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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have really been enjoying my new 18xl. I was wondering if you guys have any tips pointers or advice on how one should fall off properly if the time ever occurs. Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  2. I came off the other day ( yeah, what's new, right?!) but it got me thinking. Here's what I wrote in another post: the other day I was about to cross from one smooth surface to another, on the same level. No biggie right? Wrong. You see there were women ( why did it have to be women?) walking on the other smooth surface, so I had to cross further down, behind them near where these parallel surfaces ended, and not in my usual spot, somewhere nearer the middle. at about 15kmh, what I didn't notice was that these two level surfaces WERN'T level near the ends, only around the middle. Well you can all write the next bit yourselves, can't you! At 15kmh the wheel hit a 4cm edge and stopped long enough for me to start my low level flight. I did manage to run it off, despite being old and out of shape. The women, who had just passed through, were not impressed, but I got no sympathy either, boo hoo. ? Maybe I should have hit the dirt hard, instead. At lower speeds I might have made that unseen edge with a huge wobble and a lot of flapping, but at 15kmh I was a runner before I even knew it ??... End quote here's Lassies standing over the true, level surfaces in an area I have crossed several times before: now, here's Lassie at the not so level part: notice leash 3.0, and in the background is the beach where I found it. i was crossing from blue to grey at about a 45deg. angle more or less in line with this photo. this is where I ran off my dismount: See that sandy patch, with the tree and boulders? That's where I finally stopped. if that had been a cliff, or a wall, or a parked car, or a mother pushing a stroller with babies in it, if, if, if... we often ride in a straight line, down a sidewalk or a bike lane, etc, so the next 2 seconds of our journey is like the last two seconds..I.e. Straight in front, no drama. But if we weave, or slalom, or are changing direction; even on an arrow straight path, the next two seconds changes every, eh.. two seconds, or so. So now, if we come off, (and coming off is ALWAYS an option) where will our momentum take us? Out into a busy street?over a cliff?into a wall? Into a tree and or boulders? in this example, I was lucky; my run off path was mostly clear. But if that tree or the Boulders were 1m this way, I would have had a vertical face plant, or banged up wrists or both, like the bike rider with a front wheel for a nose ( see recent post) when I was learning to fly ( real aircraft) and when I flew paramotors, being aware of the terrain, and knowing where to do an emergency landing (at any given moment) was part of the drill; and staying out of situations that afforded no safe "out" too. I suggest, that we adopt (if you have not, already) this, "where will (my face) land if I come off right now" mentality. I'm not saying to wheel in fear, just to build it into your routine, behind the scenes, thought process.
  3. How much damage have you done to your EUC? Even if you don't do tricks like me or ride off road, even the best of us fall and subsequently do a little beating up on our wheels. Well....I don't know if anyone wondered what happens to my wheel after doing what I do. Well here's a couple pics folks. EUC Street Pedal Grind before and after. Here's some pics. There's a video rundown on it's way for the almost indestructible KS14D. Wheel aside....I was really damn proud of getting the before and after pics into the same perspective.
