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Found 24 results

  1. Now that there is an e-scooter section on this forum, we need to differentiate between 'portable' and 'not-so-portable' varieties. Electric Vespa's and similar type scooters are on the way. (Europe already has several options and the U.S. has a couple as well.) High performance e-scooters that weigh over 50lb/22kg are in a grey area, but I'd like to make a clear distinction between 'e-scooters that take us places' and 'e-scooters that we can take with us'... (Let's focus on the latter here.)
  2. From BBC new report. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130714-hole-new-design-for-scooters
  3. Selling my Kingsong electric unicycle. Top speed 22-24mph 60 mile travel range (840w upgraded battery pack) Bluetooth Led front/rear lights Upgraded pedals Email Brian at: dynastreetbob5150f@yahoo.com $650 obo
  4. Hi All, Just signed up on the forum. I started riding an airwheel a few months ago and am on an ips121 now. I have some video riding with some locals in Miami Beach..
  5. I dont really have any desire to ride electric skateboards, especially after discovering EUCs (the less wheels the better IMO). However, this thing looks awesome! I've never seen this design. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees so you really look like you're snowboarding on asphalt. Price doesn't seem too bad to me. Thoughts? http://www.leiftech.com/product/leif
  6. Hey guys, To introduce ourselves we are Ageratos Technologies, an online store for popular electric unicycles based in Australia. We are excited to share our passion with other EUC riders out there! Please visit and like us on our facebook page and website https://www.facebook.com/AgeratosTechnologies/ http://ageratos.bigcartel.com/ Or Follow us on instagram! https://instagram.com/ageratostech Cheers Clint Ageratos Technologies ageratos@outlook.com
  7. Hello this is Samuel again. Some of you may have seen my other post. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some legit websites to buy electric unicycles from, or where you purchased yours. I am looking at the ninebot brands as they seem to be popular.
  8. I'm an early subscriber to Casey Neistat, started watching him years ago when he just started the vlog, didn't had 30 eps on it and watched everything.. anyways.. There where a lot of Celebrities the last couple of years riding mostly hoverboards and i was caught in that trend from summer of 2014. Nowdays celebrities stopped using them but still there are some like Casey who daily commutes with one. He always rides something from a car to a vespa to a hoverboard and lately loves his boosterboard which he owns more than 3 if i recollect. Recently he got the v2 of the main model. About 8 hours before this thread he posted another vlog, like he does everyday, which he crashlanded while riding his boosterboard, video at the end of the post. He says that he was going about 2-3mph and he stomped on a piece of concrete that was a bit displaced like a hole in the ground which seams, he damaged his arm and hand, probably hit a bit hard from what it seams. The camera had a broken lens motor and cap, also latest Samsung Note 7 was smashed and his rolex watch. From what i can understand he may have been on his phone at the time, anyways.. This thread has many sub meanings, one is that celebrities tend to create trends like the electric vehicle movement, we wouldn't know if they didn't use it on youtube videos, next is the safety of a ride, don't get to much acquainted with your equipment like phones cameras etc or you'll just miss something and get from offbalance to smashing your face on the ground or worse. And last the trend of the hoverboards, governments banning the hell out of them, new pre-emptive regulations that may group even our unicycles and such. I think that there is a need of some proper rules and guidelines for our electric-sport.. and maybe it's time to start building that list. What's your opinion? Next video of Casey, spoilers he doesn't film the fall that's why i think he was on his phone when it happen..
  9. If is interested for the spanish people ---> http://monocicloelectrico.net See you in forum! Thank you Wheelers!
  10. Hey guys, I already posted these in the private sales, but this topic has nothing to do with sales. I just want your honest opinion. Take a look at the below pics and let me know what you think of these models. Would you like these more than the current unicycles? Do you have any questions in particular? Would you be interested in one? Anything you can think of, please ask away. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, i really want to buy electric unicycle on bestshop-usa.com and i think about AirWheel Q5. What do you guys think? Should i buy it? Does anybody have experience with this model?
  12. Im looking into purchasing my first wheel i've narrow it down to the kingsong or one of these 2 IPS, is this site the resellers of IPS? if not , where can i purchase the IPS zero? my daily use of the wheel would probably only consist of getting around on campus and a very small amount of side walks. http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-i130-30km-h-130wh-electric-unicycle.html http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-zero-14-inch-30km-h-260wh-electric-unicycle.html thanks
  13. I noticed some of you talking about taking your unicycles off-road. Those wheels might be too small but these babies shouldn't be a problem. The concept is the same but the manufacturer added some features that might make this the next best thing. Increased power, more mileage and more speed. And just like their small counterparts, no licence required. Prices are a bit steeper but they are worth it. If you guys want to check them out, especially the full specs, you can go on the website: http://www.ezee-ryders.com (keep in mind prices are Canadian). Otherwise, they are already for sale on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/ezee-ryders Let me know your opinions and if you have any questions, email us at ezee.ryders@gmail.com
  14. I'm looking to purchase a KS 18 with 800w power and with either 680wh or 820wh whichever one has a better price. It's been hard to locate sellers to who sells these since they arent as popular as the Ninebot One E+ Model. I need a seller that can ship to North America preferably Canada but if not the US is fine as well. Does anyone have any trusty sellers that they would like to suggest me getting from? Thanks!
