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Found 3 results

  1. Scott Henley

    Age Thread

    If this isn’t okay tell me and I’ll take it down. Just curious as to what the average age is of an EUC rider . I’m 29 but it seems like I’m the minority . Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be mid 40’s or above . So just curious what everyone’s thoughts are. Why isn’t EUC more prevalent among younger people ? What age did you start riding EUC?
  2. The van numbers are documented numbers and the EUC numbers are predicted. I know that you can get into some additional high fees for parking and storage for a car in the big cities. Cost of 2007 E350 1 ton van USA 100,000 miles Van $18,000 plus tax $1440 pus tag four years $128 plus Emissions four years $40 = $19,608 insurance $89 per month at 48 months $4,272 gas mileage 13 mpg $2.50 per gallon = $19,230 3 sets of tires at $580 $1,740 19 oil changes at $58 $1,102 air filters wiper blades signal light $242 only repair shiftier linkage $320 total cost $46,514 Then sold van for $3,500 End cost $43,014 that is $0.43 per mile Cost of 2011 ford Transit Connect mini van USA 96,000 miles Note: This vehicle was absolute junk. Could not go 5,000 mile without changing a battery or tire or repair. In the end it through a rod at 96,000 miles and was picked up for scrap metal. I am in a 2015 Ford Transit connect now and it is so much better all around. 86,000 miles so far. No repair yet but it is going to need CV joints soon. Van $23,000 plus tax $1,840 plus tag four years $128 plus emissions four years $40 = $25,008 insurance $89 per month at 48 months $4,272 gas mileage 19 mpg $2,50 per gallon $12,631 17 special tires ( front right every 19,000 miles ) nightmare $2,720 19 oil changes $58 $1,102 air filter, belts, wiper blades, head lights , signal lights $432 brake pads and rotors 4 times $970 $3,880 Battery every 11 months $120 $480 Repairs: coil pack $480 wheel bearing $1,264 wiper motor $357 $2,101 total cost $52,626 trough a rod at 96,000 miles, scrap picked up for free, End cost 52,626 = $0.55 per mile Estimated cost of MSuper 5,000 miles MSuper $1,880 1 tires and 2 tubes $120 ??? board ??? this is guessing future repair $220 Total $2220 sell for $300 end cost $1,920 ($0.38) plus charging at $0.01 per mile = $0.39 per mile Summery E350 1Ton work van $.043 per mile MSuper $0.39 per mile MSuper has yet to prove it's numbers and the vans are real documented numbers. I think you could do better with a KS16s but I know you could do better with a Honda Civic ( $23,000 at 28mpg and better resale at 100.000 miles) MPGe of EUC’s - Related post on electric miles per gallon equivalent.
  3. aalenkin

    New Vs. Used?

    Good afternoon everyone, so glad to know about this community. I am so glad I picked the right forum! So, I started off with simple question asking which (2) wheel EUC I should pick up? With the help of all you wonderful members I have now shifted to an actual EUC. As I research, watch videos, read opinion posts and reviews it seems like I am going deeper and deeper down this rabbits hole. With all that said I understand now the importance of buying a EUC I will grow INTO, problem is I dont know which one!!?? I am leaning toward a 14" Kingsong, I stand about 5ft9 and hover around 140lbs....I would like something with a bit of range, dependable and tough! I have seen some great sales posted member to member, looks I will be saving a few hundered if not more buying second-hand, however the question is this......is buying second hand worth it? not knowing the actual condition of the EUC, how many miles one will last, problems the individual encountered or even worse, problems I will encounter!!, lastly the warranty and service piece of mind when buying it brand spanking new. Any thoughts?