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Found 2 results

  1. I'm new here (this is my second post), so first I'd like to thank the community for bringing such good content. This is the best source of information about EUC I came across in the entire world wide web. I literally spent like 50 hours from the past 7 days to read as much as I could, plus watching videos and pictures. That's really amazing all the information one can get from this forum. Passion is all over the place. I was thrilled to browse it all. I feel like knowing some of you guys, although you're perfect strangers, and I'm even more a stranger to you. This is a magic (and weirdness) of Internet I guess. A bit about me: I bought an Inmotion V8 4 years ago (boy, time is flying), when it just came out. It has been the weirdest thing I bought, and the coolest thing I ever had. I became one with it: I brought it everywhere I go. Even to do grocery, to fetch water 100 meters away, to baby-sleep my one year old baby, or for epic rides in the forrest/mountains. Overall, I found it a futuristic way to explore the world surrounding us. I surprised myself to go to some places of my childhood village I had never been before. I'm a sportive kind of guy, and I like to walk, but I'm amazed with how easy it feels to go from point A to point B, like almost instant teleportation. Thus, it's such a wonderful device to fulfill one's instinctive appeal to discover what's after this road, or what's behind this hill. I went to places I would never have been without and I'm glad I did. You may object it's even easier by car, but the magic here is to go almost everywhere a pedestrian can go (at least everywhere a bicycle can go). It also feels totally different. I guess it's because of the minimalist design: it's an immersive experience. I didn't expect to fall in love this much with it until I left for two years to Vietnam. I missed it so much. You realize you love someone the day he's gone, right? Vietnam is not suitable to ride wheels, at least in big cities (I've stayed both in Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh), because of poor side walk condition, absence of bike lanes, and heavy scooter trafic taking all over the place. Fast forward two years and I'm now in Spain. Perfect spots to ride a wheel are everywhere, my head is spinning and it hurts not to have a EUC under my feet. I count the days until I can get one. I can't think of anything but this, while eating, while sleeping, while pooping. Hopefully once I buy one my mental activity can go back to normal. I've read tons to solve the classic dilemma: which wheel to choose? and where to buy it? I really loved the V8, so I first wanted to buy another one (second hand). I didn't find any, and the thing is I wish I can go further, and faster when optimal conditions are met (smooth dry road, good visibility). I read plenty about the reliable K16S, the compact MCM5, the 2.5'' wide V10F. The Nikola, Z10, MSuperX, Monster, KS18L... are out of my league. I'm also interested in smaller wheels like the Mten3 or v5F but they're shorter on range and I unfortunately don't plan to buy two models (short and long range) so I came to choose... the Tesla v2 (after ever changing thoughts). With choosing the model also comes the budget and where to buy it. I bought my first EUC for $700 and because I've been so satisfied, I didn't want to spend more unless it gives a clear advantage. For example, spending $900 or more on the V8F would not be worth it to me. But spending $1000 to double the range and x4 the power: I'm in. Is buying a EUC from AliExpress really bad? I'm really tempted to buy it on AliExpress for the price, despite of the 4 to 5 weeks delay (I already waited for 2 years). The seller I found is offering the Tesla for $1090 and has good reviews. This is also a cheaper price because of choosing the "rail transportation" instead of the default "air transportation". The main concern I have is the following: Will the EUC-World application be compatible with my wheel or not? I am not sure how a big deal this can be (I never knew about this app until a few days ago). I guess this App can be pretty handy, and almost feel mandatory / addictive for long ride sessions? I am actually not sure if buying the wheel on Ali will prevent the app from working? (I read contradictory informations, hence the confusion) What I understood is some wheels are manufactured for the asian local market, and others for the outside world. But I don't fully mesure the consequences of buying one destined to Asia. (I actually bought my first wheel on AliExpress, and had no issue with using the basic App that comes with it, but now I wish I can use some more sophisticated App to review what I just ride on a map) Other interesting topics I've searched on this forum, and may come back to later: Putting slime into the wheel to avoid flat wheel; Buying a pebble/smart watch to adjust one's driving style Equipment to prevent injuries (knees, wrist, head, elbow, torso) Apps to view and share EUC trips on a map Adding mirror to see what's happening behind Adding a better front light / rear light Buying a smart fast charger (does it worth it?) Laws and regulation in a specific city / country (in my case: Valencia / Spain) Do I need to pay for an insurance? Material to record videos while riding (360?) Housing to protect the wheel (if ever it exists for the Tesla) Contact other local riders to share and enjoy beautiful rides How everyone got injured, to rise self-awareness
  2. Hey everyone! I joined the forum recently and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading their Ninebot Z10 for a Gotway Tesla 84V (With cash on top on my part). I feel it's time for me to experience a different ride and continue onward! I've been looking into only trading locally, I live between LA and SD in California (I live in Temecula). I would ship but I'm not really confident in myself doing so. Now for me to lay out the details on the wheel, overall the Wheel is in decent shape! I am the 2nd owner of the wheel, haven't crashed it once (Though I cant say for the original owner, though I'm sure he did crash). The exterior of the shell is pretty much fine, no damage but the interior is a bit messed up due to the previous owner gluing some stuff together rather than using the original screws (Not sure why, though I went in and fixed some of it by replacing the stuff myself). None of this affects the ride! Just thought it would be important info to know. The Rim also has a dent in it (Previous owner I assume crashed and dented it) Its noticeable but not bad and does not affect the ride at all. The ride itself is perfect, I never had any problems with it and I ride it daily. It has about 2,000 Miles on it! Overall I'm much only interested in trading it for a Ninebot Z10 (With cash on my side) though if that doesn't happen I would be happy to discuss with some one who wants to buy it. Just let me know - Alex
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