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Found 12 results

  1. Read more on project page: https://github.com/EGG-electric-unicycle/documentation/wiki EGG Electric Unicycle is a DIY and OpenSource design that can be customized for specific needs (more batteries, powerful motor, lights, etc). Main characteristics of current version: Max velocity up to 30km/h 2 battery packs making a total of 264W (range of 20kms on flat roads with a rider of 100kgs) 500W motor, 14 inches wheel Bluetooth for configuration and reading in real time the speed, current, board temperature, etc Video promotional: Video "EGG Electric
  2. Here is an image of the controller board from my generic electrically locked up Step-n-Roll, with wire color codes, for reference. If anyone has information on the undocumented connector lands, I will be happy to update the image and re-post.
  3. Pictures below will show you how to assemble an electric unicycle step by step, components are all available on Alibaba. Any questions related, please feel free to ask me.
  4. Hello everyone, Happy to join this forum. I ordered my generic EUC from China and have it already 3 weeks. Learning to ride is kind of challenge, exactly what I was looking for. But the funniest part is the faces of the people, their looks and stares…the car drivers even slow down…and comments like: what is that, ooh that’s what I need, how do you control it, does it have engine...ooh mom look that dude what is he on...and the mom's answer: he is on ...something ...and the best so far...look, look that dude is riding vacuum cleaner I think I’m the first one having and usin
  5. Been riding now for four months in San Francisco. LOVE IT! Totally have the EUC bug. My X3 clone (Fotowelt X30, LOL) is awesome. But I've noticed something and am wondering if anybody has 1) experienced the same thing or 2) discovered a workaround. For the first five minutes or so of my ride, my wheel angles the pedals toward the rear, so the tips of my toes stick into the air, and my heels are closer to the ground. After a few minutes, my wheel seems to level out and I can ride without such an extreme tilt. What I've tried to do is stop and start multiple times, or slow down from full speed r
  6. I'm from the Philippines and I wanted to buy a electric unicycle ( to get to school and back home which is 6kms back and forth) but the thing is I don't have any options on which to buy but I've found 3 on the net. Which of this 3 is better ? I don't know the technical stuff specs but I hope you help me Here's the link 1. http://www.lazada.com.ph/moonwheel-e-001-electric-unicycle-black-440356.html Link 2 http://www.lazada.com.ph/x3-electric-wheelbarrow-unicycle-blackred-470355.html link 3 http://www.lazada.com.ph/mars-kingdom-f3-mk-moonwheel-black-249365.html thanks
  7. Hello! Recently, I've bought a second-hand generic EUC. It runs nice, but it has a problem with the battery. When charging, the battery only charges continuously for about 5-10 minutes before starting to pulse on and off. It fully stops charging at about 20-30 minutes. When I turn it on, the battery indicator only shows 3 out of 4 bars, and after driving for about 20 meters, it goes back to 2 bars. The full range is around 800m - 1km before it starts beeping and is completely empty. Being somewhat of an electronics hobbyist, I opened the battery pack and measured the cell voltages after a comp
  8. Hello! have a cheap $250 generic with speakers and headlights. My first mod will be to hack the shell up and remove the fender area. This will make it easier to offroad with(no grass will hangup on the fenders), and then I will figure out how to raise the pedals. My next question is a motherboard upgrade. I wish it would go faster than 8mph than beeping and tilting pedals till i jump off. I know some people on here have done this mod. first pic is mine.
  9. Success! (Almost) finally for my little upgrade project. First a quick recap. I had a chinese direct generic 550watt EUC with usual 18km/hr top speed, standard pedal rising and annoying beeps.. but a good performer. Been the hacking geek and not satisfied with the speed I ordered a 30 km/h microworks built mcm control board (30BS), with bluetooth. It looked quite different from my original board (which had no bluetooth). Sadly it wouldnt ride, after many combos of hall sensors and power leads I gave up and went back to my original board, but then while installing some LED lights I shorted out
  10. Hi People, I tried an electrical unicycle about one and a half month ago at a barbecue, after that, I immediately ordered one Update I measured the range using a gps on a real track, and apparently it has the better range than first noted ~10km, I have updated the text accordingly.After increasing the tire pressure from ~1bar to 3.1bar, the range was increased by 3 km to ~13km I purchased the cheapest electrical unicycle I could find on amazon.co.uk - no specs, and I expected to pay import tax, luckily, that didn't happen. Now, since I'm starting to get annoyed about various aspect, I tr
  11. I have a brand new Generic 14" wheel. For $350 It looks like a black/red Airwheel X3. I made a warranty claim on a generic 14". They ended up sending me a new one, but I had already bought a Ninebot (they expected me to be without a wheel for several weeks? ;-) ). So there it is. It's BRAND NEW. I just opened the box to take the picture. It comes with training wheels, charger, air pump, valve extender, lights for the pedals and a roll of protective foam. If possible I'd rather you pick it up. But if you wanna pay shipping in the US we can figure that out).
  12. Summary: Riding an electric unicycle starts as a major challenge. It might seem impossible at first, but you'll get it fast! The learning almost feels automatic.A cheap unicycle is good for learning, and there might be more people around to learn than you expect.Spend a little more if this is gonna be your only one.A smaller unicycle is more nimble and lighter to carry than a bigger one, but bumps aren't quite as easy to handle. Small for fun, big for transportation.The full review journal is located here if you'd like to check it out (link)
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