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Found 10 results

  1. I am posting this as feedback from an electronic security assembly that I designed from electronic modules and integrated into my RS more than 6 months ago. I installed 4 electronic modules to obtain these functionalities. My purpose is to obtain the exact geolocation of the wheel on my phone in the event of theft, and to prevent ill-intentioned people from riding on the wheel. Obviously this does not exempt you from attaching your wheel with an anti-theft device... Cost: 50 to 60 dollar or euro, plus a GSM subscription with SIM card. No need to take out a subscription with data. Neither 5G, nor 4G, nor 3G, nor even 2G. Only GSM connection is required. Module features 1- GPS tracker A search "tracker 720" on aliexpress will show you the shops that sell these products. I chose micodus (serious seller, delivered in 10 days): https://aliexpress.com/item/4000274067619.html The relay should work as soon as it has power (12V, red and black wires) and you have inserted an activated SIM card. I chose the "MV720 With Cut Fuel" model, even if I don't use the functionality (however useful opportunity on the documentation) of being able to deactivate the operation of the wheel by SMS: it works, but sadly not in standby mode, however, to reduce consumption, the plotter must necessarily be configured in this mode. Another non-functional feature, however highlighted in the description of the module, is the sending of an SMS in the event of an interruption of the plotter's power supply (cut wire alarm). The plotter incorporates a small battery for this... BBut despite many tests I have done, I have not succeeded in validating this function. So I removed this useless battery. In any case, if your wheel is stolen, there is very little chance that the thief will disassemble it immediately by separating the shells and permanently removing the Li-Ion packs... I did not use the micodus app because it requires registration and therefore personal data to be transferred to a Chinese site, and especially because the data subscription (2G/GPRS or more) is required for that. On the other hand, the motion detection functionality is fully usable: the relay goes into standby after approximately 5 minutes of inactivity (no vibration detected). after this time if a movement, a vibration of the wheel integrating the sensor occurs, the tracker comes out of standby mode and a "shock alarm" SMS is sent to your phone number including the GPS coordinates on the Google Maps map. As long as you are riding, movements are detected and the tracker remains in operation, fortunately without sending you boring messages. There are different versions of the command set of this plotter on the net, the commands of which are not always adapted to the Micodus. I summarize the functional commands in the attached file. EN03-Micodus MV720 Command list.pdf 2- Bluetooth tracker : precise location detection. I incorporated a Tile pro (120m range) in the wheel in order to combine the GPS position provided by the Micodus with an ultra-precise wheel position sniffer. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I thought it might be useful if my wheel finds itself in the middle of a 15-storey building, the GPS not giving the elevation position satisfactorily... Unlike an Airtag (not hacked) the Tile does not ring after a certain time without a connection... The Tile works with its lithium battery (duration 1 year, interchangeable). 3- RF Relay The purpose of this device is to short out the free spin button of the wheel in order to temporarily neutralize its operation, and to prevent someone unauthorized from using it... It is a 433MHz RF (radio frequency) module with remote control. In the OFF position, the free spin button is short-circuited by a relay; the wheel can be put into operation, but impossible to leave with. It will have the same behavior as if you start it by leaving the free spin button pressed. In ON mode, the contact is not short-circuited, the wheel can operate normally, even if you use the anti-spin button occasionally. https://aliexpress.com/item/4000402109818.html 4- Power module The GPS tracker should run continuously, whether the wheel is running or not. Finding 12V on the motherboard is out of the question. So we're going to build it. For this, I use a step-down, high-efficiency switching module powered directly through a protective fuse by the battery packs. This module is announced for a maximum input voltage of 120V. Keep a good safety margin with the maximum voltage. Many sellers in aliexpress shops don't give a damn about security: Do not hesitate to open a dispute if you do not receive a module with a 160V capacitor at its input, for my part Aliexpress gave me a full refund. Here is a picture of two modules that were sold to me as step down DC16-120V 12V 3A. However, the one on the right is a 90V model, we see it with a 100V input capacitor, it is insufficient for a 100V wheel because you need a safety margin for the voltage... I bought several modules like the one on the left at this shop and was not disappointed: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005001723001382.html Please note that these modules are not suitable for battery voltages above 120V! The GPS tracker and the RF relay are therefore always supplied with 12V whether the wheel is in service or not. This therefore produces a nlow consumption. The minimum overall consumption in standby, locked wheel of 0.2W can go up to 1W when the wheel is in operation. Even in standby, this consumption can very slowly discharge the battery, slower however than a Z10 not equipped with my device removing eliminating the "vampire drain" that I had published in the ninebot Z10 section of this forum. 5- Realization electric block diagram The electronic security assembly ready to install: The electronic assembly is built from the XT60 cable used for linking battery packs. A bypass has been soldered to recover the voltage from the pack. Here an automobile fuse has been placed in series on the negative (black) electrode. Fuse value: the smallest current you will find. The positive wire from the bypass and the negative from the fuse supply the 12V converter. The output of this converter distributes the 12V to the GPS module as well as to the RF module via a pluggable connector. I put a black JST-SM connector but you choose what you want. The fact that it is removable facilitates mounting in the wheel. The contact operated on the RF relay are on the COM and NC terminals. The contact of the free spin button and the wire going to the purple connector of the motherboard are connected to it. I inserted an extra (red) connector on this wire so I don't have to open the motherboard cover if I need to unplug it. The elements are positioned as shown in the following two photos: The Tile bluetooth tracker has its place above the rear light, placed in a heat-shrink sleeve to limit vibrations.
