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Found 4 results

  1. Excitement: (backstory) My MCM5 arrives today and I am beyond excited! I saw my first EUC about a year and a half ago at a flow arts festival in Georgia. It seemed awesome, but I was too distracted by my sweet new LED juggling clubs to pay much attention to it. About a year ago, a few of my circus friends in Denver got themselves V8s and it reminded me of how awesome a wheel would be for Denver commuting. I started doing a bit of research and decided that a 16S would be a perfect wheel to get me started. I started saving everything I could for the 16S and about a week away from having enough, I unexpectedly lost my job. I was pretty bummed since I was so close, and the next job I found barely paid the bills, so saving for a wheel was put on hold for the summer. I finally found a better job at the beginning of September, and saving resumed. By this point, the 16X had been released and definitely caught my attention. While Kingsong works out the waterproofing issues with the 16X, I decided it might be best to start with a 14S instead. That way when I eventually upgrade to the 16X, I'll have a nice small wheel for tricks and for my girlfriend to ride as well. I was pretty sold on the 14S until I started talking to Photorph who recommended the MCM5. I hadn't really considered a Gotway wheel since most of my friends ride Kingsongs, but after a bit of looking, I realized the MCM5 would be the perfect starter wheel for me. It has plenty of torque for trail riding in the Rocky Mtns, plenty of range for my daily commute (6.5 miles each way), higher top speed than a 14S which means when I get a 16X, it will be able to keep up when my girlfriend and I ride together, and I've heard several accounts from people saying the MCM5 feels more like a 16 inch wheel than a 14, which was my biggest concern since I have a decent commute. Anyways, I'm super excited to finally have my first wheel (of many!). I'll update this post with first impressions and a review after I spend some time on it. Thanks to everyone that shared their MCM5 experiences on here as those testimonials definitely helped in the decision making process. I'm so grateful that there is an active forum for EUC enthusiasts. Forums are infinitely better than Facebook groups for special interests. Edit 1 - First Impressions: This wheel is amazing! I've ridden a few Ninebots before, as well as a V8, but I'm definitely still in the beginner stage. I don't know if it was the wheel, or not being afraid of messing up someone else's wheel, but I felt way more in control on the MCM5. It goes wherever I want it to. Super nimble, and plenty of power. I imagine it will take a bit of time before I'm maxing this thing out. I got in a couple hours of doing figure 8s in the parking lot of my apartment complex followed by some runs up and down the alley. At the end of the night, my buddy John came by on his Ninebot and we went for a lap around the nearby park. I fell quite a bit. Nothing substantial, but by that point, I think my stabilizer muscles were starting to give out which caused me to randomly lose control here and there. Definitely thankful for wrist guards. The MCM5 held up great. Only a couple of scratches that I really don't mind. I intend to trail ride with this wheel and let people learn on it so it's nice to get rid of the pressure of keeping it pristine. I was also very pleased about a couple of small things too. In several reviews that I watched on the MCM5, they mentioned that the trolley handle was a bit too stiff. This wasn't the case on mine at all. It slides out with ease, but it's still stiff enough that there are no worries of it flying out unexpectedly. My MCM5 also came with black vents. I didn't necessarily hate the grey ones, but the black vents look 100x better. Completely unnecessary, but I'm definitely stoked about it. We now have 8+ inches of snow and all I want to do is ride. I may take it out for some snow play a bit later. Will update again with a proper review when I get some more miles in. Edit 2 - 292 Mile Review! I absolutely love this MCM5. It was definitely the perfect choice for a first wheel. It's incredibly responsive and effortless to maneuver. It has been really great for teaching my girlfriend on. She is now doing laps around the tennis court like a champ. We'll be riding trails together in no time! It has suffered a bit of cosmetic damage on the shell (scratches), but functions perfectly after several drops and crashes. This thing is definitely resilient. The day after I received it, we got around a foot of snow here in Denver, but the MCM5 pushed through like a champ. I was a bit surprised with how well it handled the snow considering it's only a 14 inch wheel. There were definitely trouble spots such as the slushy parts of the road, but overall it did great. Better than my bike for sure! At first I was a bit bummed about the snow, but now I'm a bit thankful. I feel like it gave me a harder training mode for the final stages of learning and I definitely benefited from it. Now that the snow is gone, cruising around Denver is like a dream. I've been exploring all of the wonderful bike paths that there are around here. It's really fun when I find a spot from one of Chooch's videos and get to ride it myself. It has also made my commute to work infinitely better. Before hand, I was riding my mountain bike everywhere and it is definitely not geared for city riding. The MCM5 has been such a pleasure to ride, I've started taking a longer route to work to enjoy some of the bike trails that run through the nearby park. I even found a little skatepark on the longer route that is perfect for EUCs. I successfully dropped in the bowl today! Now I just need to add some pads on the side to help hop it out. I'm incredibly thankful that Photorph on the reddit sub recommended the MCM5 over the 14S. I would have outgrown the 18mph speed limit very quickly. I generally like to cruise at 18-20 on the MCM5, and riding those beeps would have definitely been a struggle. Can't wait to get a 16X so my girlfriend and I can cruise together. Then I can get an Insta360 and start making some videos to share this awesome passion.
