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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Im not sure how many of the people who bought the tilted sidepads are members of this forum, but could those of you who are give me some feedback on them? Whats good, whats bad. Photos or video to show them in action, after wear.. etc. - Mathias/ EUCGUY photo by Steve jo
  2. Gil

    9B Metrics

    9BMetrics is an impressive IOS application developped by @Paco Gorina for the Ninebot One. It polls the unicycle to gather technical data (speed, current, voltage, pitch, roll, temperature) at a very fast rate (30 times per second) and stores them in files that you can display graphically on your IOS device or send to your PC for further analysis. 9BMetrics user manual is available here. While data is being collected, you have a real time dashboard: When data capture is finished, you can display your trip: and have a synthetic summary of data collected during your trip: and also access to very accurate graphs that reveal the power, current, etc. during the trip: On a PC, you can visualise the data by using a software named Gnuplot which is available for Linux, OSx and Windows (here). You will also need a Gnuplot script, developed by @Chriull. You can download it here (under Windows, you have to change the PATH environment variable after having installed GNUplot unless you prefer to edit a .cmd command file that calls GNUplot with accurate path). This is the kind of graphs you can get with the gnuplot app: To get such a graph, you use 9BMetrics during your trip. At the end of the trip, you send the log file (a set of files in a single zip file with extension 9bz) to your computer and decompress it in one folder. Then you open a DOS command terminal, choose to this folder the default folder (cd [the path where you uncompressed the 9bz zip file]) and type a command like this one C:\[The path where you installed gnuplot executable]\gnuplot C:\[the path where you put Chriull's script]\9BV4.01.dem Thanks to this terrific application, you will the be able to check that your riding style or trip does not bring your 9B1 to its limits (esp. peak current) or you will also be able to estimate the influence of tire air pressure, riding mode, feet position, inclination, etc. on the current drawn from the battery. For instance, on the example graph provided above, you can see that the current never gets over 9 amps, which is very safe. All these urban legends on tire pressure, weight and so on are about to be replaced by FACTS! And... stuntmen will be able to get sure that they draw the maximum from their equipment !!! Of course, you can use 9BMetrics directly on your IOS device without using Gnuplot on a personal computer. You will have the same information but it will be displayed on separate graphs. @Paco Gorina has done a tremendously useful work, included for Ninebot Inc. I propose this thread in order to be able to share about the finalised 9B Metrics application: user experience, wishlist, use cases, and... bugs. 9b-V4.04.dem
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and am just learning to ride my Segway/Ninebot One S1! As I've been learning to ride my unicycle around the streets, I'm noticing that current street design is terrible for anything other than cars or pedestrians. Cars have almost the entire road to themselves and pedestrians have comfortable raised sidewalks. But vehicles like bikes, scooters, or unicycles must either ride alongside dangerous cars or must ride on small sidewalk annoying pedestrians. With so many interesting personal mobility options out there, people should have mobility choices! So I'm considering starting a petition to the City of Los Angeles, LADOT, and other relevant organizations to consider rethinking street design. Here's where I need your feedback! My first idea for a petition is to call for designated secondary streets to be converted to bike/lightweight wheel priority streets. Attached is a diagram of this suggestion as applied to Los Angeles, one of the cities most sorely in need of car-alternate mobility options! What do you you all think of this idea? What are other ideas are there to allow folks to use roads with electric unicycles and other similar mobility options? The rational for this particular idea: Primary roads, especially ones with freeway access do most of the heavy lifting of traffic. But secondary roads that are parallel to primary roads in cities on a grid are not as well utilized. We could utilize them better by converting them to bike/lightweight wheel priority streets. Benefits: Increase street capacity Dramatically improve safety and comfort of riders AND drivers Encourage more lightweight wheel usage Would not negatively impact local businesses or residents as they would still have local access AND parking It would provide bike/lightweight wheel riders passing lanes! Current bike lanes are frustrating for all: slower riders, faster riders, and drivers Decrease road noice and local pollution The barriers between car lanes and lightweight wheel lanes would be staggered to allow riders to access their destination.