  4. Dear EUC Pioneers, Nothing spoils the joy of EUC riding more than a painful accident. For pure luck, I was spared any serious injuries so far, but when I'm honest to myself, that's way more due to luck than skill. Any fall at higher speed and I am way out of my league to cope with that. Most likely, I end up flat on my face, ruining arms and knees on the way down. Inside our Berlin riding group, we got such a wake up call lately, when one of the members shattered his forearm just days after receiving his shiny new high performance wheel. That got us thinking. As we don't know about any established EUC safety training, we attempt to invent our own. Here you will find a first concept along with the friendly request to contribute your ideas and feedback. Of course all of you are more than welcome to copy, use and improve all or part of it - it's positively Public Domain! Status: First Draft, June 4, 2017 by Tilmann Exercises Mounting / Starting: Training Goal: Mount and start from flat ground without assistance without leaving a narrow track (approx. 1 foot wide) Activity: Mark a narrow track on the ground with tape and start trying... Training Goal: Max. accellaration w/o ‘overlean’, i.e. achieve the fastest possible acceleration without overstressing the wheels power. Activity: Force an ‘overlean’ at safe speed and ‘run-off’ (should not be difficult with a weak 350W motor). Repeat the exercise to find the best leaning angle that just works. Braking: Training Goal: Break to a stop in minimum distance (from a straight path). Activity: At very low riding speed, lean back violently to force a motor cut-out. Repeat the exercise to find the angle with best braking action. Training Goal: Break to a stop in minimum distance (from a turn). Activity: No idea, we just have to try... Riding / Stabilizing: Training Goal: Master uneven ground (tree roots, potholes, street curbs, speed bumpers, etc.). Activity: depends on what the respective playground has to offer. Ideally, include some round rods that roll away when you ride over them. Training Goal: Circumvent static obstacles (like the ever so popular bicycle barriers). Include ducking under higher obstacles like branches and gates (“ewheel limbo”). Activity: Various obstacles will be simulated with tape. Supporters to hold the tape in mid air for the ducking exercises. Training Goal: Master dynamic obstacles (something/somebody surprisingly runs in your path). Activity: A wider track (approx. 3 feet) is marked on the gound. While the trainee rides on the track at safe speed, a supporter on the ground is challenged to get the rider off the wheel by throwing a soft inflatable ball from a distance at the rider or in his way. Training Goal: Master inclines and down hill. Activity: Using the weak 350W training wheel, we excercise riding up and down the steepest incline we can find. Ideally, the incline is steep enough to overstress the wheel to cut-out at safe speed. The training ground needs to provide a safe “landing zone” for the rider and the wheel as provoked dismounts on the incline are part of the training. Training Goal: Change foot position while riding. Activity: Train to ride with just one foot on the pedal. Begin with placing the strong leg on the wheel and use the weaker leg for “skateboarding” the wheel in a straight line. Exercise, until you master several feet riding on one leg without touching the ground with the other. Gradually increase difficulty with switching legs, increasing distance and speed and including turns. Once you can lift a foot while riding, changing foot position on the pedal is a piece of cake. Variation: Include exercises to sit down on the wheel and stand up again while riding. This will also build up balancing and stability. Check training effect by mounting and starting with choosing a wrong foot position on purpose, then correct it when in motion. Training Goal: Minimum speed riding. Activity: Mark a narrow track on the ground with tape. Mark a start and a finish line. Train to ride the track as slow as possible without leaving the track, putting a foot down or reversing. Have a supporter take the actual riding time. Training Goal: Look behind while riding. Activity: Mark like 3 cardboards with letter easily readable from a distance. Mark a narrow track on the ground with tape. After the rider passed a supporter on the side, the helper holds up a card board and calls the rider. The trainee then tries to look backwards and call out the respective letter without driving off track in the process. Gradually increase the difficulty by moving the supporter closer to the track until he is placed straight behind the driver. Also gradually increase riding speed. Training Goal: Pass others on a narrow track. Activity: We mark a narrow track on the ground with tape (approx. 2 feet wide). Two trainees try passing each other either by overtaking or by riding the track in opposite direction without crossing the track borders. Training Goal: Master wind gusts. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to produce strong enough wind gusts without a helluva effort or random help from mother nature. EDIT: Added after suggestion from @Dingfelder: Training Goal: Improve balance and confidence when turning. Activity: Set up a slalom course using little traffic cones (cheap from amazon, ebay, etc.). Master such training courses with gradually increased difficulty and speed. EDIT: Added after suggestion from @Mono: Training Goal: Understand the importance to always ride with "soft knees" to be prepared for the unforeseen. Activity: Very, very cautious and slow ride over a prepared obstacle with completely straight legs ("locked knees"). Start with really small obstacles as the risk of injury is high. Stop the exercise when you got an impression, how fast balance is lost when riding with locked knees.