  15. Here's how I protected my hoverboard/swegway. You should do it to any of your electric vehicle that get scratches quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Hbb53mBGiQ
  16. Click link below, and select USA Warehouse. Red and White are $177.99. Add to cart, and use coupon code US1967 for $40 discount. Total is $137.99 to your door in 2-4 days in the continental US! Note: Black, Yellow, and Blue are only $11 more ($148.99) Link HERE
  17. So my legway needed repair as it wasn't starting So i ordered a new controller from aliexpress Connected it and was excited but no Legway is not starting I tried calibrating by shorting the two points It only beeps And then a never ending long beep I noticed one thing when connect the 3 phase wires with transparent green caps The motor doesnt rotate freely with or without battery When i remove that the rotor moves freely manually The beep never ends Also two days back sane connections legway had stabilized but didnt move when tilted and stopped again immediately and since then only beeps This is the video showing problem https://youtu.be/NG95tXu8BFc P.S This isn't the original legway motherboard.i dont even know the hall wires connections But one good electronics person told me the red and black are proper And i did try combinations for other 3 Pls help PLS SEE THE VIDEO AND HELP ASAP
  18. SEGBOARD in the SNOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muRfuxel_TA
  19. So on the 4th day from receiving my Lhotz, I managed to score 100KM worth of riding distance! The app no longer had the 30KM/hr option greyed out and locked. Shit was getting real. Needless to say, I immediately put this baby on a full charge and took her for that 30KM/hr test that Ive been waiting for. First of all - is it just me, or does 18KM/hr and 20KM/hr feel VERY different? It is good to note that the first beep doesn't really come into effect until roughly beyond 22-23 KM/hr, which is already a fairly fast yet comfortable speed to ride at. Either way, I found that the beeping is no where near as loud and annoying as the one on my Gotway, but it's still definitely noticeable and serves as a caution nonetheless. The beeping becomes more rapid as you hit 25KM/hr, and becomes continuous at 27KM/hr with the beginning of the tilt-back function. To be honest, I haven't ever taken a wheel beyond this speed, so I can't yet comment on how the tilt-back feels on the Lhotz at past 27KM/hr. I don't wear protective gear and instinct forces me to stay at or below 25KM/hr. I don't think i'll ever convince myself to perform a maximum speed test. I like to think of myself as a very safe rider who enjoys a bit of (comfortable) speeding every now and then. The power of the Lhotz is remarkable. I can easily accelerate to 25KM/hr (and beyond if I wanted to) uphill. The battery seems to drain at the same rate per kilometre at higher speeds as before. There are; however, some definite negatives regarding the Lhotz that Ive come to realise after unlocking the higher speed. - I originally stated that the Lhotz feels 'hard', comparable to Madden mode on the Gotway. I have since changed my opinion on this; the Lhotz is definitely on the softer side. This leads to my next issue... - A 'soft' wheel doesn't brake as well as a 'hard' wheel! At high speed, the Lhotz doesn't stop nearly as quickly as the Gotway MCM2s. Also, the fact that the pedals are tilted back slightly near 27KM/hr means that it almost feels dangerous to attempt rapid braking. I'm definitely no advocate of tilt-back, but this could change depending on how the KS 800W implements it. I'll be in possession of one in the very near future. - The stupid charging port rubber cover/cap thing still refuses to stay on! Arghhhh tongue emoticon Need to find a solution for this haha So there you have it. The Lhotz is an amazing wheel that has many advantages over competing models and brands, while still having some setbacks. I really hope that IPS can allow us to configure our own tiltback settings (including the option of removing it altogether). It's really an eyecatcher though, when you have those bright, red, spinning side-lights on as you coast down a city street in the dark. If I could suggest some improvements, they would be the following: - Higher battery capacity! This is a must! 680Wh or NOTHING for me from now on smile emoticon - Personal tilt-back/beeping configuration in the app - LED color selection (oh man... this would be the NUTS) - A stronger motor is never a bad thing (although this is probably asking for just a tad much considering how good it already is) - An easily attachable/removable trolley handle/device. - Fix your damn charging port covers!!! Thanks again for reading!
  20. So I got my legwaylegway (spreading the wings) 3days back I was riding it yesterday (third day of learning)at the park.I lifted it when it was on and so the wheels started spinning fast(thats normal) so to stop it i pressed the power button for 10sec It stopped and later didnt start I reached home kept it for charging andand the red light on charger indicating its charging started I thought battery had drained and also was scared whether i broke legway so i stopped charging in 15min and pressed power button All lights started for like 3sec and stopped Laterwhen i tried charging the red light on charger aint coming I guess charger is working because when i dont plug it in and start the red light on charger starts for half a second and goes off but as soon as i connect it to legway it doesnt light up even for half a second Pls help its just 3days and it stopped working it was working fine before stopping at park when i force stopped by pressing button for 10s (it had 20-50%) charging at that time Plsssss help
  21. Hi, i have had my IPS eui for about 1 month and yesterday it started blinking twice red and twice green while making a continuous sound. I thought it was empty for battery and charged it. After charging it again started to blink and make the noise. Any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Carl
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