  2. To save battery life I often put my phone (Galaxy S10e) into power saving mode. This means that the GPS coordinates are only available to apps when the screen is on. I always record my EUC World Tours and it's a bit frustrating when I start a tour and forget to check the status of the power saving mode. I am requesting a new slider in the Tour menu to "Always disable power saving mode when Tour recording". If it is too much trouble for the app to change the power saving mode then at least can you have a slider for this: "Warn user if power saving mode is enabled during tour recording" and then have a popup on the screen with a button that can either take me to the settings or a button to "dismiss" the warning.
  3. Hello @Seba, i have a problem with my Ticwris max and Euc world bell, it's impossible too chosse a file for personalized bluetooth bell ? Can you tell me how i can do and if it don't work it will be for last update ! Regards
  4. Seba, I watched the video about having multiple wheels on EUCWorld which is exactly what I want to do but it is not working for me. Initially I had KS18XL on the app and it worked fine and I like the audio of battery levels, speed, and time. I now also have a V11 and when I go to connect via bluetooth it connects then immediately dis-connects! I can connect fine to the KS18XL. On another android phone with EUCWorld, I am able to connect to the V11 but I an not getting any audio (welcome aboard...) which I like. Hope you can assist. John Middleton
  5. Please read the following information carefully: This thread started in spring 2019 and has almost a hundred pages! This means that much of the information it contains may be out of date. In the meantime, the EUC World application has been greatly expanded, new features have been added and many of the old ones have been changed or improved. For this reason, this thread no longer serves to help EUC World users and you should not ask questions about the EUC World application and service. Please only submit suggestions for changes and improvements in this thread. Here we will continue the general discussion about EUC World. If you need help, have a problem with EUC World or don't know how to do something, ask a question in a separate thread. Remember that the title of the thread should start with "EUC World" and be as concise and unambiguous as possible. Here are examples of how to title a thread: Here are examples of how not to title threads: EUC World has become very popular and I am very happy about it. There is no day or evening for me to spend time developing the application and helping its users. If you help me by formulating clear, precise questions, I will use the time saved in this way for application development. Who knows, maybe this will make the iPhone version of EUC World appear faster? For this reason, I would like to ask you to search the forum first before you ask a question. Many questions are repeated, so the answers are repeated too. You should also visit EUC World official Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/EUCWorld. Also keep in mind that Google search engine indexes our forum. If the search engine on the forum does not find an answer, try to search on Google before you ask on the forum. You can narrow your search by typing site:forum.electricunicycle.org at the beginning of the search query: To sum things up - if you need help, have a problem with EUC World or don't know how to do an action, please make following steps: Search forum using built-in search or Google search Look at EUC World Youtube channel Create a separate thread on the forum Let's make life easier for everyone. Thank you! Dear fellow riders, as some of you may already know, I'm the guy responsible for EUC World application and online service Whole story began at the beginning of 2019 when I forked WheelLog sources and decided to add some features I missed. One of such features was possibility to track my rides in similar way Strava, Endomondo or Wikiloc works, but with complete wheel telemetry. You know, I wanted to cross my country from northern to southern border, allow my friends to watch me live on the map and show the rest of world that EUCs are not toys Of course even vastly improved WheelLog was not enough, as I needed some online service to save and share my tours with others. I created it and named "World of electric unicycles" and in fact it soon became a real world of electric unicycles - just take a look at the main map I have chosen WheelLog sources as a foundation and initially I just wanted to add features that were useful during my riding. In particular voice announcements and alarms. Really, you should try speed alerts with Bluetooth earphones or helmet comm set! Wind noise will no longer be an issue to hear that you exceeded your preset speed, EUC is near to overheating