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Found 4 results

  1. These three EUCs have all sold, but there are plenty more available from eWheels! I've got three EUCs for sale. I'm in Los Angeles, California and will give you a free introductory training session, first time riders welcome, or a more advanced training session, if you're experienced. Whatever your skill level, I can help you be a better rider. If you like, I also can help you update the firmware, get the right App, connect to your smartphone, inflate the tire, and do what I can to make sure you're all set-up. No shipping charge, if we meet. Shipping cost will vary, depending on your location in the contiguous U.S. No shipping outside the U.S. 1. Ninebot One Z10 for $1475 with 3.8 miles on it and in perfect condition. Never dropped, has no issues at all. 995Wh battery. 28 MPH top speed, 25-45 mile range. I purchased it through eWheels, so if any repairs should become necessary (none needed now) it can go through eWheels. The warranty recently ran out. This Ninebot One Z10 is no longer available. It's been sold. <Pictures of it deleted> 2. GotWay MSX (Msuper X) 100V version, $1600, with 6.1 miles on it. Includes a 3D printed fender from eWheels. The MSX is in good condition, some low speed drops with minor scuffing under the pedals. Includes a new seat that has never been used. 1230Wh battery. 40+ MPH top speed, 50-60 mile range. (A new GotWay MSX 100V currently sells for $500 more, $2100 on eWheels, with a one year warranty). Warranty on this used MSX for sale is valid for six more months until March 1, 2020 through eWheels. When the warranty expires, should it need any repairs, it can be done through eWheels. I will also be available to help out, should there be any questions or issues, both before and after the warranty expires. You have double support on this wheel, triple, if you include the GotWay warranty. This GotWay MSX is no longer available. It's been sold. <Pictures of it deleted> 3. King Song KS-18XL for $1850 with no miles on it, never been ridden, still sealed in the box. 1554Wh battery. 31 MPH top speed, 60-70 mile range. Has the larger, better 10-inch pedals (factory installed) AND includes a 2nd charger. Factory warranty through King Song valid until January 1, 2020. The 18XL pictured is another one I have just like it, not the one still in the box. This King Song KS-18XL is no longer available. It's been sold. <Picture deleted>
  2. I'd like to pose a question to those who ride 18 in wheels - which do you have and do you have other 18in wheels that you can compare it to? Currently it seems the 18 in standard is the Gotway. I know Kingsong makes an 18 in but not sure which other EU companies have one in that class. Does anyone own the KingSong 18? I'm curious about this larger class, thanks!!
  3. Coming back to this issue. Need to know if the KS18 can be wiped from my favourite list. Are the batteries connected in series while charging (BMS) only or are they in general in series? I thought they had parallel packs. I never opened one. I'm a heavy rider so I need power from a dual battery pack. As I rode a KS18-500 only up to now I can't do a real incline test as it's not strong enough for me to be pushed like a MSuper.
  4. This is a change control log for the Gotway 18. Even the first generation has more than enough versions to warrant confusion. Difference specific to each model: MSuper-MS (most common model, and is what you get if you don't make a special request) - also referred to as type 2 Maximum hill climb angle 33 degrees, Top Speed 34km/hMS Motor, MS Stator windingMSuper-HS (second most common model, by special request only) - also referred to as type 1 Maximum hill climb angle 27 degrees, Top Speed 40km/hHS Motor, HS Stator windingMSuper-HT (uncommon model, because nobody tries to ride up a 39 degree slope) - also referred to as type 3 Maximum hill climb angle 39 degrees, Top Speed 28km/hHT Motor, HT Stator windingBattery size options are 680wh and 850wh. The 680wh version consists of 2 units of the 340wh packs. The 850wh consists of 2 units of the 340wh packs and 1 unit of the 170wh pack. The 170wh pack consists of 16 cells of 18560 Li-ion Panasonic wired in a series. The 340wh pack consists of 32 cells, of which two sets of serially-wired 16-unit Panasonic Li-ion cells are then wired in parallel (basically two 170wh packs wired together in the same shrink wrap but sharing a single BMS across all 32 cells).. Each pack contains its own battery management system (BMS). The maximum input charge amperage per BMS (basically per pack) is 2.9a as measured by our member Kevin Lee in his electronics lab. The included AC wall charger charges at 67.2v at 2.0a. It takes input voltage from 110-240VAC 50/60hz. Typical charge time for a depleted 680wh unit is 4-5 hours. Generation 1 (released ~ December 2014) Common Specs: Hub motor Series 1 control boardClicking power button.BTNon-adjustable warning beepsShell type 1Shell colors: solid white, solid black, carbon white, carbon blackBattery options: 680wh, 850whTire type 1, uses inner tubeShell type 1Generation 2 (released ~ May 2015) Common Specs Hub motor. Series 2 control boardMomentary power buttonBTAdjustable warning beeps (first 2 stages)Shell type 1Shell colors: solid white, carbon blackBattery options: 680wh, 850whTire type 1, uses inner tubeShell type 1 or Shell type 2 (8mm narrower version, nylon material)
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