15. Tonight when I get home from work I'll be picking up a set of shiny new shells for my EUC, and since it's a color change (from black to white) I'll obviously need a new helmet as well! So I started looking around on the electric internet and stumbled upon this beaut: http://lovelustfashionbeautyromance.tumblr.com/post/157687223404 So what do you say? Should I buy it? Anyone got this helmet?
  16. Apart from the basic safety protection during the ride, Airwheel C5 smart helmets is more popular with the young who are fond of selfie and willing to share their daily photos with their kin and kith. Under the selfie-obsessed culture, Airwheel is soon catching on to those young men and women. One key to capture, Airwheel C5 best motorcycle helmet is coupled with 150°large view, in pursuit of blockbuster’s range of vision. 150°view-shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or video. Keeping records of riding scenery with one key to control, C5 presents a supreme and impeccable picture. OV4689 provides timing framework for full resolution HDR capture using the "sequential HDR" or line based "interleaved HDR", and 1/4 HDR using the " interlacing HDR". These modes produce high quality, full resolution and high pixel HDR video for extreme changes in light and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. Motion cameras installed in the helmet will shake and lead to improper vision of the scenery. The camera on cool street bike helmet C5 is closer to the eyes to keep the real scenery. Airwheel C5 helmet for Extreme sports has the elastic design to fit the heads of all shapes. The wearable device creates a better environment of photography. Intelligent helmet C5 is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments. With Airwheel C5, you can enjoy the professional level of video and photos and you can get perfect photography.
  17. For a few months I wanted to buy myself a mountain bike helmet, and I just bought a Bell helmet, since several of my wheeler friends had one and I liked its lightness. They come with a GoPro bracket on top, so I decided to design a mount to hold 2 bike lamps, one facing the front and the other the back, in order to be seen when riding at night. It clips on the GoPro bracket, no screw needed, and leaves the microUsb charging port accessible: Here are the lights: http://www.decathlon.fr/set-vioo-clip-300-noir-id_8346518.html Each offer several modes: still or blinking, and 2 colors : white and red. And the file to 3D-print the clipsable mount available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1595829 Bare helmet: Equipped helmet: Mount with two lamps: Detail:
  18. There's been lots of discussion on injuries and wearing protection, especially as of late. Maybe it's BMS failure, maybe the wheel caught a rock, but it seems that faceplants are inevitable. Please add to the vote! Perhaps this could people decide on a riding speed they're comfortable with, and how much protection to wear. There's no right or wrong answer -- except the honest truth! (Your answers are anonymous.) Thanks for your help! Speaking of bailing off EUCs at high speed, on this thread, @csmyers caught his highly-skilled high speed bailout roll on video, @Gimlet suggests riding with your knees bent to run off at high speeds, @Jurgen and @lizardmech give nice pointers on martial arts rolls to bail at high speeds. It's an interesting read even if you're not skilled enough to attempt rolls at high speeds, I'd recommend it.
  19. I strongly agree with wearing protective clothing. Maybe falling off is unavoidable at times however reducing the chances of injury are easy. I have put together a range of protective clothing in cooperation with some Australian partners that I will ship from Australia. Australia has been a leader in crash protection for a long time, haha we needed it. For road/concrete surfaces you will completely kit yourself out for about USD 600.00 (dirt protective clothing is a little cheaper) (Helmet, gloves, boots, Kevlar pants, Kevlar jacket (even have a hoody that looks normal even though it has hidden padding and elbow, back protectors) There are heaps of styles and choices. Sizing is world standards or I have a size chart if required. your current footwear will have the size written on it. You can go all out with full leather and high quality full face helmet and pay around USD1500.00 Here is an example of what you can purchase
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