or just overloaded and faceplant may be iminent. If you love long rides, you'll benefit from periodical speech reports about battery state, mainboard temperature, distance already travelled, time of your ride, average speed etc. I also added other languages thanks to @koto, @ArqFG, @andress, @George Iliev, @Lefteris, @fabio70mi, @travsformation, @Hansolo, @Tazarinho, @DjPanJan and other contributors. Now EUC World has been almost completely rewritten, becoming a completely independent application. Currently EUC World supports following languages: English Catalan Czech French Polish Russian Spanish Bulgarian, Brazilian Portugese, Dutch, Greek, Italian are partially supported (would you like to make updates?) Supported wheels: Gotway (all current models) Inmotion (all current models) King Song (all current models) Ninebot One E+, One S2, Z6, Z8 and Z10 Rockwheel GT16 Solowheel Glide 2 and Glide 3 Supported watches: Android Wear 1.4 and later Wear OS Samsung Gear S3, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3 Pebble SELECTED EUC WORLD APPLICATION FEATURES NEW IN 1.0.9 Full Gotway support, including calibration, side LED control and tiltback setting up to 75 km/h (may be limited by the wheel). Enforce regulatory compliance action, allowing for simple and quick limiting wheel speed to 20 km/h to be compliant with local regulations. This action, as with other custom actions, can be assiged to Flic button, smartwatch button/screen tap or phone screen tap (works with King Song, Gotway and Inmotion wheels). New custom actions, allowing for easy start/stop/pause/resume tour tracking, start/stop CSV logging, lock/unlock wheel, turn off wheel etc. Speed prealarm, allowing to change low priority speed alarm to prealarm. In this mode there is only repeating beep, there is no "Slow down!" voice warning and when listening to the music, volume is not lowered. Persistent headlamp mode, allowing to remember headlamp mode and restore it on subsequent application start (works with King Song and Gotway wheels). Full King Song support, including speed unlocking, calibration and firmware update. Flic 2 button support - Flic app is no longer needed. Flic 2 has better range, battery longevity and is more reliable that older Flic. CSV logs synchronization with euc.world account, allowing you to safely backup your logs on euc.world server. It also allows you to create tours offline and use data analysis tools. Heart rate monitoring, allowing you to display/hear your current heart rate and also include it during tour tracking or CSV logging. Tour tracking with complete telemetry Speech alarms and prompts - now you can pair your built-in BT speakers, earphones or helmet comm set with your phone and get instant voice alerts, prompts and reports. Wind noise will no longer be a problem and you won't any beep when going over predefined speed. Beeps and voice messages will let you know that you're approaching your wheel limits. User friendly interface - completely reworked and much more friendly user interface, giving more valuable invormations and with better contrast to improve visibility and save your phone battery. Flic button to easy activation of custom actions - now you can pair a small, wireless button with your phone and use it to activate horn, toggle lights in your EUC or get voice message with current riding parameters. You can get your Flic button here. Both Flic and Flic 2 are supported. Motherboard/MOSFET/motor load monitoring - load gauge lets you instantly check how much current is drawn from or put into the battery. If you're agressive rider this feature will let you know when you're near or over predefined load limits of your wheel. Improved overcurrent alarms - now you can have two independent alarms. One for peak value that will let you detect short, large current spikes (eg. during rapid acceleration). Another alarm is for "filtered", sustained current value. This way you can avoid situations when elevated current values may cause mainboard or wiring failure. Overvoltage/overcharge alarm - we all know that during braking or riding downhill our wheels enter regeneration mode. In some cases this may lead to battery overcharging resulting in cutout or battery failure if occurs too often and unnoticed. Now you can get alarm when your battery voltage approaches goes beyond safe limit. Extensive statistics - detailed ride statistics will let you know more about how your wheel rides, how your riding style affects energy efficiency, what power is needed etc. Wear OS (Android Wear) watch support - now you can get almost the same information just on your wrist with Wear OS watch companion app. You can also activate custom actions from your watch, just like when tapping your phone main screen or pressing Flic button. You can also start, pause, resume or finish tour tracking. Watch will also