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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a believer that a backpack battery is an attractive solution to "more range," because you can: Keep the wheel you have (save money vs buying a new 2500wh+ wheel) Keep the wheel light (easier to lift; ride & handling differences) Use the backpack only when you need it (option to ride wheel-only, or extra-range, depending on your mood) This is especially relevant with the emergence of the small-battery suspension wheels (S18, V11). If you want a 40+ mile all terrain ride without charging stops, an auxiliary battery is needed. If you're already doing it, please reply with a summary of your setup! (Do you like it? Pros and cons? What pack is it? How do you connect it? How do you recharge it?) Some clarifications on methods: Parallel connection: ("Vamp-and-ride" is the futuremotion jargon...) Using an auxiliary pack that has the same system voltage as the wheel. The external pack voltage (state of charge) must match the wheel voltage, before connecting the external pack. Failure to match voltage properly will damage the packs or blow fuses. A high-current input connector must be added to the EUC. (Typically the charging port is not sufficient.) The external pack must remain connected to the EUC for the entire ride, and will deplete at the same rate as the battery in the EUC. Charge-and-ride: Using an auxiliary pack that has a current-limited output voltage, the same as the output from an AC charger. The auxiliary battery pack can be of any voltage, but needs extra electronics to produce the current-limited output voltage that is correct for the EUC. The original charging port of the EUC can be used. (Relocated and break-away-style connectors are sometimes added.) The auxiliary pack can be removed and reconnected at any time, including during a ride. The auxiliary pack will typically be depleted before the battery in the EUC - an additional auxiliary pack could be swapped in at any time to extend range even further. The KS-Power is a charge-and-ride system, for example.
  2. Hi, everyone ! I have a KingSong 14C for 3 years. The battery is getting worse and worse. Right now I am thinking about adding an external battery to switch over. That is , once the internal battery is exhausted, I will flip a switch and the external battery will take over. The ones inside are both 67.2v Lithium Ion, but I am really not happy with the degradation and potential hazard of burning. So I am looking at LiFePo4 batteries, which are supposed to be better. No memory effect, no fire hazard, can recharge over 2000 times... So I found one seems to be good as a replacement for my 60v batteries: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33029347856.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.2.27827841YMgDw4 The size is not an issue, since I will put it on top of the EUC. The voltage is similar. I will make sure it will be charged only up to 67v, instead of 73v. Now the only thing I am not sure is that the battery has a maximum discharge of 150AMP ! This is way over the regular EUC's motor. My question is, since the battery's discharging current is much higher, will it damage the control board or the motor? Or the board has circuit to prevent excessive power from the battery? Thank you very much for any of your insight !!
  3. FIRST SOLUTION : AN EXTERNAL DIY BATTERY Today I thought I would do a small external battery for my 9Bmini. I had already bought a small pouch (for bike) in this regard, I still have a good stock of cells (NCR18650B 3400mAh), a compact BMS with wires and all consumables. So no excuse not to put it. And here's the result : Here the challenge is to be able to put 15 cells (for just a 190Wh) following the format of the cover (yeah otherwise there is no point) So there are two sets of six cells glued offset (to make it more rigid) and at the end, there are 3 cells (glued in triangle shape, for the same reasons) The packaging is not very nice either regular because I have recycled old packaging already used. I make a hole (with a soldering iron) to bring out the power plug, the charging socket, it is accessible from the top of the zip. The goal is to have easy access to the charging socket, without having to remove the battery or remove the cover (even if it's quick and easy). Once this little world inside the pouch closes perfectly. And may the soldering iron is hot, I make a GX12 -4P to LEMO adapter in order to use this external battery or on the mini or the 9B1. The battery creates a slight imbalance toward the back but nothing too bad. The cover fits perfectly on the mini, without causing any problem. And finally, without this being the initial target, this package also attaches very easily on the wrist of the 9B1 (though aesthetically it's less that).
  4. 144 Prismatic 103450 Lithium ion 1800mah cells in 6S24P packaging. 3D printed battery cases. Constant Voltage/Constant Current Boost converter to convert 6S to 15S voltage. Connects output to Mini charging port when riding. 90/65-6.5 All terrain tires. Handlebar, drink bottle holder and 6S to 4 x 5V USB converter.
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