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Found 5 results

  1. Am I being jackpotted here?
  2. Hi everyone, I got my z10 the other day and noticed something that seemed strange. At rest the unit moves forward very slowly by itself. You can hear a slight motor whine while holding it still and feel a very slight pressure for it to move forward. This is balancing it level, letting go it does the same thing so I know it's not how I'm holding it or anything. It's not the ground level either as it will do it in any direction on the same bit of floor. The pedals are level according to my spirit level, no angle there. I also notice in the app one battery is constantly discharging a little amount, I'm guessing this is resulting in the creeping I'm noticing. The other battery is no discharge at all during this. I just wanted to check with everyone else if this is normal or not as this is my first wheel. See potato video below, and some screenshots.
  3. Hi fellows. I had recently gotten a brand-new miniPlus & whilst it is pretty fun, I am experiencing a severe malfunction which I hope the veteran owners here may advice me. The fault is that the miniPlus does not detect me stepping off it after a long journey. This is evident as: When I tried to enter into Remote Control mode after physically stepping off the 'pedals' for a while, I will be blocked as the miniPlus still detects a person standing on it. I hear no familiar beeping like the ones I hear when stepping on/off at the beginning of a journey/after a short journey. If I lift the miniPlus up in this state, the wheels enter a mad rev as it thinks someone is still stepping on it & simply the user losing balance. The miniPlus has seen less than 80km of use. With regards to point 2 above, I have actually taken the miniPlus on a journey and stepping on/off every kilometre until the malfunction kicks in. I discover the miniPlus will slowly take longer and longer to detect a stepping-off (but still detecting it) from the 4th kilometre onwards. Until the 5th/6th kilometre (& onwards), the malfunction fully materializes. I have tried resetting the miniPlus but to no avail, i.e. this malfunction still manifests after a software-reset. Here's a video of the miniPlus behaving itself on a good day: miniPlus behaving itself Notice how rapid it detects me stepping off and sounding the appropriate beep when it detects a step-off? This malfunctions after an approximately 5-km journey. Can anybody help me? Is there something wrong with my pedal/load sensor? Preferably something that can be easily fixed. Anyway I just wish to add this is a huge issue for me, as there are legit situations where I need the step-off to be detected rapidly, e.g. lifting the miniPlus to cross an overhead bridge, powering it off when I reach my destination (yes, a safety feature is that it can't be powered off if it detects a human user atop), etc.
  4. Hello! I'm new here and am having some trouble. I jumped straight in attempting to fix and broken IPS Zero. It came into my possession not working. I replaced the fuse and experienced a Judder/Shudder/Shake when switched on. I did some more poking around with the old multimeter and realised there were four mosfets that had failed. I also notice that one of the hall effect sensors was not working. I replaced the mosfets and hall effect sensor. Now when I switch it on it shakes violently, it can occasionally get the wheel spinning. But it goes super fast! I wonder if anyone has a schematic for the board? Everything I have tested appears to be nominal values. I wonder if it could have a reflash of the firmware? Any suggestions appreciated
  5. Since lunchtime, my Ninebot E+ will not turn on by pressing the on/off red button. This occurred after a reasonably rough drop off a sloped box on to which I had hopped on to. Occasionally if I press the button the red ring lights will come on for around 20 seconds (but the NB does not function), after which the lights go off again. The only way I can get the NB to turn on is by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting the battery. On reconnecting the battery, the NB turns itself on and functions normally. Once on, the on/off red button appears to turn off the NB normally but, on further investigation the control board still has power as a blue light is still on and there is a red light flashing (although the self balancing has been turned off). I have performed a basic inspection of the connections (and condition of the wires) between the battery and control board, the on/off switch and control board and the control board and motor. I have swapped the battery (both are charged) and get the same issue. I assume the on/off button is some kind of momentary switch? I will do some in depth investigation this weekend but wondered if anyone had any ideas?
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