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Found 4 results

  1. I've owned H5102, C-186, and K262. For street use, I like H5102's behavior, but I'm nervous with it around broken glass because the tread seems very thin. C-186 is actually more carefree on the street for me, since the thick tread seems so robust to damage (but carving is very different). I've ridden C-1488 and generally like it, but it wears out very fast. Other possibilities below- has anyone tried these? Thx __ Kenda K340, 2.75-14 35P: CST CM610 2.75-14 35P or 49P (not available in USA) : CST C6004 2.75-14 41P (thx @fbhb) : Kenda K272 2.75-14 35P (not available in USA) : CST C137 2.75-14 41P : @EMA likes it CST C113 2.75-14 35P : (fits nicely) ContiScoot 80/90B14 46P (tubeless): (left, vs 1488 right) Michelin Pilot Street 80/100B14 49L (tube; discontinued?) or 80/90 46P (tubeless) or 70/90 40P (tubeless) : Michelin Pilot Street 2 80/90-14 46S (tubeless) Michelin City Pro (not available in USA?) 80/90 14 46P - too wide for MSX/MSP . OK for RS and heavier EUCs. 70/90-14 40P - ez fit Michelin City Extra 80/90-14 46P (tubeless) - fits S22 rim nicely IRC NR77 80/90B14 40P (fits MSX/MSP but only if your shell is centered) 70/90B14 34P (more clearance) Avon AM63 Viper Stryke 80/90B14 40S : Bridgestone 80/90 -14 40P BATTLAX SC (tubeless) (thx @Steve Jo) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) (thx @XaBi) Eakia / Jiluer J-1836 18x3.0 : Jiluer 820 (J-820) 2.75-14 (tubeless) Kingsong S22 OEM tire ChaoYang H587 18x3.0 : ChaoYang H-666, 18x3.0 ewheels has stock again (May 2022) Poor fit on 60mm wide Sherman rims. CST C-1593 18x3.0 : (unknown) P218 2.75-14 35P : Shinko SR567 80/90-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR898 80/80-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR877 80/90-14 40P (tubeless) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) @houseofjob also had a lovely reply to the Sherman thread:
  2. cooling mod recap for those who want a cool running wheel with no issue in the summer: will drop about 15°C in temperature my suggestion is swap original fan and use two less noisy fans (you have redundancy too) 12v for example : https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B07L3D5Q4T/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3d stl files can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zernjdwgt54s0zr/AAD0JmlGVQwuyvXsWGkwwWBZa?dl=0 (you can drew some holes as you want too) EX or EXN c38 do not really need this but why not... ( they run like 10°C less than speed motors for reference ) some data with EXN HS: outside temperature was around 34°C, reached 55 climbing at the beginning (monster3 no-mod 72°C, EX mod 48°C) later when outside goes below 30°C you can see the wheel running 45-46°C when the fan kick in : https://euc.world/tour/610422619214128 hard riding - outside 20°C - wheel 46°C : https://euc.world/tour/610306298489215 50kmh all the time - outside 25°C - wheel 46°C : https://euc.world/tour/609824244847070 this mod on EXN c38 : https://euc.world/tour/608321752611183 - https://euc.world/tour/608225713563093 ------ will work on the Commander and Monster3 ...
  3. This was recently posted in the Gotway Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860 Model name :Gotway EX Motor:3500W Battery :2700Wh Suspension Speed: 70 km/hr Tire size: 20 inch Here is the link to the video. https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860/permalink/612687079425713/
  4. 2021....that's what we'll get : EX shell with 2700wh RS c30 speed motor but rated 2800W 104km/h - 65mph free spin 33kg - 72lb kenda k340 tire
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