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Found 11 results

  1. Last updated: 13 May 2019 Dear fellow riders, as some of you may already know, I'm the guy responsible for latest WheelLog development This happened, however, during the development of the application to record the route together with the wheel parameters. This application (website) is now publicly and freely available to any of you here - https://euc.world - I named it "World of electric unicycles" I have chosen WheelLog as a base app that will source location & wheel data. I added some features that are very useful during your ride. In particular voice announcements and alarms. Really, you should try speed alerts! Wind noise will no longer be an issue to hear that you exceeded your preset speed. I also added other languages, thanks to @koto , @ArqFG, @andress, @George Iliev, @Lefteris and @fabio70mi. Currently WheelLog supports English, Polish, French, Spanish, Czech, Bulgarian, Greek and Italian languages. By the way, it turned out that more features could be added and improved, and that's how I - slightly unintentionally - became current WheelLog developer WORLD OF ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - DOCUMENT AND SHARE YOUR EUC RIDES Now the https://euc.world service is working quite good, so it's time to announce it's availability for the whole EUC community. Initially I've made it for myself, but soon realized that it may be very useful for other riders. It's my hobby project and it's completely free. It allows you to record your rides including your wheel live data. By default, saved routes are not visible to others. You can also share them with others by sending them a link. You can also make some routes available to everyone, so they will be visible on the main page. Euc.world is a great and free alternative to Endomondo or Strava, as it allows you to document your rides along with detailed wheel telemetry (wheel speed, battery charge, voltage, current, power etc.). You don't need WheelLog to be connected with your wheel to record your rides. In this case wheel data won't be recorded along your track - that's the only limitation. So if your wheel isn't supported yet, you can still map your rides. You can even add photos to your ride. I'll be happy to read your opinions, feedback and feature requests. Of course this website is still under development and now I'm working hard on wheel data visualisation. I think it will be finally working near the end of this week. Currently, wheel speed (black thin line) is overlayed on lcoation (GPS) speed. King Song users are advised to check if their wheel doesn't inflate the speed For example, KS-18L/XL inflates speed reading by about 20%. With time, I'll add more features and fix any bugs I'll be aware of. HOW TO START USING EUC.WORLD? If you already have installed WheelLog from Google Play store, uninstall it first. Download and install WheelLog from this link - https://euc.world/getwheellog Sing up with https://euc.world to create account and get your API key. Enter your API key into corresponding field in WheelLog live map settings in exact form. Small and large caps matters. Setup other WheelLog options according to your preferences. Start riding! Last, but not least - don't forget to give me some feedback so I can push this project in right direction. Note - you don't need euc.world account to just use newest WheelLog and benefit from other features. However I encourage you to at least try. If you think that you need some features, just let me know. I struggle to make this service fit EUCists nedds as much as possible. I'd kindly ask you for one thing... If you are going on an interesting route, think about making it visible to everyone. The idea that guided me when I created this website was to show other people interesting places where you can get on an electric unicycle. So if it doesn't affect your privacy, think about recording some routes in public mode. Add interesting photos, let others see the beauty of the places where you ride on one wheel. This is one of ways we can popularize EUCs. We can show that EUC riders are everywhere! And remember - you can also change visibility. Just log to your account, enter the tour you would like to edit and from "Tour" menu select desired visibility. So you can make the tour hidden or reverse - one of your beatutiful private tours make visible to everyone! WHEELLOG'S FUTURE WheelLog is a great application that's worth to maintain and improve. Now as I became a WheelLog active developer, I plan to add support for other wheels. WheelLog is lacking Ninebot support (wheels other than Z6/Z8/Z10). I already added support for Ninebot One S2 and plan to make other Ninebot wheels to be supported by WheelLog and I hope it will be done soon. Of course I also plan to add wheel sother than Ninebot. You can always find latest WheelLog version for download here: https://euc.world/getwheellog It will also be available in Google Play store soon, so installation and updating will be much easier. PLEASE, CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY EFFORTS As I wrote above, I plan to add more wheels (and other devices, like e-scooters etc.) to the WheelLog. I'll also review already supported wheels to check if I could add new features. It's my hobby. It's fun and pleasure so I can spare some limited amounts of my financial resources for WheelLog development and euc.world running, but only to pay for most important expenses. Any support from euc.world and/or WheelLog users will greatly help me with both euc.world and WheelLog development, especially in regard to adding new features and keep this application constantly developed. If you want to learn more, please visit https://euc.world/supportme Thank you in advance!
