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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am abut to order a Kingsong KS-16S, and I will like your recommendations for the best looking and most practical color to have it?
  2. Hi, We are producing a new wheel. I want to make an investigation report about the color of the new wheel. what color is your favorite? red, white, pink or black, or others. please tell me your idea without hestation. thanks.
  3. Relaxed walkaround of the wheel and its many details. I must say, despite the problems that they have with quality control, the design is one of, if not the best. the finish and overal look is great.
  4. Not the best work.. it looks nice and all as long as you dont come too close to it. Just look back where the trolley is. the paint..
  5. Dark objects are known to become hotter in the sun. This happens as a result of the high emissivity of dark objects. High emissivity objects will absorb more radiation from the sun's rays. And strikingly enough, high emissivity objects will also radiate heat at a faster rate than low emissivity objects. When it comes to vehicles left in the sun, the higher emissivity, the higher the internal temperatures. There's this BuzzFeed video that quickly demonstrate the phenomena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS95SPm4f2I What I'm curious about is if this makes a big difference when actively riding an electric unicycle, and if so, would it then be worth going with a lighter colored EUC to counter these effects and to thereby stand a better chance of preventing overheating from occurring? Or does color taste win out?
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