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Found 15 results

  1. To save battery life I often put my phone (Galaxy S10e) into power saving mode. This means that the GPS coordinates are only available to apps when the screen is on. I always record my EUC World Tours and it's a bit frustrating when I start a tour and forget to check the status of the power saving mode. I am requesting a new slider in the Tour menu to "Always disable power saving mode when Tour recording". If it is too much trouble for the app to change the power saving mode then at least can you have a slider for this: "Warn user if power saving mode is enabled during tour recording" an
  2. Hello @Seba, i have a problem with my Ticwris max and Euc world bell, it's impossible too chosse a file for personalized bluetooth bell ? Can you tell me how i can do and if it don't work it will be for last update ! Regards
  3. Seba, I watched the video about having multiple wheels on EUCWorld which is exactly what I want to do but it is not working for me. Initially I had KS18XL on the app and it worked fine and I like the audio of battery levels, speed, and time. I now also have a V11 and when I go to connect via bluetooth it connects then immediately dis-connects! I can connect fine to the KS18XL. On another android phone with EUCWorld, I am able to connect to the V11 but I an not getting any audio (welcome aboard...) which I like. Hope you can assist. John Middleton
  4. Please read the following information carefully: This thread started in spring 2019 and has almost a hundred pages! This means that much of the information it contains may be out of date. In the meantime, the EUC World application has been greatly expanded, new features have been added and many of the old ones have been changed or improved. For this reason, this thread no longer serves to help EUC World users and you should not ask questions about the EUC World application and service. Please only submit suggestions for changes and improvements in this thread. Here we will continue the ge
  5. Hi, i'd like to ask the community for some help. Now that our wheels cost more money and are widely known to (some) people, are prone to stealing. We had a case of a friend here in Greece that someone stole his KS16S when he was buying some coffee. Me personally, i rock a Nikola Plus 100V with the 21700 cells, that from what i've seen so far from other wheels and my one, no-one uses the on-board USB charging port, so i thought why not REVERSING IT, so it can be used from inside the wheel for a specific purpose or even diy stuff. For example see this : i've got so much emp
  6. i got quite a few gpx tracks since i started to ride a year ago. Not all of the ~2000km but many of the longer rides. most are done with a Ninebot E+ and the last month with my KS16 i used Endomondo and found a page which syncs all Endomondo tracks to a dropbox folder (works with runkeeper, strava, garmin and a few other tracker too) -> https://tapiriik.com/ (manual sync is free, automated syncing costs 2 bucks a year) for editing out the false 80kmh+ spikes i use the free gps track editor: http://www.gpstrackeditor.com/ works wonderfully with multiple tracks and selec
  7. This is Will from Manke Technology Co. Ltd, which is a leading domestic and international company producing electric hoverboard, sharing electric scooter, GPS electric scooter.Hope to buid-up connection with you . We are the golden supplier of Alibaba, and get the producing authorization of Xiaomi and Ninebot. About the Xiaomi 365, our price is lower than marketing price and you don't worry about the quality, because it is directly sold by manufacturer. Welcome to visit our official website(www.sz-manke.com) or Alibaba online shop(szmkboo.en.alibaba.com). Hope cooperate wi
  8. Hi everyone, I live in Honduras and i have a Kingsong 18s I really love my wheel and my country is not safe at all so dicided to install a GPS tracker for my wheel, but the companies who install this kind of devices dot not have a way to easily install it on the Ks18s and they charge a monthly fee for ever that makes the tracking very expensive , I read a lot about it and came with an easy and cheap solution, just opened my Ks18s, bought a cheap cellphone with android system and install on the cell phone 3 apps 1) my battery is dead (it notifies another phone via SMS when the first phone batte
  9. So here lately I’ve been thinking about the lack of 3rd party involvement in EUC riding. There are no aftermarket accessories (that I know of ), no good ride tracker apps , and no Garmin-like devices or sensors made for our needs . As a cyclist I’ve got the STRAVA app on my phone . I use it to track my rides. It’s a social app to some extent allowing you to follow other riders , view their rides , give them kudos and compete to some extent even if you don’t live near each other . It provides time , distance ,a map of your ride, elevation graphs , avg and top speed etc...( @Smoother ?) as
  10. The following is proof that King Song App speed is equal to GPS speed. I have a screenshot taken at the time I was riding at 30 kph GPS, meaning I was in motion. I was also able to reach up to 35 kph GPS speed (by pushing on after the 30 kph tiltback). I did this at great risk, don't push on the tiltback! I took the 35kph screenshot when I stopped riding, as taking it during the ride would be too risky. I weight ~65 kg, and my tire pressure was 55 psi. Battery at time of this test was ~60%. Firmware 1.18 You can replicate the results yourself by following these s
  11. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding connecting a gps tracker to the Kingsong KS-16. I have a small gps tracker which does not have a very high capacity battery in itself, but can be connected to external power within the voltage range 5-80 V, according to the it's specifications. I am curious to know if anyone, who have had a look inside their kingsong ks-16 wheel, know if there might be a possibility for me to disassemble it and connect this tracker to the internal battery of the kingsong wheel? Whether there is free connectors to use or anywhere it can be connected. Ideally it woul
  12. I am curious what apps you all use while riding. I've watched some videos that have verbal announcements of speed and distance traveled. Are they phone apps? Or stand-alone GPS's? I have several extra Android phones laying around. So I am looking for some good apps to use. I was originally planning on just using "My Tracks" but that only records the path taken Next I thought about using "DailyRoads Voyager". It records video/audio/GPS (I think it will playback the path, but not overlayed on the video). But I am sure there are some better apps. Thanks.
  13. So I bought this mini GPS unit to track my EUC, thought some of you may be interested Mini GPS Basically you gotta get a prepaid SIM or activate a cheap extra line, some of the advanced tracking requires data, but you can just send it a text message and receive a message back with its location and a map link
  14. The new Ninebot Mini can be remote controlled. I'm wondering if there are any off-the-shelf components that make EUC remote controlled. Currently there is no real business case but just wondering. Let's say I go on my bike and my Ninebot should just follow me like a dog, without any one riding on it. There are some quad copters that does it but I don't know how they do it.
  15. Odd question, I do have a smart phone but do not use or have cellar service, so can not use the phones 'GPS' service, so has any one use a bluetooth GPS unit with phone? What unit did you use with what app?
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