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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone longer timer lurker, first time poster. So today i just got my new Gotway msuper v3 in the door and have been having a blast all day, there's just one thing that bothers me right now. The tiltback starts at 25km/h and that is the highest value i can set it to in the gotway 2.11 app for android. I've heard somewhere that you have to ride it for about a 100km before the higher speeds become available. How do i get faster than 25km/h ?
  2. Michael Lutge

    There's an app you say?

    So I just got my new Tesla (very exciting) and since this is my first Gotway I went to the Google Play store and looked for Gotway and only found something from Electro-sport.de. That doesn't seem like the official Gotway app. Then I found a thread here that linked to some weird "Facebook" page that wanted me to log in even though I'm already logged in. Sketch. Also found some rickety website at www.kebye.com with a link to an Android app that fails to download. Is there an official app? Or at least something that will let me set the tilt back and such? Please help this Gotway noob?
  3. Linnea Lin Gotway

    Something about GotWay new APP

    Dear all, GotWay new APP is only fit to ACM and our future Msuper V3, it doesn't fit to our MCM4. ACM factory set tilt back speed: 25km/h. ACM first alarm speed: 25km/h. ACM second alarm speed: 30km/h. Efficiency alarm speed: 40km/h (off ground testing speed). New APP max tilt back speed optional is 48km/h, it make no sense if riders choose tilt back speed which is higher than riders can reach on ACM. Have got feedback from some riders that they can reach 43km/h, but max speed is various from rider's weight, road situation, temperature and so on. Anyone want to test max speed for ACM should wear helmet and protection clothes. Enjoy the wonderful wheels!
  4. Jane Mo

    gotway app need translation

    "选择设备" = "Select Device"; "主页" = "Home"; "设置" = "Setting"; "我们" = "About Us"; "关闭" = "Close"; "模式设置" = "Mode Selecting"; "报警设置" = "Alarm Setting"; "翘板速度设置" = "Tilt Up Foot Step Speed Set"; "校准设置" = "Calibration setting"; "劲爆模式" = "Powerful Mode"; "舒适模式" = "Comfortable Mode"; "柔和模式" = "Soft Mode"; "关闭一级报警" = "Close First Alarm"; "关闭二级报警" = "Close Second Alarm"; "打开所有报警" = "Open Alarm"; "关闭翘板" = "Close Tilt Up Foot Step"; "打开翘板" = "Open Foot Step"; "水平校准" = "Level Correct"; "已设置为劲爆模式" = "It's set to shocking model"; "已设置为舒适模式" = "It's set to comfort model"; "已设置为柔和模式" = "It's set to soft model"; "已关闭一级报警" = "It closed an alarm"; "已关闭二级报警" = "It closed two alarms"; "已打开所有报警" = "Open all alarms"; "已关闭翘板" = "Close rocker"; "已打开翘板" = "Open rocker"; "进入水平校准" = "Enter the horizontal alignment"; "已连接%@\n是否断开?" = "Connected%@\ndisconnected"; "取消" = "Cancel"; "断开" = "Disconnect"; "请开启蓝牙" = "Please turn on Bluetooth"; "连接" = "Connecting"; "扫描中..." = "Scanning"; "连接%@" = "Connecting%@"; "连接超时" = "Connecting timed out"; "未连接蓝牙设备" = "Not connected Bluetooth device"; "已呼叫" = "Called"; "初始化中..." = "Initializing"; "蓝牙正在重置" = "Bluetooth is reset"; "当前设备不支持蓝牙4.0" = "Current device does not support Bluetooth4.0"; "当前设备未授权" = "The current device isn't authorized"; "未打开蓝牙,请在设置中打开" = "Bluetooth isn't open,please open in the settings"; "蓝牙已开启" = "Bluetooth is turned on"; "连接%@成功!" = "%@ Connected successfully!"; "连接%@失败!" = "%@ Connected failed!"; "断开与%@的连接" = "Disconnect the %@"; "车子正在运行,暂时不能发送指令!" = "The car is running, temporarily cannot send instructions!"; "灯光设置"="Lights"; "打开"="Turn On"; "关闭"="Turn Off"; "闪光"="Flash"; "翘板速度设置成功"="Tilt Back Speed";