  4. Hello Everyone I hope I'm not sounding greedy or like that one person who wants it at no cost. Truth is that I'm currently 16 years of age, and was wondering if HoverBoard Technologies offered a Sponsorship to try there product. To test out the product and give feedback on aspects of the device that may need an improvement, or just a direct feedback. I honestly want to try this device out but sadly can't afford it at the time. If there is a way of obtaining a HoverBoard at a fraction of the cost or free, could you notify me. Thnx in advance
  5. Spoiler alert: this rant contains a lengthy and unbearable amount of frustration venting and western-a**hole-arrogance! Disclaimer: I’m consultant to high-tech industries. I sell hot air for a living (and to pay for gadgets). I’m in no way affiliated with any EUC manufacturer or distributor. I’m not even trying to sell my consultancy services here, as I am committed to a project running until the end of 2016. By that time, Gotway, you will be out of business if you don’t listen. Dear @GotWay MCM I have been slightly upset with you lately for your lousy customer communication (http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/827-worried-my-gotway-mten-purchase-may-go-sour/). You seem to have a policy to make it as difficult as possible to buy your products. That got me thinking. You came first to give us serious high-performance EUCs. And I bet, you consider yourself a „product innovation“ company, huh? I strongly believe, there are just 3 main differentiators to achieve a sustainable position of any business in the marketplace: product innovation, customer relationship and price. If you want to be successful, you have to shine in one of those aspects and you may be mediocre in the other two. As your treatment of customers is far from even being mediocre and your prices are above average, I guess you see „innovation“ as your strong point. Get real, Gotway! Look at the Mten I just have so much trouble buying from you. It’s an utter design failure and you know it. Just from looking at the videos - including the ones @Jane Mo publishes for promotion - any single Mten you can spot is covered in layers and layers of foam, pads and similar provisionally contraptions. Because it’s damned near uncontrollable the way you sell it with it’s naked shell. What does that tell you, Gotway? From it’s very introduction of the first version (when? summer of 2014??), your product has been incomplete. Innovation? My a**! Why am I trying to buy it then? Because 10-inchers is the only EUC segment, the competition did not catch up with you. Yet. With the other segments, 14-inchers for volume sales and 18-inchers for commuters, the competition passes you right and left. Yeah, you finally hired a designer to get the mcm3 out of the ugly-duckling-corner - big deal. That just gets you to „me-too-level“, not ahead of the pack where you need to be as an innovator, Gotway. So, now that many EUCs don’t look like cheap toys anymore and feature decent performance, what’s left to innovate? Sure: the weight/range ratio. Leapfrog progress on that part needs superior batteries. You’re not Tesla, dear Gotway - you are buying the batteries like all of your competitors. So: not much potential for leadership in that field for you. The million dollar question: now that EUCs look like products, what’s keeping the „OMG, that’s sooo coool“-masses from running to the next shop and buying one? Let me be the one to tell you the obvious: convenience and fear! Convenience: only the silliest idiots believe, they can just hop on an EUC and ride it. Everybody else expects a massive learning curve as an entry barrier - and rightfully so. It took me ages just to find the right foot position on the pedals and after 8 months riding I’m not even sure, I found the perfect place yet. Why isn’t my stupid wheel helping me learn??? All it would take are a few primitive sensors of the shelf from the next electronics store and five lines of software to tell me exactly, what I’m doing wrong and how to improve. And you, Gotway? You keep me puzzled, where is front and where is back on my GW18, arrrrrgh. Fear: to many casual observers, EUCs look like witchcraft, as they seem to defy any law of physics known to mankind. This mode of transport practically screams „you can hurt yourself“. We know: as long as you stay well inside a safe envelope of parameters, you don’t. That needs reliable feedback at any time, whereabouts in that envelope you presently are riding. Do you think for just one minute, Gotway, that your silly beepers are an answer to this absolutely vital question? Hell, they don’t even adjust the volume to the environmental noise around me! My car radios do that since the age of tape recorders. Shame on you! Here’s an example, of what I would consider helpful feedback: Me: stopping my wheel in panic. The pleasant Gotway voice in my ear: „That was close, Tilmann! You just used up to 92% of available breaking power. Want advice?“. Me: „Yes“. Gotway voice: „For minimum breaking distance, try leaning back in one swift motion, but not quite as far as you just did. Stay at that angle, until you almost come to a stop. Want me to say ENOUGH when you reached the right angle and UP when it’s time to go upright for a perfect stop?“. Me: „Yes“. Gotway voice: „Noted! I also prepared a breaking training session for you“. Me: „Later“. Gotway: „Ok“. Why don’t you help me managing my fear that way, Gotway? You don’t even have to buy additional sensors for that. You already produce all the data required. Just add software (yeah, you cheap shot: and a little more processing power). If you follow my advise Gotway, all of us „seasoned veterans“ will hate you for that, as it will allow any John-Doe-faltrate-tourist type to look as cool as we do in no time, without paying with pains and bruises as we did. But you will be still around in 2017 and sell EUCs to customers far beyond your reach today. In case you didn’t get the wakeup call yet: in 2017 you are more than 50% a software company or Gotway will be Noway by then. Need help? Hire @esaj! He’s lightyears ahead of those plumbers programming your sorry excuse of an app. Why do I bother telling you all that? Because, Gotway, despite all of its shortcomings, you gave me the transport of my dreams! It’s because of you, that I begin my mornings with a bright smile, looking forward to my commute on my GW18 to work. And I really, really thank you for that gift! I want you to stay and I want you to be the one giving us the iWheel! Love, Tilmann
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