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Found 11 results

  1. We are Inventist Inc. Our founder, Shane Chen is the inventor of the original Solowheel. Ask us your Solowheel questions! More Solowheel information here: http://inventist.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=8&Itemid=116
  2. My Firewheel F260 arrived from China on Thursday. Unboxed it, and got a couple of good long rides on it on Friday and Saturday. I really like the feel of the wheel in Sport mode. It gets excellent battery life and speed compared to my older 14-inch no-name wheel, but I think it does so at the expense of a little bit of torque. I am okay with that however. I love the flat-pedal ride position and the pedals are very comfortable. I could ride this thing all day. The problems started on Sunday. I took it out for another ride at a local park, after doing a full charge. Started the wheel and heard the "Welcome to Firewheel, Sport Mode" voice greeting. Got on the wheel and rode about 5 feet, then it just cut out. Fortunately I just ran off since I wasn't going fast yet. The thing is totally dead, won't show any signs of life. I opened up the case to see if there was any obvious damage like blown components or burnt wires, everything looks fine to me. The battery reads 67 volts at the yellow connector, which you'd expect from a battery that was fully charged and ridden for 5 seconds. I tried connecting the charger and it makes a popping sound so I disconnected it immediately. (I have two official Firewheel chargers and tried them both.) I've contacted Firewheel to see what they'll do to make this work. It's a real shame because the design of the wheel itself is awesome. While I'm in here I'm definitely going to seal a bunch of stuff with silicone, this is not a very waterproof or dirtproof interior and it's all exposed to the wheel.
  3. I have this issue with the current machine that was in storage and i'm trying to recover it. And it's currently my only euc, so i reeaaaally need to fix it :-O Photos in big rez #1 | #2 | #3 It's suffers from downhill road damage, it shut down, i've jumped safely but it started bouncing for like 15m before stoping and some stuff broke :'( The following Gif shows a bit of space on the left part of the wheel on pedal/axis And i've also broken the plastic part protecting the battery level led and the light led. The machine also has 2 of the total 4 screw bases smashed resulting on a gap on the wheel Photo in big rez I've taken into action and opened the parts i could open cause i couldn't split in half to get access to the battery, i want to get to know the kind or even part number to order a new one or replace it with a new custom pack like @esaj suggested on the -> ..that the user @1RadWerkstatt can build. Anyways, moving on to some side/internals Photos on big rez #1 | #2 Now to the questions part. I need to find what kind of Firewheel Clone that is, preferably the model number so i can search online for support, i know i'm far-fetching but at least i can try. I need to replace the battery as soon as possible cause this model has more than 2.000 klm (over 1250 miles) and the battery does sudden shuts After i gather the above i need to know if it's possible for a bms mod to keep me a bit safer while wheeling I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm not that adept with tampering these things, i'm more on the theoretical side of things.. I hope there is someone out there to help me with this thing.. it's the only euc i have left and i hate the fact that i use public transport for my daily commute :-#
  4. Dear my friends, This is Denny from China. We are dedicated to provide high quality with best price in Aliexpress shopping platform. The products include Ninebot, F-wheel, and firewheel, etc. You are welcomed to get more details and price for your interesting product in Aliexpress or contact me by facebook. Aliexpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1896227 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denny.chen.14855 Regards, Denny
  5. So my friend and I are in a similar situation with our Firewheels. Long story short, both our firewheels are broken but Firewheel the company has agreed to fix/replace them under warranty. However they are insisted that we choose a shipper than will avoid any tariffs and taxes since its obvious that they don't not want to pay for these costs themselves...... So any recommendations on how to ship our wheels over? We are both in America.
  6. Hey Community I am just new here but i already read some threads in here. I am from Germany and want to buy my first euc. I got a bit confused while reading here, somewhere is written, Airwheel ist old generation? I Could get a X8 used for ca 400€. Should i buy this as my first or would it be better to get a ninebot or firewheel directly? I instant loved the firewheel but this is the only one, i find no cheap seller. So what is your hint for me? Buy the cheap X8 or get one of the other two? Or is there something better? //Edit: Or Maybe a GotWay from aliexpress!? I am totally unsure what to get...
