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Found 19 results

  1. Not too bad, better than I thought: KS-14C style, pedal-hex-bolt + zip-tie MTen3 handle solution, purchased off eBay from xiaoq-cn (edit: MTen3 Trolley via Green & Fashion Traveling Shop / AliExpress > Last Option). Plus the handle is extra long; just a tad longer than I need, nice!
  2. Handle is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. Has anyone broken theirs yet? This is what it looks like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w6cYqwNsx1ro4C-KLumL_yUuSve0jR0c/view?usp=sharing I'm not sure how to upload picts here
  3. Thanks to @Jason McNeil at Ewheels my KS18S now has a trolley handle.. Woo hoo... The Gotway ACM handle is a good fit. Good suggestion. Hopefully I don't tear it off on my next crash and burn. Just thought I'd share it.
  4. Hi all, I have a Ninebot One E+, and I think it would be nice having a trolley handle. But in a shop they told me there are issues with current trolley handle, and Ninebot is apparently working on a new trolley handle for this device ? Do you have informations about this ? How do you do when you go shopping ? Do you continue riding the device in the mall ? Or do you keep it by hand ? 14kg, it's quite heavy for me Kind reards
  5. Thought I would share my handle install with the forum in case it is helpful. Bought it on eBay and can be mounted to front or the rear. I chose the rear just for ergonomics/appearance. Works/fits fine with the power port. Makes it also easy to wheel around if powered up, just by applying slight pressure front/back. Basically drives itself, as you'd expect. For the install, you will need to bend the steel plate that goes over the lower part of the wheel, as shown. It comes as a 100% straight piece. With this slight angle at center, it creates a flush fit. To install, you'll need to pre-drill the holes at top and bottom. I do like that this steel plate makes the junction of the two shell pieces stronger when attached. Note also that the top will also require pre-drilling with the same bit to be able to put the screw through it - it is hard plastic and was not fully pre-drilled. It was quick and easy to install. And so far, so good. The looks are certainly cleaner without it, but for function in commuting to/from platforms, very short distances, it is worth the tradeoff - the ACM is a ton of bricks to lug around. Hopefully this is of use if you're considering it.
  6. Hi Guys, It made me mad to see a 1-2$ handle bar on sale for 50$. So i have implemented my own solution for inmotion v5f unicycle. I have bought a simple wheel carrier paying only 10$. I removed its handle and tied it with plastic clamps as you can see in the pictures. It perfectly fitted to my inmotion v5f! I am really happy about the solution: fast and effective.
  7. This is a new entrant in the "seat and handle" category of the EUCs. At $1790 a bit cheaper than Solowheel Xtreme. What do you guys think of it? Specs impressive? For me I will stick to Ninebots or Firewheels/Gotways. Here is the URL. http://www.gizmag.com/moto-pogo-one-wheeled-self-balancing-scooter/38090/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=3a71895c63-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-3a71895c63-91117289
  8. Brand-new in package, located in the U.S. White with built-in cellphone holder. Purchased for a Ninebot Mini (NOT pro) that I had to return. Asking $65 + shipping within U.S. Has been sold out from Bang Good for some time: http://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-Ninebot-Stand-up-Electric-Scooter-Trolley-Handbar-with-Cell-Phone-Holder-p-1050361.html. Kevin in VA
  9. Top secret link Top secret link with better quality Chrome stand Transparent stand Captain gripmaster tape Bumper strip EUC suit male EUC suit female
  10. I currently have a broken trolley handle for my NB and find it very useful--so much that I'm waiting on a replacement. Since I am trying to use it to commute, I like the ability to hop off, walk it for a short distance in crowded/not-so-safe-for-me-to-ride place, and then hop back on for a bit. But I've been thinking what I'd really like is some kind of sleeve, jacket, or cover that I could slip on over the handle and the wheel so the handle would stick out and then I could just trolley the wheel about and have it look like a small wheeled suitcase or backpack (and not attract so much attention, especially to take it on a train or bus). Has anyone found some ready-to-buy item that would work for this purpose? I know there is that IPS backpack that has its own handle, but since I want to be able to use the trolley handle for this sort of quick-hop-off thing, I'd really just like some plain black cover that would have a hole for the trolley handle and obviously a hole at the bottom so the wheel could roll along. If no one has any suggestions I was thinking of taking some measurements and seeing if someone on Etsy could put one together for me.