  2. This is Will from Manke Technology Co. Ltd, which is a leading domestic and international company producing electric hoverboard, sharing electric scooter, GPS electric scooter.Hope to buid-up connection with you . We are the golden supplier of Alibaba, and get the producing authorization of Xiaomi and Ninebot. About the Xiaomi 365, our price is lower than marketing price and you don't worry about the quality, because it is directly sold by manufacturer. Welcome to visit our official website(www.sz-manke.com) or Alibaba online shop(szmkboo.en.alibaba.com). Hope cooperate with you.
  3. Hi everyone, I live in Honduras and i have a Kingsong 18s I really love my wheel and my country is not safe at all so dicided to install a GPS tracker for my wheel, but the companies who install this kind of devices dot not have a way to easily install it on the Ks18s and they charge a monthly fee for ever that makes the tracking very expensive , I read a lot about it and came with an easy and cheap solution, just opened my Ks18s, bought a cheap cellphone with android system and install on the cell phone 3 apps 1) my battery is dead (it notifies another phone via SMS when the first phone battery's is low) 2) Air Droid (you can control your phone from another phone or computer, you only need to have MB or data in your SIM card) 3) whatsapp (it's used for texting but you can send your current location and live location to any number), I installed the cell phone in the interior of the ks18s and put the charging cable inside of the padding of the wheel, so the only thing you have to do is keep charged the phone that's why you use the app "my battery is dead" I putted the settings to notify me when the battery is at 50% because you need that 50% to track the wheel if it gets stolen or lost, put the cell phone on silent mode, put a pin to lock the screen and activate the location. If ever gets stolen or lost just buy some megabytes for the SIM card Tha is inside of your wheel and grab your computer and enter to the air Droid desktop app or with another phone that has installed the app air Droid, control the phone that is inside of your wheel and enter to whatsapp and send the current and live location to another phone and hopefully the police will help you to find your loved wheel. Note: I changed the screws of the cover of my Ks18s with diferent and varius kinds of screws just to make it harder to access the phone in case that someone wants to remove the phone from the inside. I hope it will be helpful for you
  4. So here lately I’ve been thinking about the lack of 3rd party involvement in EUC riding. There are no aftermarket accessories (that I know of ), no good ride tracker apps , and no Garmin-like devices or sensors made for our needs . As a cyclist I’ve got the STRAVA app on my phone . I use it to track my rides. It’s a social app to some extent allowing you to follow other riders , view their rides , give them kudos and compete to some extent even if you don’t live near each other . It provides time , distance ,a map of your ride, elevation graphs , avg and top speed etc...( @Smoother ?) ask any cyclist and they will tell you “if it’s not on strava it didn’t happen “ I used it today to document my ride, and I must say , it did a great job. So this got me thinking ...someone should develop an app like this for EUC . The other great thing about the app is it’s ability to connect to a garmin device with linked sensors for speed , cadence, power and other such measurements. With an optional speed sensor attached to your wheel you can forgoe the GPS speed (which isn’t always accurate) and get a much more stable speed reading. So why not have one of these sensors that we could stick on to the wheel of our EUC. They are light and small so if designed properly wouldn’t effect the wheel in any way. So that’s it. Just some thoughts . Thanks for reading . ?
  5. The following is proof that King Song App speed is equal to GPS speed. I have a screenshot taken at the time I was riding at 30 kph GPS, meaning I was in motion. I was also able to reach up to 35 kph GPS speed (by pushing on after the 30 kph tiltback). I did this at great risk, don't push on the tiltback! I took the 35kph screenshot when I stopped riding, as taking it during the ride would be too risky. I weight ~65 kg, and my tire pressure was 55 psi. Battery at time of this test was ~60%. Firmware 1.18 You can replicate the results yourself by following these steps: 1) Download the Ulysse Speedometer android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binarytoys.speedometer&hl=en 2) Change the settings! You have to enable "Process Slow Speed" to ensure accuracy of GPS. (See screenshot) 3) Change other settings you please, such as speed to kilometers or miles, etc. 4) Wear a helmet!