  7. Hello everyone! I've been looking for a better EUC for while now. First I purchased an entry-level EU, similar to TG wheel (14"), since it was light, temperature range -10 to +40 C and low cost to learn. But I like to drive some trails too, so like to get more power and bigger wheel. My first thought was to get a 9bot1 but after I tried C+ I was dissapointed: pedals incline to driving direction ("soft" feel), which didn't feel nice, I liked to have a firm (firmer at least) feel. I also didn't like the tilt-back, especially when it occurred already on relatively low speed. I have no idea how big changes can be made via Ninedroid or how big the difference is between C+, E and E+? The I seriously considered to purchase IPS XIMA Lhotz (191) and e-wheelshop.nl came up - have anyone any experience about them? It there a risk to get one older version? In that case, will it still run 30 km/h? What is the actual range of this wheel? Which parameters can be varied through the app (and which app)? Is it really waterproof, like 9bot? Just keen to that 2,5 inch tyre, could be a beast on trail... Now I have Rockwheel GR16 on test and I see many pluses, but perhaps still more minuses on it: + really light, as TG + range about 3x vs. TG - almost OK, but there are many other comparable choices too + open casing makes it easy to remove snow + incredible torque, so easy to start again after landing... even from a small hole - very unstable due to lack of angular momentum/geared stucture (?) - revs instantaneously when even slightly airborne (due to the great torque) - difficult to balance when compared to TG 14" or 9bot - terrible clearance to to the gear, several degrees, makes it difficult to make tight turns - bad noise under bigger loads, especially today when driving in -30 Celsius uphill Any of these familiar to others who tested RW? So what wheel should I choose, any recommendations? And please do not suggest any 18", since those are just too high and big for me, I don't want the wheel reach above my elbow. Thanks for reading through, please give me a clue - Tuija
  8. Hi, my name is Paul, I live in Copenhagen and I would like to meet some owners of the EUC and get some reviews. If possible also to try to ride one and see if I could by one in order to help me out on my daily work. Thanks a lot. Ps: since I'm a foreigner my danish is quite limited at the moment
  9. The Firewheel. Soooo much potential, soooo much fail. I rank Firewheel is unfortunately one of the worst i've seen. Normally I try to avoid talking about the bad wheels. I will cover this one because I had previously said it was good. The reason I said this was because someone who I had trusted told me it was. I'm not sure how the person could have made such a mistake but I trusted them none the less. So this post is to right a wrong. (See my Gotway 14" review for what I use as a benchmark wheel) This is a classic cheaper is better fail. What the Firewheel supposed to be: Fast, quiet, powerful, comfortable, reliable, and with good manufacturing ethics. What it actually is: Unstable at high speed, weak motor and battery, uncomfortable, very unreliable, multiple serious speciation lies. Although it is quiet. Yesterday I was going to say that you could use this is you had the right riding style and were OK with a few problems, but today the Firewheel committed the cardinal sin of euc's; it made me walk. I was riding with about 40% battery remaining at half speed on flat ground and it just cuts out. All forward power is lost and it wouldn't turn back on until I plugged in the charger (I first had to locate a power outlet). This is the most dangerous thing that this type of tech can do. This indicates BMC failure (the circuit board that controls the battery voltage). (Read my post on Unstable Wheels for more info on this type of cut-out) It also cut out when slowly climbing a >15° slope after only a few feet but in a different way. Same total loss of power, but this time it was caused by the main control board. This same type of cut-out also happens if you lean forward to fast. If you hit even a small bump, the whole unit shakes alarmingly. It takes a massive amount of user control to land a curb drop. Most users won't be able to. The firmware is super soft during acceleration and acceptably hard during breaking. It verbally tells you to be careful at top speed (this gets really annoying) which is about 18km/h. It has slight tilt back at top speed. The motor has almost no power at top speed and makes you concerned that you will fall. The low battery shutdown can be triggered even with a