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Found 2 results

  1. Is anybody in the UK concerned about these two recent serious E-scooter incidents and the potential repercussions for EUC riders?
  2. I was reading in another topic when I saw statements about the "ONEWHEEL" seeming to be slow. They go about 19-20 mph with the newest one being a little faster if you don't mine risking a face plant. The best selling "Boosted Board" eskateboard goes 22 mph. Most of the other players go 20 to ~ 26 mph. A few custom types do 30+. Escooters typically are in the 15-18 mph range with more powerful models capable of doing ~ 28 mph. The top models are in the 35 - 40 mph range. Electric bikes are mostly in the 20 - 25 mph range - throttle only. Gotway has pretty much made the EUC the dominate force on the bike-ways and roads. (If one chooses to use the speed). Other than the electric assisted recumbent featured in one of Marty's video he appears to be king of the road. Very few people don't want the availability of speed, even if they never use it. Speed is seductive, potentially addictive, and often abused. I am older than dirt, so when I got my Ninebot E+ on a super close-out deal around Xmas time, the maximum 13 mph speed was just fine. During the early learning process I didn't know it but it was limited to 6 mph. I never experienced a warning or tilt-back .. because I thought 5 mph was scary fast. Once it started to "click" I got my first tilt-back, read the manual and set the app (I had the require KM) for maximum speed. Now I ride with tilt-back occurring quite frequently, such that I handle it quickly and with little stress. I want more speed. Jason (Ewheels) has on his site that the sweet spot for the average user is 16 -18 mph. I believe this to be true and would like to cruise in that range. Gotway's range, not speed, is probably ultimately why its wheels stay in demand even with build and QA issues from time-to-time. If my E+ had twice the range I would live with it .. at least for another year or so. I , like most on this forum, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the wheels from INmotion, King Song and Ninebot. I am, however, not looking forward to their ~$1500 price tags. There is nothing out there for me at a reasonable price. The V8 has insufficient range for my 240 lbs weight, the King Song 14s is to small a wheel for my skills and riding terrain. Only the Ninebot Z line offers me hope. I can live with the Z6 and with the Z8 for sure. What will they cost and how will they and the 4 inch tire perform? We shall see. By-the-way I am at a stage where I am starting to think about riding backwards .. Oh brother! That sound you hear in the background is cluck, cluck .. cluck.
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