  5. Is there a way to keep this topic uncluttered? I think the forum should come up with some essential topics with minimal content that is considered essential. For example: -Protective Gear. -Learning to ride. -Learning to Fall. https://youtu.be/tUJwUUAiT4o https://youtu.be/gV2xiTodph8 -How to prevent cut-outs.
  6. Hello my name is Samuel. I just got my first electric unicycle for Christmas and it was amazing. It came with the training wheels already on, so I eventually took it outside to ride it. I would get on the unicycle and lean forward, soon reaching max speed. The unicycle would gradually slow me back down to prevent from going too fast. It worked fine. However, and this is where I am a bit confused, when I took the training wheels off.. I would get on and begin to lean forward in order to increase my speed. Then BAM! The machine would just stop and I would almost fly into the pavement. I can go about 2 mph but as soon as I begin leaning forward and try to go faster it throws me off. It is VERY annoying. I took a slo-mo video and tried to figure it out. However I didn't see any part of the unicycle hitting the ground. It really has been scaring me because I only go about 2-3 mph... and when I try to go faster it suddenly stops and throws me off. Could it be something to do with the angle? Am I riding it wrong? I put the training wheels back on and went full speed no problem...
  7. There's been lots of discussion on injuries and wearing protection, especially as of late. Maybe it's BMS failure, maybe the wheel caught a rock, but it seems that faceplants are inevitable. Please add to the vote! Perhaps this could people decide on a riding speed they're comfortable with, and how much protection to wear. There's no right or wrong answer -- except the honest truth! (Your answers are anonymous.) Thanks for your help! Speaking of bailing off EUCs at high speed, on this thread, @csmyers caught his highly-skilled high speed bailout roll on video, @Gimlet suggests riding with your knees bent to run off at high speeds, @Jurgen and @lizardmech give nice pointers on martial arts rolls to bail at high speeds. It's an interesting read even if you're not skilled enough to attempt rolls at high speeds, I'd recommend it.
  8. I'm a newbie that only started trying to ride a exactly a week ago. Since I'm chronologically gifted (old if you aren't being politically correct) I'm 59 and though I am not broken down I want to make sure I don't hurt myself seriously before I can get in the groove. Things have been going fairly well. First day was on the support/training wheels for about 40 minutes the first day. Got over that took them off and went to a garage at work and used the available wall. I practiced like that for about 20 -25 minutes Till last Sunday when I began to realize my tires might need some air in them. They were almost flat. I wanted to fill them but since I have a TG-T3 I found out that this would not be an easy thing. I'd known about the difficulty even before I got my cycle arrived so I ordered a TG-T3 air pump from Geek Buying the same week I ordered the TG-T3. Geek Buying mailed it to me on Aug 7th but it still hasn't arrived. I went one day without practicing. The next day I tried to fill it with a regular pump. It just wasn't going to work. Then it occurred to me that I would have to open the Cycle up to get a decent angle on the air plug. This was a major thing for me. I'm the type of guy that would prefer for things to be perfect straight out the box. If I have to mess with something I would rather return it for a new one or pay someone to fix it. Yet, I could see, from all the things I've seen online and especially on this forum, that having one of these devices will entail working on it. So I got my screwdriver and hex wrenches and opened it up. I used a Lezyne Pressure Drive (a hand pump) I'd bought on Amazon. I learned the Lezyne here on Electric cycle forum and it worked perfectly. With the tire filled I headed back to the garage. I headed back to the wall and back up on the horse. I inched along. If it can be said that a person could get rusty by missing a few days then that was me. I don't know if I was scared or something but I knew I wasn't going to be there long. I decided to try to see if I could get going away from the wall at all. I cast off went a foot or 2 wobbled and stepped off. I did it again and this time I went faster - which really wasn't fast but all things are relative - this time after I went a few feet I leaned forward to pick up speed. I did then I guess I wanted to slow down and leaned back or something and the wheel went forward I went back and hit the concrete floor. I was glad I was wearing a helmet and my elbow pads. I banged up my right wrist when I hit the ground. The cycle was beeping and the buckle locking thingy had broken on the strap. I could feel a little pain in my wrist but I knew I