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Found 7 results

  1. I'm interested in buying my first personal electric vehicle, but am split between the Lacroix Nazare (an electric skateboard) and an electric unicycle (Kingsong 16x or MSX). The EUC is proportionally cheaper (per unit range) and has a bigger wheel (=safer in some respects), but I'm primarily interested in raw fun. For any folks who have experience with Lacroix boards (or other high-end boards like Kaly etc.) and EUCs both, which do you find more fun on smooth, open pavement? Is the side-stance carving on a board more fun than carving on the EUC (as in https://youtu.be/KNcrewUfjHU?t=198)? Any other factors that make you favor one over the other in terms of fun? I get that this is subjective, but I'm just trying to get a feel for why someone might find one more fun than the other, and why. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes I just HAVE to share how much fun I have on my wheels. I know its a given, but when you REALLY enjoy something, you can't help but want to tell people. Even if they don't care at all. I haven't been on any long trips lately, but have been simply wearing out my mten during smoke breaks and enjoying the 18's for leisure ride. Hell, I even toss in five/ten miles of Sherman hustle. I don't know if its lack of attention span(squirrel), indecisiveness or simply too many great choices. I find myself changing it up ALL THE TIME. Today's memerable moment was on my mten. Wife has begun to walk for exercise, so I chase her around and taunt her on the mten. I typically try to ride in a squat for a bit to at least work my legs some in fairness. Today I saw a small ledge at the church lot. I dont know wtf i was thinking but I decided... lets just pop up this short ledge and ride back down...BACKWARDS. I was simply amazed that it freaking worked! I figured I would surely earn some rash, as I was tempting fate wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I have been playing around and practicing riding backwards and teetering on the mten. Still, I didnt expect to even get up the ledge, especially to roll back down it. I call it a glorious moment, as I didnt even realize it worked, until it was over. Now I wonder if its just a ploy. You know, to get me to gamble bigger so I lose more on next go round Anyhow. Not much point to this posting, aside from sharing the fact that sometimes if you just give something seemingly stupid a try, it may just work out. You also don't have to be very good, go very far or attempt anything suicidal to...Seize the day! Whos got another tale of Joy? I know, my story sucks. It just illustrates that you neednt succeed at any MAJOR feat to find satisfaction...
  3. There is a similar topic on the Russian EUC forum, and it is gaining popularity due to the frequent contributions of outstanding EUC artist - @Дед62. I got his permission to re-post his work here in the hope that it may inspire other artists and will extend the gallery of our favorite gadget. I believe you will enjoy this creative work. Feel free to post in this topic any other image which you consider to be relevant to "EUC art" Happy EUC Sailor Tricks With Violin Taxi Winter Evening With The Wheel Ambulance Delivery Battle of Kulikovo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kulikovo) Parade Beach Towing Services Man and His Friend Icarus Bogatyrs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Vasnetsov) comments from left to right: - ... what a mess... - ... and where is your power plug, Popovitch? ... - ... mongols fricking stole it again... Medieval Tournament London 1920 The Moving Guy Burlaks (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barge_Haulers_on_the_Volga) all praises go to @Дед62
  4. Anybody around ever want to ever meet up and go riding let me know! I'm always game and with a schedule that is my own any day it's a good day to ride.... I just never have written with anybody other than myself it'd be nice to share the experience sometime. Lemme know! Mike 347)707-6688 -cell in case I don't remember to check this.
  5. Hi All I have been riding now for a few years and it starting to get a bit lonely so If anybody is local to SW London and would like Meet and ride, I have some great routes, let me know!!
  6. Darth Vader in a Christmas hat wearing a jumper with an image of Darth Vader in a Christmas hat. #gettingintothespiritofchristmas I've been wearing the jumper for work & thought to myself - I wonder if my Christmas hat will fit on my DV helmet?!? I guess so. lol
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