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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all. Today i got my Gotway Teala V2 I am new to riding electric unicycle so today i just watched u-stride beginner videos. I am a electric scooter retailer but always been intrigued learning how to ride an EUC lockdown has just given me the time to focus on learning. My plan of attack is to practice drills for 1 hour a day for a week and then attempt going for a ride is this fron your experience a practical approach? I created this post to say shout out to all the fellow euc riders liking what i see of the community so far. I am from Sittingbourne Kent and wante
  2. Hi All, Looking to sell my Gotway Tesla 1020 wheel. I purchased it in Sept 2017 new for $1,450. It has a little over 300 miles on it. Wheel is in good condition with the exception of scratches and a few dents. I have added padding on the sides which can be removed (the dent in the third picture is just the padding). A magnetized sticker on the front and rear for placing a magnet light on (these can also be removed). I have an extra new panel to replace the one that has a scrape on it. Includes standard charger and I have the original box. Asking pr
  3. Ok, so i did my first full teardown on my tesla v1.2 as i was changing tyre (was curious and want to move beeper....add tail light...paint some stuff....add some better dampening of the main board that rattles in the slots...cant be goodnfor gyro). I found one of the mosfets LEGS were "glued together" by circuit board laquer. I dont know if this is good (aka can prevent shorts between legs) Or If this is bad (aka laquer leads electricity which can overload the electronics) Any electric guru here that could say if i should A. Leave it be(my favourite, if it works d
  4. is there any hacks or any mod i can do on the gotway tesla to make the led light ring spin but only red? i think the rainbow lights is way too much bling and it takes away from the nice and grown up look of the tesla and just makes it look like some kind of kids toy i assume there is no way to do it in the app but is there anything else??
  5. Rides great, No cracks or breaks, 2,200 miles, tire has at least another 1000+ miles of tread left, also have slime inside of the tube. Have original box with packaging and a set of new side pads included. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gx3eLKzh9ofJNKit7
  6. HI Guys, I'm deciding on a new wheel and been looking at the Gotway Tesla V2. It rains a lot in Vancouver and was wondering if this model is as water resistant as the Tesla V1. The speakers kinda sketch me out and I hope water does't seep in. Seller from ALI says its sealed but I want to hear from a riders experience. Thanks
  7. Hy Folks, As some of you may have recognized....my Tesla has arrived on Monday! As always when i receive a new wheel, i want to nerve you with some of my meanwhile impressions and a kind of diary, to have a review over a longer usetime.... As Things like generell data of the wheels are covered in a lot of other threads, you will not find any technical description of things here, which are pretty clear. Just this: I have the 1020wh Version, the biggest -at the time beginn of November- and received the wheel from one of my favorite aliexpress sellers. Because of that n
  8. would it be possible to replace the led strips in my gotway tesla with only red ones but they would have the same function, showing battery, spinning light, so what i need is red led strips that could be compatible, and when the mainboard gives power to the strip not only some parts of the red strip light up because the board only sends power to the red ones and since the strip is only red... so i need a red led strip that could replace the rainbow led strip and work the same way just only red this possible ? im eager to remove this "christmas theme lighting" but sti
  9. Hi everyone. I was teaching my friend how to ride an EUC and the Tesla dropped on the left side a few times during the hour at about 3-4mph. When I rode the wheel later, I noticed a weird vibration when the wheel is tilted left and my dominant right leg has weight on the wheel (basically every red light). Following the advice on another Tesla vibration thread, I retightened the interior pedals screws and the taped anywhere on the outer shell suspected of being the culprit. However, looking at the videos, it seems like the vibration is coming from within the motor and only appear
  10. so i am a ninebot mini pro owner it is a very fun ride almost like the "hoverboard" but pro or v 2.0 it only goes 18 kmh and... yeah it feels fast but then you see bikes whissing by and then you think I NEED NEW STUFF plus you kinda look like a nerd or geek while riding it i really dont care but i need the extra speed so i am considering buying an electric unicycle and i have looked a little around i the gotway tesla looks promising to me i can order it on ebay from shenzen china for about 1000 dollar title on listing is like this: GotWay 2017 new electric unicycle 16 inch Te
  11. so i need some good tires that have very good grip both on road and offroad. u replacced my tire once on my tesla with a 16 inch kenda tire from a ks16 but i got it from a freind used so it didnt have the best grip. i just think it slips too easily and i would really like the tire to be as wide as possible while still being able to bee in the shell. just the same size as the normal tesla tire
  12. so i need to change my control board on my gotway tesla and i started disconnecting but without thinking about it i disconnected 2 motor cables from the main board and now i dont know wich one goes where to put it simply i have two motor wire one part of the wire is connected to the board another part is connected to the motor and they dont have colors according to polarity and no marks as far as i can see so how do i find out wich goes where?
  13. i really love carbon fiber "look" the gw tesla has this carbon look plastic it is very dull looking and it just doesnt look that good. i thought maybe clearcoat could be an easy little fix. i sprayed in cold weather and it made white stains instead of being clear. i tried getting the white stuff off in a few ways but i was left with one option. cellulose thinner. and it removed the carbon look in the process then i got the idea! i had some 4D carbon vinyl laying. i spent some time putting it on the side panels and wow. i love the result it ac
  14. Hello All, It's been awhile since i've been on here but thought why not share my thoughts on this wheel, I was lucky to get. It's a prototype that was sent to me by Gotway America to keep. I decided to share my experiences with everyone. www.Gotwayamerica.com I also want to thank @houseofjob for helping me put this video together! I cant give an review since I just got it and want to spend time with it. Here are some specs. Motor - 1900watt Battery - (this model) 1020wh Built in Trolley - yes Light Belt - yes (reminds me of the ninebot days) Weight
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