totally full battery. This makes you have to stop, get off, turn off the unit, turn it back on, and get back on. This happens constantly once you get below 35% battery remaining. The whole unit shakes during shutdown procedure and this is very alarming to the rider even if you know what's going to happen. I get less than half the rated range that is listed in the specs (maybe >8km from 132wh). You can expect about 14wh/km in energy consumption for most wheels. The Firewheel motor consumes more power than other motors or the batteries are really low quality (or both). Amusingly, if the batteries are a low quality local Chinese brand, it could actually catch on fire. Maybe that's why they call it the Firewheel The LCD that tells you how much battery remaining would be nice if you could actually read it while you are riding. It's at the wrong angle, too small, and reflects light causing a glare. The leg pads are actually worse than normal ones. At the top, they actually increase the pain of riding due to the sharper edge. The shell is a poorly fitting, easily damaged, painted cheap plastic. The headlight is really miserable but the tail light it's OK. The pedals are too short causing additional fatigue (a big problem this design was supposed to solve) and constantly fall down making carrying the unit cumbersome. Plus they look unfinished on the bottom and hurt when they bump into your leg when you carry it. They are also to close to the ground and scrape. The Gotway 10" is the only design with long enough pedals to avoid fatigue. It's not waterproof contrary to what they say in the specs. What most disappoints me is the potential that this design had. It could have been the best on the market had they not made all the wrong design choices... The most disconcerting point is if they lie about the specs, what else are they lying about ?
  10. ​I ride my wheel almost daily and often think about features I wish it had and have been making a wish list in my head. I was curious what features other riders wish were standard features. WishlistAbility to turn off speed beeping Nothing is more annoying than the beeping when you are on a ​clear stretch and accelerate up to max speed and the wheel keeps beeping at you. I like that it's a safety feature, but I'd also like the ability to turn it off. Ignition key to l​ock ​wheel Wheel security (theft deterrent) is an area that I think is significantly lacking across most wheels that I've seen. I live in New York City and need to be able to secure my wheel when I ride from home to another destination. An ignition key would be a great start! Anyone can take my wheel and glide away with it without the need of a key. Mechanism to chain it up to a secure place (pole, bike rack, etc.) Another security feature. A major selling point of all wheels is their portability to lift and carry short distances which makes them easy targets for theft. Many wheels have a handle that can be used to secure to a pole with a cable, but some don't like the Ninebot One series. A built in cable would be amazing. Storage solutions I need a place to store my cable to secure the wheel - or other small items I don't want to carry on my person and otherwise don't need to bring a backpack. This is less critical than other feature and could be solved with an aftermarket accessory, though I haven't seen one yet. Braking (and headlamp) lights as standard features My Firewheel has these and I love it. I have been researching a second wheel to buy and wish more had this as a standard feature. Smartphone app as standard feature ​ ​Another feature that more manufacturers are providing, but wish it was standard for all wheels. Being able to see the stats on my wheel's speed, battery life, etc. is an awesome feature. What else?
  11. Recapping, my Firewheel died after two days because the control board failed. I waited a few weeks for a new rev of the board from the manufacturer, which has a slightly different design. Here's a photo album of my work to get it running and make sure it doesn't get filled with water and mud. http://imgur.com/a/EMqiB (Part 1) After completing all this work, I had a problem where I would ride for just a few minutes and the wheel would start to shake and say "Please restart". They are sending a new battery so I have to break it open, put in the new battery, and reseal everything. http://imgur.com/a/6LagM (Part 2) UPDATE: I added a bunch of new photos in Part 2. New battery is in place but arrived at only 35%. I have to charge it and let the silicone dry overnight.
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