was okay because I was laughing and now I knew I was going to stay a little longer. I got back up and went to the wall again but this time I had no strap to hold on too. I had seen a video by the guy from Speedy Feet where he shows you how to ride the 9bot and on it he was pretty much anti-wall and all about having to find the balance without help but said to use the wall to get up but once moving try using your arms out to help balance you. I did that and I started going 5 feet then 7 feet. Always falling off after a short distance but I never hit the ground. I just would stumble off and let the wheel skid off. I repeated this many time in the next 15 to 20 minutes so much so that the security guy came out to see if I even worked there. I must have looked like some kid that snuck onto the premises. He recognized me and watched me repeat my ritual over and over. Me laughing each time I ended the same way. I was having a ball. There were moments when I would start off and I would have a feeling in my brain that said, "This is it," or "This is the feeling" then ultimately I would start to turn - mostly to the right and not be able to bring myself back to straight. Once I managed to do that little shimmy back to the left that I've seen suggested to keep from falling but I couldn't shimmy back to the right or back to straight. It felt like there were some muscles I had to build up or something. Then once I was falling to the right and i just went with it and kept turning but eventually lost balance doing that too. I finally stopped. I was sweating like a pig, my wrist was throbbing and I needed some water but I was smiling from ear to ear. I know that I didn't go very far at all and I really felt like a toddler taking my first few steps but I know in my mind I was soaring at points. I only hope I can get back at it tomorrow. Hello everybody, Wanted to update this. It has been almost exactly a month since I wrote that I felt like a Toddler. I believe this was posted on August 21st and It is Sept 20th. I have made significant progress. But not without some pain. I must really love this sport/hobby thing because I know I would have given up long ago. I want to thank everyone that gave advice here and really everywhere I looked on this forum. I literally followed every bit of advice I consumed here. I got so much help here that it made learning much easier. I mean that sincerely. Knowing that most people just didn't hop on their device and zoom away made me feel I was not alone. In December I will be 59 and a half made to me felt like I was becoming elderly and might be going through a second childhood or something then to find out that a great number of my contemporaries were doing the same thing made me realize I was born at the correct time. I can tell you for a fact that neither my mother or father would have even thought about climbing on a bike at my age much less these unicycles. Now I get around very well on it. I work at night and it is also when I do my riding. I find wide open spaces. My favorite when I'm at work is the open parking lot and covered garage. I use the Garage to weave in and out of the parking columns once I learned how to ride steadily at a slow speed. When I'm home I head out to a local Target Shopping center parking lot at like 2 in the morning and zip around it till I get my fill. I always think the cops will show up and chase me away or arrest me for trespassing or something but it hasn't happened. (I'm a black man and in America that can be considered hazardous... but if I got to go what better way). Anyway, there are people that work there at that hour, cleaning or restocking I guess, and recently they come out an watch me. It made me nervous at first but not anymore. I think they are amazed and like it. The things you learn about your balance makes you know more about your body. I studied Tai chi for a long time and in many respects it is just like that. I don't go backwards yet - don't know that I need that but would like to be able to stop and back up a few feet as a maneuver. It might come in handy. Still can never be sure that when I get the second foot up on the pedal (which would be my right foot) that it is in the right place. I can not lift it and move it so I do all kinds of shimmying to slide it into a comfortable place. Hope that consistently perfect mount will come soon. Any too much said. Just wanted to say thanks to all you. I love what you all do here. To anyone new here that might be reading this I want you to know that I can barely ride a bike, I don't skate and would never get on a motorcycle. Something about this and the futuristic feel of it got to me. If you feel that way too then know that I am 100% sure you can do it. It ain't easy... but if I can do it you certainly can. I am in the ninebot nation now which I think sped up my results.
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