  11. This is a screen grab from the video link below...at 6:00 min mark. I think it's a clever implementation ( like a tail to the cow). What do you all think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ47OyOVtmM&list=PLSG3M-65j5Dz2J9uw7ryP1jU8XEUkyoDL&sns=em
  12. Wondering if any 9 Botters experienced the crash while they had the trolley handle on the wheel. I plan to buy one but because of the protruding design I'm hesitant to buy... Do you think it is likely to survive in the crash?
  13. Do you know if the new Kingsong 16 inch shuts off when the handle is pulled out? If this is true, I think this feature could be dangerous and undesirable. 1) Dangerous because a switch more is added (more complexity means more risk of failure) and if the handle is casually pulled up by the raider, a faceplant may occur. 2) Undesirable because, when transporting the wheel by the handle, if the motor is on, it may be a great help for pushing the wheel, expecially when walking uphill and climbing stairs.
  14. I was looking at the standard handle that you can buy for the ninebot and although I could see that it would work ok I hated that look of it. I also thought that the way it pertruded from the ninebot it not only spoiled the nice lines of the ninebot but would no doubt get in the way when mounting and dismounting the ninebot especially during unscheduled dismounts (crashes). What I really wanted was the ninebot factory to have realised that due the the ninebot being a heavy weight, to design a handle that can be used a carry handle and a trolling handle. Anyway they didn't so I have had a go at constructing one myself. STEP 1 - find a ready made handle the collapses or folds away that can be adapted to fix to the ninebot STEP 2 - try out different combinations for strength and operability STEP 3 - publish results with a hope that others will be inspired to try this or other ways to make a neater version and show me how it's done. This shows the handle attachment in the closed position, demonstrating that the ninebots profile is not spoiled. Here you can see how the handle fits into the slot round the ninebot.H Here you can see the handle hinges up and then secured with a thumb screw. As I used a gopro selfie stick as the Donor device for the handle there is the added dual purpose bonus of a mount point for a gopro on top of the handle and I guess you could even use the one at the end of the handle too. For experimental purposes I just cable tied the device to the existing ninebot handle and used some foam and insulating tape to cover the cable ties. ( this could be made to look much better with proper tennis racket tape) I am 5'11" and standing straight and I can reach the handle easily without stooping. The gopro handle is just plastic so it's not a rock solid as it could be if it was metal but it trollies around ok. the donor handle is a KINGMA MONOPOD from eBay £13 and the end handle piece is from a tent peg remover tool from pound land. thoughts please!?
  15. Hey guys, I already posted these in the private sales, but this topic has nothing to do with sales. I just want your honest opinion. Take a look at the below pics and let me know what you think of these models. Would you like these more than the current unicycles? Do you have any questions in particular? Would you be interested in one? Anything you can think of, please ask away. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
  17. So, I crashed my E+ and the handle broke. Boo hoo . This was just the excuse I needed to take it apart and to attach a leash on it if it ever tries to get away from me again... Works very well for keeping it from wobbling on uneven terrain, assists in jumping up curbs, and I can stand a bit more relaxed on it. Doesn't work as well as I might imagine the trolley handle would for "walking" it, but it beats carrying the damn thing.
  18. I used a GoPro clip-on mount for my Xima lhotz as a handle to roll it along while walking around with it. Not very sturdy though but better than carrying it around ..I've uploaded a video of it here. https://youtu.be/gD-FpZIvJs8
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