  2. After a lot of q&a with many (youtube content creators , Jason, euc guy(Josh) on the street) and after many many distractions from plethora of boosted, onewheel ads, and few bike rider friends, I finally decided Euc is the right fit for me. I have to admit it was hard to see through those campaigns and make a choice that is personally right. There was a long tug of war between mten3 and mcm5 until I gave up and decided to just choose first and then realize later. I chose mten3 as it was portable & still powerful. I 'was' not sold on the idea of lugging along a wheel and feel comfortable. As soon as I held the mten3, I changed my mind on that. I got mten3 from ewheels with tyres inflated and batteries charged. Thanks Jason. It enabled me to try mten3 immediately . There is a fundamental joy in trying after opening the box. Few things I noticed which I need answers 1. When I first started I kept the tilt back at a very low speed for safety. After an hour of playing with it in the park and gaining some confidence, I came back home and changed the tilt back setting at 20 miles/hour. Result: I lost all the wheel logs and it reset back to 0. Gotway app still reads the total distance right. Any idea ? Does it mean that if I go back to Gotway app in the future I will lose all the logs again ? 2. I disabled the first and second alarm but curious on how to set the alarm value for the first and second ? what is the current value for the third alarm - is it the tilt back settings ? My Experience : On the first day I felt that I made a mistake as I could not for the mother of god figure out how to climb on it without using support from both sides I started using my small walkway to my bedroom which has both sides support to climb. I started moving few inches with balance and at that very instant I started loving it for the torque. When i moved 2 meters without any support, I started feeling like a kid and smiled. For 2 days I would be looking forward to come home after work to try that few yards inside my house. I realized what other people said about this wheel * "puts a smile on my face every time I ride it" * "It is so torquey" * "It is squirrely" * "It is as if it knows your mind and moves before you physically command it" * "It is the only euc which is so much fun as one-wheel" (Yes I have been stalking some of the experts here to borrow the knowledge) On the first weekend I went to a football park with mten3 in my laptop bag. Wow! that was amazing I could carry my wheel in a bag. It is not heavy(22lb) but at the same time , it is not light to be ignored. I don't think one would like to carry this in a backpack or in hand for more than 0.5 miles. It is not impossible, it is just not easy after sometime. I used the posts to climb on. I felt so miserable as I had to run back to the post every time to climb on. Thats when I felt the need for a trolley. After few iterations I lost patience and I started trying to mount wherever I dropped the wheel. Surprisingly I was able to do it after just few iterations. I am still not comfortable to climb and go in the desired direction. I go in some direction and then I correct. I think difficulty-to-climb-on/steep-learning-curve is the deterrent for any beginners or anybody to step into this euc world. Safety gear - ignorance When I went to the park, I dint put on any protection as I was going to a turf. So the fall would not be very hard. I wore 2 thick jeans to ensure I have some padding on my shins if mten3 hit me. I dint think I needed gloves as it is only turf Within 15 minutes, I regretted not having got a shin guard and not having a gloves. With not much control in the direction I drifted in to the running track which is hard surface and crashed the wheel. I dint fall which is good but I was dumb enough to catch the spinning mten3 to avoid scratches on the wheel. My fingers got caught between the spinning tyres and the edge and it shaved a small piece of my skin in my thumb and ring finger. I decide to do only turf from then on. It goes fine until I crashed few times. Everytime mten3 would spin and hit my shins. It was same the pain when getting hit during soccer games without shin guards. All these from 2 hours of riding. I enjoyed it and I want to keep trying again with that little powerhouse. I am not sure if it would give me 15 to 18 miles range. It dropped to 22% battery after 9 miles. I will try it few more times. May it is because I was constantly accelerating it and decelerating it throughout to keep my balance. Few more questions: What is the realistic range of mten3 ? Also what is the temperature reading I should be watching out for ? Is there a way to change the wheellog to SI system instead of metric system? So long I have not calibrated the wheel. Is it necessary ? Mten3 in a laptop bag
  3. I am looking for an entry level EUC & would like some help to choose one. I am a senior, weigh 200lbs (90kg), live in southern British Columbia where we have some nice weather but we do get rain. Some of the wheels I've looked at are, in no particular order, Segway One or Ninebot One, (seem to be the same unit), King Song 14D, One other possibility is a used Gotway ACM 1300wh. I know the Gotway ACM may be more than a beginner unit but the weight capacity is quite a bit more than the others. With the others if I wear a back pack with a few items in it I'm at the weight limit of the unit. Don't know how critical the carrying capacity is. One of the things I want is a walking handle as I like to & need to walk for exercise and I plan to combine walking & riding but when walking I don't want to have to carry the euc. I am aware that the Segway/Ninebot does not have a walking handle but I am sure I could rig one up. I'm also aware of the 12.5 mph speed of the Segway/Ninebot but as a newbie I don.t see that as a major issue. Any other suggestions that members of the forum may have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance......Vic.
