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Found 11 results

  1. TOP 5 Extreme Electric Unicycle riding performed by the legendary EUC Extreme. Hope you enjoy it, he is truly is a daredevil with his Custom GotWay. https://youtu.be/yp2-p1gVYXw
  2. Hello guys! My name is Uliana. I am russian girl, 22 y.o. i'm going to a trip across Europe, starting from Riga, going to Madrid, Spain on the electric unicycle. I am planning to ride about 100-150 km/per a day, with a speed about 25-30 km/h. Making some videos during the way, and paint pictures, when i will find beautifel places. That's a plan ? And maybe i will need some help on my way (i hope to won't need it, but who knows) with the wheel. If it will be broken or smthg like that, so please, if someone from u could help me, let me know, please. And if someone could host me, it would be amazing! ? or maybe show me your city - i will be thankfull and happy ? And, yes, if you want to join, i am open, just write to me and let me know. Start from 3rd July. Thank you ?
  3. Some riders gave the feedback that Msuper make big noise when riding, this problem is easy to happen after many times fall down. It is because the pedestal getting loose, you need to open the case to tighten the screws on it. Attachment will tell you how to fix the problem. Msuper.mp4 Find a machine like this.docx
  4. cuidado con la manipulacion o translado de la rueda Msuper ,al cogerla por el neumatico , el dedo puede quedar atrapado y esta zona , corta , recomiendo limar o ligar para evitar cortes , como me a pasado a mi , no se puede evitar atraparse el dedo , pero si , que nos cortemos careful handling or TRANSFER of Msuper wheel, to take her by the tire, the finger can get caught and this area, short, I recommend filing or link to avoid cuts, like me happened to me, can not be avoided trapped finger but if we cut us
  5. I'm excited to say we've recently gotten in our first shipment of the Gotway MSuper V3 820 and 1600 watt. Due to their popularity we are down to only 1 of each in stock but will be ordering more soon. At this time we are only shipping in Canada.The 820 watt is $2095 and the 1600 watt is $2455 plus shipping and applicable taxes. Prices in Canadian dollars. View and buy online on our website: https://www.ridetheglide.ca/products/gotway/gotway-msuper-v3-1600w/ https://www.ridetheglide.ca/products/gotway/gotway-msuper-v3-820w/
  6. GotWay MSuper V2 850Wh From Zelezna Ruda to Lackenberg and Grosser Falkenstein 22.4.2016 10am-3pm, temperatures was between 10° and 16° Celsius (there is around 20cm of snow and minus temperatures today ) Total distance: 29,67km Start point: 750 m.a.s.l. Highest: 1312 m.a.s.l. Lowest: 715 m.a.s.l. Total ascent: 1047m Total descent: 1047m When reaching Grosser Falkenstein, last meters of climb all LEDs was flashing with beeps (10% battery) Finish: 57,3V battery remaining Grosser Falkenstein
  7. GotWay wheels has a lot of fans in HK, they ride the gotWay to climb the hills in order to enjoy the weekend life. GotWay wheels has powerful motors to climb the hills, that is a good tools to climb hills to enjoy the different scenery in different areas. Let's join in together. ---By GotWay Linnea
  8. I am developing DIY additional battery case with seat. Inspired by pictures from official GotWay FB site. My idea is to install 3 more packs for 1360Wh total capacity (850 + 3x170) Anyone knows price for one 170Wh battery module ? Photos and drawings will be next. I promise, it will not have look like letterbox
  9. Hello all riders ! Inspired by youtube user EUC Extreme, I ordered 5th of January 2016 GotWay MSuper V2 850Wh. After delivery 20th of January 2016, I did my first ride 27th of January 2016. Yesterday 15th of February 2016 I tested speeding: I tried to drive continuously over 3rd default level beeps on road and off road. googlemaps: https://goo.gl/jkygbJ In time 8:30, 8:33, 9:41 and 9:51 comes more than 3beeps per second. Camera mount is on the unicycle hand grip. Does anyone have experience with more than 3 beeps per second ?
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