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Found 4 results

  1. On July 4th at DuPont Circle, join the Glydiators on an exciting evening ride through the city. We will rendezvous at 7 pm and will saddle up no later than 8pm. We leave DuPont Circle and ride over to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the Ft Stanton Neighborhood SE DC where we watch the greatest fireworks show in the USA from a perch that offers one the best views in Washington. From there we cruise along the DC waterfront and over to DC Wharf. We then bang over to Georgetown to pour libation and enjoy the scenery, and Back to Dupont Circle. The entire trip is only 20 miles; eezy peezy. RSVP on Meetup. Check out this Meetup with Glydiators http://meetu.ps/e/GPfhv/DMZ1W/d
  2. On Sunday, June 30 @ 12 pm. Hop on the Grooveline and do the DC Dash with the Glydiators. The Grooveline glydes across +30 miles of Washington DC connecting with 22 Subway Stations and passing through 25 neighborhoods. Short and long range devices are welcome. Charge/rest stop at the 15 mile mark in the Shaw neighborhood at DC’s own Compass Coffee. The rest stop location is subject to change based on results of reconaissance and reliable intelligence. Join our Telegram chat: t.me/DMVGlydiators to receive up to the minute details and locations. We use live location so you can follow us, find us, and join the ride at any point along the route. For a route map follow the Komoot link below. https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/73040391?code=q5uuui-RHyy5aY7bsj0xLpsRtCvPCbKid4cqo4h0zsBi9szi5YI The Groove Line connects with the following subway stations: 1. Gallery place 2. Metro Center 3. Foggy Bottom 4. DuPont Circle 5. Woodley Park Zoo 6. Cleveland Park 7. Vaness UDC 8. Columbia Heights 9. Georgia Avenue Prtworth 10. U Street/AACWM/Cardozo 11. Shaw/Howard University 12. Brookland 13. Rhode Island Avenue 14. NoMa 15. Union Station 16. Stadium Armory 17. Navy Yard 18. SW Waterfront 19. Smithsonian 20. Federal Triangle 21. L'Enfant 22. Archives/Navy Memorial We flow through the following Neighborhoods as we glyde across the city: 1. Chinatown 2. Foggy Bottom 3. Georgetown 4. Adams Morgan 5. Woodley Park 6. Cleveland Park 7. University Park 8. Petworth 9. Columbia Heights 10. Logan Circle 11. Shaw 12. Ledroit Park 13. Bloomingdale 14. Brookland 15. Edgewood 16. Brentwood 17. Ellington 18. NoMa 19. Capitol Hill 20. Kingman Park 21. Stadium Armory 22. Navy Yard 23. SW Waterfront 24. National Mall 25. Downtown Don’t miss this fantastic expedition through our magnificent city glyding on the groove line. RSVP on Meetup. Check out this Meetup with Glydiators http://meetu.ps/e/GTc9D/DMZ1W/d
  3. Hello! I'm thinking about getting a unicycle for my daily commute and work. I'm leaning towards the Inmotion and Gotway models but not sure which one exactly. I've been wanting to try out any models from these brands but I haven't found a company that would take returns after the wheel's being used and $500 or more is high 'fee' to pay to just try out a product and see if actually works, cover my needs and if I can even ride it or not. Is there anybody in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia that would let me try out one to get the feel of it for just a couple of minutes/hours? Thank you in advance! Javier P.
  4. Putting up my GotWay MCM4 680wh unicycle for sale in the vicinity of Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. Wheel is used and scratched, but is in good working condition. At the time of this post, the wheel had 680 Km in odometer. Wheel for sale in person, cash transaction. $500 USD, or 1/2 oz. of Gold accepted. Includes: box, unicycle, charger, and trolley handle (unmounted). UPDATE: ¡THE WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD!
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