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Found 2 results

  1. So the time has come for the world to finally receive a proper review of the Rockwheel GT14, and it really does deserve a review! First of all: This is currently NOT the wheel for someone who wants to unpack their new wheel and ride without any worries, however, it has a great value-for-money (may be the best) for those who know their way around a screwdriver and a solder iron First impression of product&company: So I had not owned a Rockwheel, nor had I tried it before this one. Because of the problems with the geared versions, I was skeptical towards the brand, but the GT14 was supposed to be the debut to elbow its way into the international market. It was ordered straight from the factory, and Sunny was my contact person. It took 2,5 months from I paid it until I got it, so I was pretty angry in the end. The reason it took so long, was because of delivery delay from the factory in the first place, followed by an error made by the forwarding company. On top of this, follow-up was poor because Sunny had quit her job at Rockwheel and were sporadically following up old customers. Anyways, the wheel arrived yesterday in good condition. When unpacking the GT14, it strikes me that it is much more attractive looking in real life than it is in the pictures. It is kind of a stealth look with that matte, wide, carbon fiber painted shell. I own a Ninebot One, and while that is a beautiful wheel, I never felt entirely comfortable with the looks of it. The MCM4 looks like a funny toilet seat with LEDs to me. This looks more rough, more towards my taste. With the wheel came a fan-less charger. It is only rated 2 amps, so it is not as quick as the more noisy 5A chargers. The only other thing inside the box was a service record leaflet, no manual, so you have to figure out the rest by yourself. A high quality CST tire is fitted, and the foot rests are wider than usual, making it more comfortable to ride @ high speed. There were also magnets to lock the foot rests in place (thank god). One pedal was not aligned properly, so I had to take the shell off and fix this. Otherwise the unicycle was properly bolted together, and there was used silicone instead of glue on all connections which is a good thing. Modification that MUST be done before even thinking about riding this unicycle: First ride with the GT14 was with mixed feelings. I had been reading about people being face planted on this model, but I thought it might had been solved with the latest motherboard revision. WRONG! After I rode up a steep hill, I got face planted @ moderate speed, and the wheel was dead afterwards. I immediately suspected the BMS, and I was right...Rockwheel engineers made one big mistake with this wheel, and that was using a cheap, under-rated BMS for this unicycle. The BMS board has 3 parallell under-voltage protection MOSFETs installed, but they just could not carry enough current to feed the motherboard/motor. Because of this, these components died, and 2 diodes in parallell with these also blew: Make sure you do the shunting mod to this BMS before you ride. This will prevent the wheel from shutting down, and you getting face planted! I recommend running 2 or 3 wires when shunting, just to make sure you are getting enough current to the motor, better safe than sorry. Ride quality: At first I though the GT14 performed horribly. It was stuttering at low speed, the pedals were not aligned horizontally, and it was very hard to turn around tight bends at low speed. It could simply not be compared at all to the NB1. This was, however, until I got it set up properly. I tried the Rockwheel app which crashed every time, so I downloaded the Gotway app which connected to the wheel just fine. After an alignment calibration, the wheel felt much better instantly. I still did not like the extremely hard ride quality, so I changed the ride mode to "soft". Now the wheel was actually performing very good. It is still not as refined and smooth like the NB1 by far, but it is just a different beast, a little more rough around the edges. The tall body means that you will press it between your legs further up, which in turn gives you more control over acceleration and braking than lower body wheels. Turning capabilities with this wheel at low speeds are not good. The pedals are spaced wide and low, which means that tight turns will make the pedals scrape against the ground. After a little practice, I actually learned to turn the wheel just fine, one just need a little different method. I think that Rockwheels intention was to make this a high speed commuter, and that is just what it is. The wide and low pedals make riding at high speed more stable, so it is not all negative. Overall I am very satisfied after setting up the wheel properly. Speed, power and battery life: The GT14 is a beast. The acceleration in this wheel is extreme, making the NB1 E+ feel like syrup in comparison. Uphill, the motor is also considerably stronger than the one in my NB1 E+. It has got the ability to run very fast, and although I have not tried yet, I have no doubts it can reach more than 35km/h on a flat surface. The battery pack in mine is 355WH with LG cells. The milage is impressive. I have not tested it long enough yet, but the milage seems to be around 50% better than in my NB1 E+. There is also additional space inside the housing to fit one more 32 cell battery pack, so you can upgrade this to more than 700wh capacity. The battery is placed horizontally over the main board. This might be a smart solution, as heat from the electronics cavity may help to keep the battery tempered during running in cold weather. Safety: There is no doubt that there are safer wheels out there than this one. This is not an euc for beginners, but for the professional rider. It has a slight tiltback, and audible alarms, but it does not seem to have any hard overspeed tiltbacks at all. However, with the BMS shunt mod, you should be safe as long as you run sensible. I got my heart pumping yesterday when hitting a pothole at very high speed past critical speeding alarm. The wheel got tilted forward, so much I almost lost balance and fell off. Instead of turning off, the control board provided the motor with maximum current, and luckily I caught balance again Bottom line: As mentioned earlier, this wheel is not for the beginner who wants to unpack their wheel and ride. If you know how to handle a solder iron and want to do the BMS shunt mod, this wheel is probably the best deal currently available, price vs. specs/features. It would fit best for the serious commuter, rather than those looking to play, jump and do tricks with their EUC. At 150-180USD cheaper than MCM4, you even get 15wh more battery capacity. The carrying handle is a bit oddly shaped, so carrying it far is not comfortable. Weighed in at 11.6kg, it is not very heavy regarding the battery and motor size. Bottom line, I think it deserves a lot more attention than it has got. Rockwheel got very close on this one, but still so far away As long as you do the BMS shunt and alignment/settings tweak, it is a great wheel for the price in my opinion
  2. Hi fellow unicyclers, I would like to post a warning towards buying anything from Sunny rockwheel here on the forum, or directly from the factory (in where she is employed). I paid for a GT14 unicycle more than 2,5 months ago (yes you read it correctly) by wire transfer to Sunny rockwheel. First of all she did not keep her shipping date at all, it went weeks after weeks before it was shipped. When it first shipped, their shipping agent messed up so that the unicycle stopped in Germany for some reason, or at least that is what it seems like. I have been pushing for over a month on Rockwheel to fix this, either send me a new wheel, find another solution or give me my money back. All I have had from Sunny is excuses that it is their shipping agents fault, and lately she has not even answered my emails. This is starting to look like a big fat scam to me....She was very eager to take the money off my hands, but when problems arise, there is not much help to get! I advise anyone to not buy a rockwheel product, and especially directly from the factory, because with wire transfer, your money is lost if something happens Anyone else has had trouble? Please share! Here is even the proof: https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?tracknumbers=774419862103&cntry_code=us
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