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Found 1 result

  1. Hey EUCists It's my birthday coming up soon, and someone has kindly offered to buy me some more substantial footwear I can use with my EUC. Currently I use standard non-brand baseball boots, which grip perfectly, are very light and flexible for all degrees of foot movement, but provide a big fat nothing in ankle protection or shin protection. So I went looking for other types of shoe or boot that might be more suitable. Straight away I thought Moto boots might be the way to go, and found some that looked great, only cost about £150, and had so much protection of the vital areas it was a bit OTT if anything. But while I was checking stock options with one supplier, I thought to ask about the degree of foot movement allowed by moto boots, and was helpfully informed that nearly all motorcycle boots actually prevent up and/ or down movement of the foot outside a fairly narrow range, so may actually be totally unsuitable for EUCing ! Or are they ? Do we need up and down foot movement, as you'd imagine, or has anyone tried it with moto boots and found it to be fine ? My question is therefore 'are moto boots suitable for this, and if not, where to look next' ? What type of 'sports boot' could be most usefully deployed for EUCing ? It needs ankle and shin protection, but must also allow for the full range of foot movement we need for precision control of our machines... Of course I am aware of the 'trainers and shin-pads' option, but not keen on that because it already takes me 5 minutes to get into my pressure suit, and other body armour - I just want a boot I can slip on quickly and easily but also know I am immune to shin or ankle damage from any falls ! Thanks guys CBR
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