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Found 2 results

  1. Yeesh... First off, i hope this is in the right area. I apologize if not! So i just got my KS-16s the other day. I tried it for the first time yesterday and was able to ride a good 20 metres without falling. I was pretty proud of myself, even though the tire pressure was super low. I posted a video of me riding on social media, and my younger brother, who is like a wizz, saw it and was like "I'm coming over!". I'm like, "oh no...." Fast forward... we're in the school playground..area thing..its all slanted and sloped and terrible and he hops on. I can already tell hes found his center of balance within 30 seconds. "Oh no.....". I try to quicken my pace to keep up with him... I fall off the wheel a few times an it smashes into the inside of my legs....welp, there goes my stamina. (This actually did kill me though because by the end, i couldn't even ride a foot without stepping off when it rubbed against the bruise. My legs are gonna need to get used to this/conditioning. Fast forward again. The wheels tilting a little bit much and i cant climb at all, my brother suggests we put air in the wheel. At this point, he can ride smoothly, by the way. At the 20 minute mark. I'm still weight shifting like crazy and losing my mind. So we head back home and connect the pump. Tell me why the pressure is 7 psi, lol... How? LOL. Anyways, we pump it up to 40 psi and head back out. My brother is now riding at max speed and looping the school getting "Please reduce your speed, you absolute Muppet" messages from the wheel. (I may have added the Muppet part). I cant even stand on the wheel, as the newfound firmness makes me fly all over the place, and my legs are sore so its hard to even get on it. My mind is all over the place, i'm overthinking and feeling intimidated by the wheel. Also this gloom falls over me. "What if i never learn this thing? How is this ever going to feel normal? I just don't get it...". This is where we've left off. I'm tired, bruised both my legs and my ego. I'm honestly feeling pretty defeated, but then, its only day 2. I guess just having someone show up, and outdo you in seconds makes you feel like you're behind the curve, and that small voice in your mind that tells you "This is impossible" becomes a shout. So i'm curious. Did any of you guys feel like this right at the beginning? And if so, how did you get past that feeling? And were you a quick learner or slower? I'd love to hear some other experiences to maybe cheer up LOL Thanks for reading~
  2. Be gentle... Please forgive the following.. Lack of suitable protection, i have now bought some Flexmeters and a meter roll of bandages. The potato quality video, my phone is boss as at video, but the free online editor i used spits out crap. The constant shots of my ass (you love it though). The peeing dog. I have nothing else to say here. The lack of any talent what-so-ever. I promise the following going forward.. Nothing. (Whoops, this isn't my wedding vows..) I will try again, and again. and then take a break if i still don't get it. Then i will try some more. More really bad jokes and awkward talking to the camera. Cheers yall.
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