  4. Hello EUC Forum Members, TL;DR: Help me pick between a V5F+ and V8 for a thin tall lightweght guy commuting 5 miles each way in the hellish temperatures of FL but who may move to PNW or UK and may need 10 miles each way. I posted yesterday in the General forum about deciding between the heavily discounted Segway One S1 and the V5F+. I knew I wanted the Inmotion wheel but liked the idea of learning on the cheap Segway plus finances are stretched right now. I ended up not getting the S1 leaving me thoroughly in Inmotion territory. I'm pretty fixedd on the idea of the V5F+ but the current sale price of the V8 on ewheels puts it at a comparable price range. So once again I turn to the experience of this forum for help. About Me: 39 years old. 155lb. 6ft 1in. In other words tall and skinny. I'm into tiny living and greatly appreciate portability, compact size, light weight, quality build, longevity, simplicity and repairability in a product. Getting all these in a product would be awesome but I'm happy to sacrifice slightly on some of these desired traits for big gains in others and will pay extra for something that ticks all the boxes. I enjoy cycling and this has been my main method of commuting (Brompton H6R) but current conditions make doings so the absolute puts (see environment below). No experience on unicycles, electric or otherwise. I will be learning on this device. Environment: RIght now I live in coastal Florida. It's hot. Horribly hot...and humid. Usage can be expected in temperatures ranging from low 80's in the morning to mid 90's in the afternoon. I try to avoid being out in the Florida rain storms but if caught out then it is like raining through a wall of water at times. Storms are normally short and avoidable but torrential. I avoid deep puddles but in the storm standing water draining from the road can be a 1/4 inch deep. Terrain is flat as a pancake apart form the odd canal bridge. Florida is not forever though. In the next 12 months I expect to find myself either in the Pacific North West or England. SImilar environmentally to each other. Moderate temperatures. Rarely hot or cold. Usage from mid 40's to mid 70's. Hills are a distinct possibility but I'm not going to insist my EUC drag me up the equivalent of Everest. I'd rather walk it than burn the device out. Rain is highly likely in the places. Unavoidable due to its persistence but generally lighter in nature. Usage: Mainly commuting and errand running. Commuting right now is 5 miles each way but I'd like the optio to do a little more and I'm not sure what the commute will be when I move. The odd recreational cruise would also be desirable. Not looking to do tricks, stunts etc. Maybe some trail rides/grass etc but not looking to off road the thing. What I'm Looking For: Crazy top speed is not important to me. I've no desire to loose excessive skin, any teeth, or my life. Mid to upper teens will be more than enough I think, but I'd like to be able to set my tilt back a few MPH under the EUC limit to allow a good reserve of power for safety's sake. I want the EUC to be able to deliver if I screw up and overlean or hit an unexpected pothole, bump that requires extra power for stability. I would prefer to have a larger battery/long range. I don't expect to use it all up but would like to not have to charge at work. For longevity purposes I'd also prefer to use a charge doctor to cut off the charge at 75 to 80% capacity and only run it down to around 25%. This is because I'd like to eek as much Life from the battery as I can regarding charge cycles while retaining a usable range once it starts to age and capacity drops. I also don't want to drain lower than 25% to ensure good power delivery when needed for safety, even at the end of my day when I'm wrapping up my commute. Right now my commute would just be using the EUC. In the future it could involve buss or train so portability and size is important. Headlamp is highly desirable, tail light is desirable. I like to be seen. I have a great head mounted front and rear light unit on my bike helmet (Light and Motion Vis 360) but the more the better. I'm not going to be in the financial position to have multiple wheels so this device has to last me a few years. This is why getting it right first time round, reliability, and maintainability through self repair is important. I hope this covers what I am looking for well enough to get advice. Below are the pros of both the V5F+ and V8. I'd appreciate additional input on suitability and which you would choose having had experience with EUCs. Pro's of the V5F+ over the V8: Awesome range allowing 50% charging cycles, plenty of reserve after anticipated use and margin for degradation overt time. Lightweight. Compact size, Calf and optional ankle padding Good tail light Slightly cheaper Posts suggest this is a very well built reliable EUC (I've seen some build quality issues in posts about the V8; tire rubbing, LED's quitting, water affecting the power button) Not covered in crazy lighting Pro's of the V8 over the V5F+ More powerful motor when needed (unexpected events, carrying extra load (groceries in a pack)) Good top speed allowing room for a power reserve during unexpected events? 16" wheel (I ride a Brompton folding bicycle with 16" wheels and already feel every bump. Going smaller raises concern for stability in the face of potholes, bad sidewalks etc) I would purchase form ewheels. The V5F+ is $895 right now. I would add the $100 bundle as I want the trolley handle and cover (for protection while learning). The fast charger would be a bonus but I'd probably not use it so may sell it to recoup costs. This brings the V5F+ cost to $995 without any claw back form the sale of the fast charger! Ouch. The V8 is $999. Trolley handle is built in so no extra cost there but I would buy a cover at $49. No fast charger with the V8 so couldn't recoup anything. Total for the V8 would be $1048. Difference between the two is just $53. So. What do you think. Are my pro's valid? Any I didn't think of? Any of them invalid or just not worth being a pro? Input and opinions after you put yourself in my shoes.
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