vibrate when any of the alarms is active. Custom horn sounds - you can select any sound from your phone to be used as a horn sound. More, you can have different sounds for Wear OS watch, Pebble watch (yes, they can work in paralell!), main screen tap and Flic button. Picture-in-picture and split-screen support - with Android 8 and newer you can benefit from "piecture-in-picture" and "split-screen" mode. Even if EUC World is in background and you have to switch to desktop or another application, small gauge with most important informations will still be displayed in small window. In split-screen you can display two apps simultaneously. WORLD OF ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - TRACK, ANALYZE AND SHARE YOUR RIDES EUC World allows you to record your rides including your wheel telemetry data. By default, saved routes are not visible to others. You can share them with others (friends, family etc.) by sending them a link. You can also make some routes available to everyone, so they will be visible on the main page and from your signature image. You tour can be live during your epic rides! Euc.world is a great and free alternative to Endomondo or Strava, as it allows you to document your rides along with detailed wheel telemetry (wheel speed, battery charge, voltage, current, power etc.). You don't need to be connected with your wheel to record your rides. Even if your wheel is not supported by EUC World yet, app may still act as a normal GPS tracker. In this case wheel data won't be recorded along your track - that's the only limitation. You can also add photos to your ride. Euc.world online service will be significantly extended withing next weeks. Users will be able to store their CSV logs under their account and will be able to download them or view with my http://wheellogviewer.net/ tool that will be improved and integrated with euc.world. Also some extended statistics will be available for users. HOW TO START USING EUC WORLD APPLICATION AND ONLINE SERVICE? Get your application from Google Play or visit https://euc.world/getapplication Sing up with https://euc.world to create free account. Sign up in EUC World app with credentials used to sign up in previous step. Setup your EUC World according to your preferences. Start riding and enjoy you new app! Last, but not least - don't forget to give me some feedback so I can push this project in right direction. I'd kindly ask you for one thing... If you are going on an interesting route, think about making it visible to everyone. The idea that guided me when I created euc.world online service was to show other people interesting places where you can get on an electric unicycle. So if it doesn't affect your privacy, think about recording some routes in public mode. Add interesting photos, let others see the beauty of the places where you ride on one wheel. This is one of ways we can popularize EUCs. We can show that EUC riders are everywhere! And remember - you can also change visibility. Just log to your account, enter the tour you would like to edit and from "Tour" menu select desired visibility. This way you can make the tour hidden or reverse - one of your beatutiful private tours make visible to everyone!
  6. Hi, i'd like to ask the community for some help. Now that our wheels cost more money and are widely known to (some) people, are prone to stealing. We had a case of a friend here in Greece that someone stole his KS16S when he was buying some coffee. Me personally, i rock a Nikola Plus 100V with the 21700 cells, that from what i've seen so far from other wheels and my one, no-one uses the on-board USB charging port, so i thought why not REVERSING IT, so it can be used from inside the wheel for a specific purpose or even diy stuff. For example see this : i've got so much empty space on the upper part of the wheel, a compartment that in other variants of the Nikola (or plus) is filled with extra battery pack or even the actual board (see Nikola 84V) So, i'm thinking if i can have the 5V port inside the wheel i can install one of the following things : a gps tracker a spare android phone that is used as a gps tracker more speakers ( ) but last, the best thing that is missing from this wheel extra cooling fans cause as @Marty Backe mentioned in his video "First impressions" at 13:40 talks about the fan that is there just to circulate the air, cause this wheel doesn't have proper ventilation. So....... What are your opinions and/or suggestions about the reversal of the USB port, the possibilities are "∞" i also have a raspberry pi3 with a x4 breadboard, i could do so many things inside the wheel, but first things first i could REALLY install extra fans and circulate the air properly!!! Does anyone know how to reverse the usb port and make it internal ? maybe friends that know how things work, @esaj or @enaon ?
