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Found 3 results

  1. For the one and a half years I have been riding my EUCs on a daily basis, varying distances but almost always at least 25-30 minutes per day. 6 Months ago I started to get some pain in my right foot that was exemplary for plantar fasciitis (inflamed tissue in the back heel). I tried lots of things to get rid of the issue but not much seemed to help, until I was forced to stop riding my EUCs for a longer period (about 4 weeks now) and suddenly the plantar fasciitis got better, a lot better. One of these days though, I would like to get back on to my EUC again, but I'm scared that the plantar fasciitis will come back as I'm assuming this was a result of riding my EUC in first place. Therefore I'm wondering, is this a common issue long term riders get when riding the EUC too much? Is this maybe a result of me having my feet weirdly on the pedals? Just FYI, I'm riding a InMotion V8 and a Ninebot One - although I don't believe this to be very relevant.
  2. I have this, mostly in the winter time: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/low-blood-pressure/symptoms-causes/syc-20355465 Anybody else deal with dizziness from low blood pressure, low blood sugar, or medication? I eat very healthily, and skip meals/fast once in a while. I also probably have low sodium from my healthy diet. Skip a meal while having low sodium and low blood pressure in general causes dizziness when I stand up. It's not supposed to be a health concern in general, assuming one isn't riding a damn unicycle. Anyway just wondering if anybody else deals with dizziness. I'm learning to ride my first wheel, and it can take 5-10 minutes of standing up and practicing with a hand on the wall before my balance is really confident. I suspect that this may be an ongoing issue even after I master riding the wheel. I'm considering ski poles as a safety precaution, especially after Rehab's accident. Or maybe something like this
  3. So, to hear it from this forum and to gather from some youtubes I've watched, riding an EUC can make your leg muscles sore, give you bruises, and make your feet or back or core ache, or some combination of any of the above. Do any of you do warm-up exercises or stretches? Or cool-down ones? Or strength-building exercises just so you can use your EUC more comfortably? Would you recommend any? If you used to get sore but don't any more, what are you doing differently now?
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