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding connecting a gps tracker to the Kingsong KS-16. I have a small gps tracker which does not have a very high capacity battery in itself, but can be connected to external power within the voltage range 5-80 V, according to the it's specifications. I am curious to know if anyone, who have had a look inside their kingsong ks-16 wheel, know if there might be a possibility for me to disassemble it and connect this tracker to the internal battery of the kingsong wheel? Whether there is free connectors to use or anywhere it can be connected. Ideally it would be the best if the battery could provide power to the gps tracker even if the power is off of the wheel, but the internal battery of the tracker will last for up to 30 hours so even if that is not possible, I might still give it a try. So what do you guys think, is this anything worth disassembling the wheel for, or will I just waste a lot of time without success?
  7. i got quite a few gpx tracks since i started to ride a year ago. Not all of the ~2000km but many of the longer rides. most are done with a Ninebot E+ and the last month with my KS16 i used Endomondo and found a page which syncs all Endomondo tracks to a dropbox folder (works with runkeeper, strava, garmin and a few other tracker too) -> https://tapiriik.com/ (manual sync is free, automated syncing costs 2 bucks a year) for editing out the false 80kmh+ spikes i use the free gps track editor: http://www.gpstrackeditor.com/ works wonderfully with multiple tracks and select and edit on any of them. got my 13mb of gpx data down to 8,5mb and you can configure your tracks quite well (in this pic its speed (blue ~10km/h, yellow +20km/h, orange 30km/h) google earth was a bit underwhelming but nice nevertheless https://cartodb.com/ was another nice page but edit out the area around your house as private maps cost 150$ a month LOL but still pretty nice layouts & animations... Elevation (free - http://exnihilo.mezzoblue.com/elevation/) looked very nice but has problems with buggy gpx files (after repairing the 0m waypoits most woulnd't open anymore) ... too bad as it had a animation view too ... and then there is this wonderful site http://avtanski.net/projects/gps/ perl scripts gpx -> png and the demo video of him, rats other useful tools: GPSBabel - converter for many different gps filetypes fitfilerepair - gpx repair tool, needs access runtime and costs 39$, demo available http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ - if the files are over 5mb, upload them as zip. many different maps but not much customization of the tracks doarama.com - nice for single track animations (multiple tracks make quite a mess) https://www.rikitraki.com like doarama Bing Maps 3D - a bit like Google Earth http://gpxtruder.xyz/ gpx to stl - 3d print your heighprofile GPX Report Generator http://utrack.crempa.net/ files up to 1M and last but not least this would be a great Cinema 4D plugin but a bit ... pricey ... ... pls post your favorite gps/mapping tools and apps, maybe there are better ones for kml or other gps formats. and i still need a good free and easy gpx repair tool with batch support .
  8. I am curious what apps you all use while riding. I've watched some videos that have verbal announcements of speed and distance traveled. Are they phone apps? Or stand-alone GPS's? I have several extra Android phones laying around. So I am looking for some good apps to use. I was originally planning on just using "My Tracks" but that only records the path taken Next I thought about using "DailyRoads Voyager". It records video/audio/GPS (I think it will playback the path, but not overlayed on the video). But I am sure there are some better apps. Thanks.
  9. So I bought this mini GPS unit to track my EUC, thought some of you may be interested Mini GPS Basically you gotta get a prepaid SIM or activate a cheap extra line, some of the advanced tracking requires data, but you can just send it a text message and receive a message back with its location and a map link
  10. The new Ninebot Mini can be remote controlled. I'm wondering if there are any off-the-shelf components that make EUC remote controlled. Currently there is no real business case but just wondering. Let's say I go on my bike and my Ninebot should just follow me like a dog, without any one riding on it. There are some quad copters that does it but I don't know how they do it.
  11. Odd question, I do have a smart phone but do not use or have cellar service, so can not use the phones 'GPS' service, so has any one use a bluetooth GPS unit with phone? What unit did you use with what app?
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