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Found 2 results

  1. This appears to be a hotly debated topic. Do you call out to pedestrians that you intend to pass? Thank you for participating. __________________________________________________________________
  2. I have been commuting to work and back Monday to Friday on my IPS 132for about 5 months and believe I have seen my fair share of things you may need to look out for. Ever since the clarification in UK laws, I have restricted myself to the pavement (sidewalk). Today after nearly getting run over by a turning Black Cab (on a crossing without lights), I have decided to pen a post detailing the dangers you may be exposed to as an electric unicyclist. In order of least dangerous to most dangerous: 1. Uneven pavement (sidewalk) & potholes. These are easily avoidable and pose minimal danger. 2. Tree roots growing under pavements (sidewalks). I decided to have this in a separate point because more often than not, they are difficult to spot at night. If you are not going dead slow, you may find yourself losing control of your EUC if you do not react in time. 3. Low hanging plants/objects. While paying attention to the ground in front of you, you need to keep an eye out for these. A little slap on your face and you will become distracted and may even lose balance. This is particularly important when near other people. 4. People walking in a large group/crowd. It is not the people you can see that you need to be careful of, but the ones you cannot see. Crowds tend to block sight of children running around; and from experience, children have no sense of fear. Best Option: Slow down to walking pace. 5. Women. Don’t scream sexism at me until you read the next point. Men are more dangerous than women! Men AND women have a tendency to expect you to move out of the way, however they are more likely to behave like a deer in front of a headlight which makes them more predictable. Best Option: Go around, giving plenty of room. 6. Men. These creatures not only expect you to move, not slow down, but also walk in an erratic manner when faced with the horrors of someone on a single wheel. They are also the only creatures that will shout at you. Best Option: Slow down / stop. 7. 2-3 people walking in a line. Once they are in this particular configuration, they will cease to notice other people’s presence. This is both frustrating and dangerous because they will more often than not walk into you. Even if you stop to let them pass, the people on the side will very likely continue to walk into you. Best Option: Find an immovable object to hide behind. 8. People with a hot drink in their hand. To be honest I’m not sure why this is the case, but when someone have a hot drink in their hand…they seem to tunnel vision. What I mean by this is that even they are aware of your presence, they will continue to walk in the most selfish manner. For example, walking in the middle of the pavement(sidewalk) such that no one can get past them. They behave like the King/Queen of the pavement. Best Option: Wait for them to get out of your way. 9. Cyclists. Yes, it may not be legal yet for EUCs to be used in the UK; but if you are they are going to fine people on EUCs, they might as well start fining cyclists for running red lights, riding on pavements(sidewalks) and even cycling in the wrong direction. Under UK law, a cyclist is considered as a vehicle (same classification as a car). Best Option: Treat them all with extreme prejudice. 10. Vehicles turning without signalling. Yes, this includes CYCLISTS. As a result of some unknown phenomenon, people on a vehicle seem to believe they do not need to signal. Last time I checked, it was an offense to not signal. Cyclists can claim it is difficult to control their bicycle with one hand, but cars/larger vehicles have no excuse. Best Option: Stop and assess the roads if you are not familiar with them. Note: The black cab would have had plenty of time to see me crossing, since he was stationary when I started to cross. However not only did he fail to use his signals, he did not even slow down when I was in front of him. I had to dodge his car and was only about a foot away.
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