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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, Sorry if this addressed somewhere else. I just started with EUC about a month ago and am obsessed. I upgraded from the KS14d to the MSX and was loving the transition. 2 weeks in some dude on a bike hardcore takes me out and sends my new MSX tumbling end over end. I was able to ride it home but now the body isn't lining up (concerned about moisture and debris getting in there), does anyone know where I can get this fixed in NYC? Eager to get back out on the road and hoping to resolve this ASAP without needing to buy another one. Total newbie in this world, so any help is greatly appreciated. Best, Jordan
  2. Increasing the max speed of V10 from 40km/h to 45km/h using the app DarknessBot can damage the hardware?
  3. I received my KS14D Parts a couple weeks back and thought I would post a couple before and after Pictures. And a couple explanations. My poor baby...everything's gonna be ok! New Parts.....F yeah! I was pretty damn amped to get this shiny new body on that sexy frame. Fenders, lights, electronics, pedals, pads, screws and more plastic. So I took her apart like this...in the kitchen. Lol. Ok, maybe not to the girlfriend. Quick test to check the batteries...make sure all is in order. Had to take a skeleton ride real quick for fun. Then back to assembly. And....presto change-o, good as new....minus a few fingerprints. If you are curious as to how it got like that...here is a video of some damage being done. Failing (however rare that may be. Lol) while inventing original tricks like these is what does the damage, mostly! A big reason why my wheel looks the way it does is because I am persistent and finding new things and new places to do them is the driving force behind my riding. Thanx for watching. Subscribe to My EUC Youtube Channel My Music and EUC Youtube Channel
  4. How much damage have you done to your EUC? Even if you don't do tricks like me or ride off road, even the best of us fall and subsequently do a little beating up on our wheels. Well....I don't know if anyone wondered what happens to my wheel after doing what I do. Well here's a couple pics folks. EUC Street Pedal Grind before and after. Here's some pics. There's a video rundown on it's way for the almost indestructible KS14D. Wheel aside....I was really damn proud of getting the before and after pics into the same perspective.
  5. Hi all! I got a really good price on a smashed up Msuper3 so I'm now wheeling around as a newbie on a heavily duct taped wheel. Everything was working at first. Step one however was to dismantle and examine since I had to now where the cracks went. I then left the controller disconnected from the battery for about a week. When I reconnected power to the controller card both capacitors charged up with a minor flash at the connection. Not good at all! GotWay uses no resistor as protection and after this neither my own Bluetooth-board or the one I borrowed from a friend will show up "in the air". There's a LED blinking red all the time and pressing the button makes no difference. Mind you that the BT-board I tried from my friend also might be damaged since 4 or 5 of his MOSFET's are burned. If course I'll try a brand new SH_BT_Board v1.3 but have anyone else had similar problems? Also, imagine how the assembly line at GotWay must be like? Either they do initial test on all controller cards through a proper power supply that swallows the spike on its own capacitors. Then the capacitors on the controller are already primed and in final station batteries and BT-board can just be connected without any spikes. Or, they have had to think about the order in which they mount the lot and that's it. So, now I'm just awaiting the new BT and I'll get back to you about it. Comments?
  6. Hi There, my v2 is not even a year old and already broke down. The axle snaped and I had a nasty fall, injuring my right shouldger and knee badly. I had a closer look and it seems that the axle corroded, but only on the side where the wires come out from the motor, and that caused the accident. How can I get it swapped claiming the 1yr factory warranty? Since the axle is built into the motor the whole motor needs to be replaced. All ideas a re welcomed and appreciated! Regards
  7. I have this issue with the current machine that was in storage and i'm trying to recover it. And it's currently my only euc, so i reeaaaally need to fix it :-O Photos in big rez #1 | #2 | #3 It's suffers from downhill road damage, it shut down, i've jumped safely but it started bouncing for like 15m before stoping and some stuff broke :'( The following Gif shows a bit of space on the left part of the wheel on pedal/axis And i've also broken the plastic part protecting the battery level led and the light led. The machine also has 2 of the total 4 screw bases smashed resulting on a gap on the wheel Photo in big rez I've taken into action and opened the parts i could open cause i couldn't split in half to get access to the battery, i want to get to know the kind or even part number to order a new one or replace it with a new custom pack like @esaj suggested on the -> ..that the user @1RadWerkstatt can build. Anyways, moving on to some side/internals Photos on big rez #1 | #2 Now to the questions part. I need to find what kind of Firewheel Clone that is, preferably the model number so i can search online for support, i know i'm far-fetching but at least i can try. I need to replace the battery as soon as possible cause this model has more than 2.000 klm (over 1250 miles) and the battery does sudden shuts After i gather the above i need to know if it's possible for a bms mod to keep me a bit safer while wheeling I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm not that adept with tampering these things, i'm more on the theoretical side of things.. I hope there is someone out there to help me with this thing.. it's the only euc i have left and i hate the fact that i use public transport for my daily commute :-#
  8. Hi Everyone,Last night I fell off my ewheel at top speed (18 -20km/ph) and it tumbled down the footpath. Now it doesn't work anymore when tilted forward or back, a little rev, then cuts out, then beep then rev then cuts out, beep, and so on... Oddly, when plugged into the charger, the light stays green but flashes red for a microsecond each 1-2 seconds. Also, when the charger is plugged in, the ewheel operates normally, all the beeps a normal, it revs and runs as normal! When you remove the charger again it starts beeping and little mini revs, etc... I don't know how to go about fixing it/ getting it fixed in Australia... Any ideas you guys have would be greatly appreciated...
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