  7. i got quite a few gpx tracks since i started to ride a year ago. Not all of the ~2000km but many of the longer rides. most are done with a Ninebot E+ and the last month with my KS16 i used Endomondo and found a page which syncs all Endomondo tracks to a dropbox folder (works with runkeeper, strava, garmin and a few other tracker too) -> https://tapiriik.com/ (manual sync is free, automated syncing costs 2 bucks a year) for editing out the false 80kmh+ spikes i use the free gps track editor: http://www.gpstrackeditor.com/ works wonderfully with multiple tracks and select and edit on any of them. got my 13mb of gpx data down to 8,5mb and you can configure your tracks quite well (in this pic its speed (blue ~10km/h, yellow +20km/h, orange 30km/h) google earth was a bit underwhelming but nice nevertheless https://cartodb.com/ was another nice page but edit out the area around your house as private maps cost 150$ a month LOL but still pretty nice layouts & animations... Elevation (free - http://exnihilo.mezzoblue.com/elevation/) looked very nice but has problems with buggy gpx files (after repairing the 0m waypoits most woulnd't open anymore) ... too bad as it had a animation view too ... and then there is this wonderful site http://avtanski.net/projects/gps/ perl scripts gpx -> png and the demo video of him, rats other useful tools: GPSBabel - converter for many different gps filetypes fitfilerepair - gpx repair tool, needs access runtime and costs 39$, demo available http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ - if the files are over 5mb, upload them as zip. many different maps but not much customization of the tracks doarama.com - nice for single track animations (multiple tracks make quite a mess) https://www.rikitraki.com like doarama Bing Maps 3D - a bit like Google Earth http://gpxtruder.xyz/ gpx to stl - 3d print your heighprofile GPX Report Generator http://utrack.crempa.net/ files up to 1M and last but not least this would be a great Cinema 4D plugin but a bit ... pricey ... ... pls post your favorite gps/mapping tools and apps, maybe there are better ones for kml or other gps formats. and i still need a good free and easy gpx repair tool with batch support .
  8. This is Will from Manke Technology Co. Ltd, which is a leading domestic and international company producing electric hoverboard, sharing electric scooter, GPS electric scooter.Hope to buid-up connection with you . We are the golden supplier of Alibaba, and get the producing authorization of Xiaomi and Ninebot. About the Xiaomi 365, our price is lower than marketing price and you don't worry about the quality, because it is directly sold by manufacturer. Welcome to visit our official website(www.sz-manke.com) or Alibaba online shop(szmkboo.en.alibaba.com). Hope cooperate with you.
  9. Hi everyone, I live in Honduras and i have a Kingsong 18s I really love my wheel and my country is not safe at all so dicided to install a GPS tracker for my wheel, but the companies who install this kind of devices dot not have a way to easily install it on the Ks18s and they charge a monthly fee for ever that makes the tracking very expensive , I read a lot about it and came with an easy and cheap solution, just opened my Ks18s, bought a cheap cellphone with android system and install on the cell phone 3 apps 1) my battery is dead (it notifies another phone via SMS when the first phone battery's is low) 2) Air Droid (you can control your phone from another phone or computer, you only need to have MB or data in your SIM card) 3) whatsapp (it's used for texting but you can send your current location and live location to any number), I installed the cell phone in the interior of the ks18s and put the charging cable inside of the padding of the wheel, so the only thing you have to do is keep charged the phone that's why you use the app "my battery is dead" I putted the settings to notify me when the battery is at 50% because you need that 50% to track the wheel if it gets stolen or lost, put the cell phone on silent mode, put a pin to lock the screen and activate the location. If ever gets stolen or lost just buy some megabytes for the SIM card Tha is inside of your wheel and grab your computer and enter to the air Droid desktop app or with another phone that has installed the app air Droid, control the phone that is inside of your wheel and enter to whatsapp and send the current and live location to another phone and hopefully the police will help you to find your loved wheel. Note: I changed the screws of the cover of my Ks18s with diferent and varius kinds of screws just to make it harder to access the phone in case that someone wants to remove the phone from the inside. I hope it will be helpful for you
  10. So here lately I’ve been thinking about the lack of 3rd party involvement in EUC riding. There are no aftermarket accessories (that I know of ), no good ride tracker apps , and no Garmin-like devices or sensors made for our needs . As a cyclist I’ve got the STRAVA app on my phone . I use it to track my rides. It’s a social app to some extent allowing you to follow other riders , view their rides , give them kudos and compete to some extent even if you don’t live near each other . It provides time , distance ,a map of your ride, elevation graphs , avg and top speed etc...( @Smoother ?) ask any cyclist and they will tell you “if it’s not on strava it didn’t happen “ I used it today to document my ride, and I must say , it did a great job. So this got me thinking ...someone should develop an app like this for EUC . The other great thing about the app is it’s ability to connect to a garmin device with linked sensors for speed , cadence, power and other such measurements. With an optional speed sensor attached to your wheel you can forgoe the GPS speed (which isn’t always accurate) and get a much more stable speed reading. So why not have one of these sensors that we could stick on to the wheel of our EUC. They are light and small so if designed properly wouldn’t effect the wheel in any way. So that’s it. Just some thoughts . Thanks for reading . ?
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