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Found 1 result

  1. Black day for EUCs in Germany Last week, the Bundesrat (German Federal Council) put forward an amendment to the recent e-mobility directive of the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) requesting to drop special regulations that would exempt (and thereby legalize) EUCs in the new directive. This new motion essentially implies that all PLEV vehicles without steering wheel/handlebars won't get insurance and will (continue to) be forbidden on German public grounds since EUCs by default they are considered standard motorized automobile vehicles like your BMW or Mercedes which German legislators' intellectual horizon naturally requires to have a proper steering wheel/handlebar. Otherwise automobile vehicles surely cannot be considered safe (or at least safe enough to kill hundreds of people every year). So, from now on every cop from will just have to look for a handlebar in order to assess a vehicle's legal status in Germany which means that EUCs and e-skateboards will be even more easily identified and hunted down. Here is the relevant passage (in German): "Der Bundesrat stellt fest, dass die 2018 veröffentlichte Untersuchung der Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen zu Elektrokleinstfahrzeugen die Empfehlung enthält, nur Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge mit Haltegriff beziehungsweise Lenker für den öffentlichen Straßenverkehr zuzulassen, um ein Mindestniveau für die Sicherheit herzustellen. Die Überlegungen der Bundesregierung, Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge ohne Lenk- oder Haltestange über eine Ausnahmeverordnung im öffentlichen Straßenraum für mindestens zwei bis drei Jahre zu testen, werden vom Bundesrat daher abgelehnt." This literally spells the end of EUCs in Germany for at least another decade. Yesterday at a small e-mobility fair in Lower Saxony I talked to some bureaucrats about this. The only sense I could make from their statements is that while keeping the public in the dark German politicians so heavily depend on the automobile industry and its jobs that they actively and effectively discourage impede any alternative e-mobility strategies that would only even remotely appear to divert the smallest funds away from the automobile industry. ... and all this with Dieselgate still unfolding - WTF
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