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Found 3 results

  1. Any eskaters here? This thing is a lot of fun but won’t replace my wheel. Look at the wheels compared to my normal ones! Lol
  2. (Moderators Note:) Please note whilst the city e-bike is a real product with which we are not aware of any issues, this particular advertiser's commercial site has had all trading suspended and two members of this forum reported losing money. Introducing the New Electric Lifestyle city E-bike Scooter. New for 2016, the city E-bike is powered by an 800W, 60V 12Ah Twist and Go System that will propel any rider to speed up to 15mph. The city E-bike is easy to use and fun to ride. It’s a matter of getting on, twisting the throttle and GO! This lifestyle scooter means you can use it in every aspect of your daily life that requires some mode of transportation. The city E-bike can easily replace your car. Simply get on and avoid traffic all together. This city e-bike scooter was designed by our Engineers with the intention to help a wide range of people from students to business professionals travel in upwards of 50 miles per charge. This means the city E-bike can be ridden daily to most destinations that require a car. The beauty of this scooter is that you don’t pay for fuel, Tax, MOT, no insurance premiums, street legal and no license required !The city E-bike is not only functional, but it will be the best fun you’ve had in a long time. A unique feature the scooter has, self-balancing. Even though a kick stand comes equipped, you won’t really need it. The fat/wide tyres keep this scooter balanced all on it’s own.The ride is also something that you’ll love. Steering is kept at a minimum as you lean into your turns. But don’t worry, you can stop on a dime, all thanks to the powerful DYISLAND Hydraulic Disc Brakes.city E-bike is definitely a game changer in the electric bike/scooter world. With it’s power and distance capabilities, there is no other e-scooter out there like it. http://www.e-skate-boards.co.uk/city-e-bike-72-p.asp
  3. For most young people, their nearest goals when they entered the society must be the dignity and freedom. Unfortunately, they are not what people are born with. Fortunately, Fosjoas is here to teach the first lesson about dignity and freedom to young people. When a young man stepped out from the university with his diploma, he knew that the life in the future must be a totally different one. What will be the first days in his career? Indeed, the first days of this young man's career has started before he actually walked out the university with his diploma. He must search for job firstly if he didn't want to be left behind by his fellows. There were days when he had to visit different spots for interviews which located in different sections. After he actually started to work, this young man was always fed up with the traffic between his apartment and the office-both the buses and metro were far away from where he lived. Sometimes he might be late for the interview or meetings. The city traffic might be the first problem which may embarrass and restrict him in his life after graduation. Of course, private cars were not possible for such a young man who just started his way of pursuing his dreams. But he still wanted the freedom and dignity in the life. Fortunately, he found the Fosjoas K1 electric skateboards, which accompanied him through those days. What this young man needed are all in the K1 remote control skateboards-stability, speed and spectacular designs which solve the problems in city traffic. K1 electric skateboards have the body sizes of traditional skateboards. But Fosjoas refined the designs of traditional skateboards with its achievements in intelligence technologies and electricity power system. The K1 electric skateboard can bear the top burden capacity of 100kg with the speed of 18km/h. The extreme portability and performances of K1 help this young man go through all the distances between him and his dreams in the beginning days. And, as a skateboard, Fosjoas K1 offers this young man entertainment at the same time. This is a story about my first days after I left the university to the society-the days I seek my own ways in a complicated yet simple world.
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