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Found 12 results

  1. On 7 october after several days that I was speaking with this Himiway (they reply to all my questions) I have decided to place a sample order. Paid with paypal. Delivery date 15 october I got my fedex tracking number. On 15 october Fedex refused delivery in Italy probably they forgot the battery certification (IATA rules) From 15 october Himiway stopped reply me via chat email or whats up. I have opened a dispute on paypal to solicit a reply ..nothing. So today I requested a refund to paypal. They was marked as gold supplier, on site checked with a lot of feedback on taobao.com . stay away .. edit : their shop are back online now
  2. Special 11-11 Mini-Mini Pro : Mini Pro €408 (EUROPE) / $469 USA Priority Line 8-18 business days + $104.84 Mini Plus : €491 Mini Pro 408 euros MINI PLUS 491 euros
  3. UPDATE 23 11 2018 Black Friday special I'm using the same page and links for previous 1111 special event, prices doesnt change a lot +/- 20$/20euros The biggest day of promotions and flash sales in China, the 11-11, will of course bring many offers on import sites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest, and many others. Coupons are vouchers or discount codes on products. To obtain them, simply create an account on which the coupons will be registered for the corresponding purchase. Either they are generalized to the site (for example 10% reduc on the whole site), or they are specific to a product. At Aliexpress it will for example simply add the object to the basket and wait for the date 11-11 to get the price when you order. At Gearbest, a "deposit" system whose amount can be multiplied by three and thus give a very interesting final price. Deliveries in 5 days are expected. If you need a specific product (other brands, or drones, phones, electronics, sports camera), you can contact me in private message. As an affiliate, I have access to all promotions, coupons / discount codes, flash sales dates & times, and more, from the entire catalog of following sellers and resellers: Gearbest- Aliexpress-GeekBuying-TomTop-EBay-BangGood-DHGate-LightintheBox-JoyBuy as well as an Alibaba YoyBuy agent. My site gathering all the brands in promos is soon ready (november 5), but I will post all the promos until November 14th. Some sellers have not yet given discounts (On Aliexpress, but you can add the product to the cart while waiting for the discount, there is a small yellow star) The prices given may vary, either because of the price of the dollar or because the seller simply changes the price. There are also errors, coupons that are not yet activated on the seller side (example segway ES2) The peak of the promos is of course 11-11. Of course, it is necessary to disable Adblock for two reasons, my cookie identifier for my%;) but also for the promotional offer to appear well. (adblock blocks advertising images and promotional offers are often in an image with a link and a cookie) Prices are already in promotions, but not all, it will come back every day to see the new prices, the expected flash sales every 4h at Gearbest, for example. EUC, Electric Scooters, Mini Gyropods, Spare Parts and Accessories, All Brands Segway Ninebot Xiaomi Mijia One Z : Z10 €132 - Z6 €714 FAST DELIVERY for european buyers 2-7 working days One A1/S2/C/C+/E Mini-Mini Pro : Mini Pro €408 (EUROPE) / $469 USA Priority Line 8-18 business days + $104.84 Mini Plus : €491 Loomo GoKart Kit Drift W1 : €289+€50 shipping Qcycle GotWay Tesla Monster Luffy MSuper X MSuper 3 MCM 4 & MCM 5 ACM MTEN InMotion X1 V10-V10F : V10 €703 V8 V5/V5+-V5F/V5F+-V5D : V5F €299 RockWheel KingSong IPS E-Scooter
  4. Hello guys! Has anybody ever ordered some unicycle from alleuc.com? There is free world shipping and Gotway Tesla for 1500usd and you can pay with paypal... Do you think it is good idea to order unicycle from this eshop? Other way I would buy ks16s for 1200eur... I am gonna commute every day and yes I know, Gotway is poor quality, but it has better range and speed etc...
  5. Dates: 28 March-5 April 2018 Third electric unicycle tour will be more intense and interesting because we will see one of the most modern and urban cities in the world - Hong Kong with its beautiful, breathtaking views. In Hong Kong we will have one day of riding on electric unicycle in the mountains, a landscape which for sure will not leave anyone indifferent. Then we will move to Shenzhen to silicon valley in China - young, growing city with high-tech infrastructural. In Shenzhen we have a few days. Explore the town, drive around its beautiful parks and coastal areas. Also there will be time for shopping, the opportunity to test new models of electric unicycle and purchase the newest gadgets and products of many famous Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo. As well you’ll try Chinese tea, silk and many other products at competitive prices. The end point of our route is Guangzhou which is an ancient city with rich history and culture. Cost of the tour if paid before March 1 will be only 1200 USD (the price includes accommodation, unicycles rent, transfers, accompanying services). The flight and visa is paid separately. Tour program: Day 1 -Arrival in Hong Kong -Check in the hotel -Sightseeing tour of the city We arrive in Hong Kong at 10:00 am. Then bus will ride us to the hotel. Check into hotel, get some rest, have a dinner and go to explore the city. We will climb up to the famous observation deck - Victoria Peak, which offers stunning views of the city. Will take a ride on the longest escalator in the world with a length of 800 meters. Will swim on a riverboat, connecting one part of Hong Kong on the other. Watch the laser show skyscrapers, listed in the Guinness book of records. In the evening we’ll return to the hotel and spend the night at in HongKong. Day 2 A trip to Tai Mo Shan Mountains in Hong Kong on unicycles ~ 50 km After Breakfast, we will take unicycles and go to ride into the mountains for the whole day. The Tai Mo mountain is the highest point in Hong Kong at 957 meters, which offers spectacular views of the city. In addition to magically beautiful natural landscapes: mountains with pointed peaks and gentle slopes, forests and lakes. Tai Mo mountains also can boast of man-made attractions: observation decks, Botanical gardens, bird Park and Buddhist temple. Walking path of these mountains is ideally for driving electric unicycles: smooth roads, clean and fresh air, birds singing and incredible beauty of the mountain scenery. What else do you need for a perfect unicycle riding? In the evening we return to the hotel and spend the night at the in Hong Kong. Day 3 Moving to Shenzhen Great tour on unicycles ~ 50 km Right from the morning, after an early breakfast, we will move to Shenzhen. After checking, we’ll leave the baggage in hotel and go to explore the city. Shenzhen - China's Silicon Valley, the center of the world of electronics. There are offices of the largest Chinese high-tech companies. As well most of the factories of the production electric unicycles and other electric transport are also located in this city. Shenzhen - the only city in China where electric development is supported at the highest state level, so there are all conditions for comfortable movement on unicycles. Shenzhen is stretched along the coast of the South China Sea. Driving along the waterfront we will see all major attractions of this beautiful city, as well as travel around the world in the theme park "Window to the World." In the evening we’ll return to the hotel and spend the night at in Shenzhen. Day 4 A trip to the sea. Resort Dameisha ~ 40 km Dameisha, in Chinese, is large beautiful beach, a favorite place of recreation for residents of Shenzhen. We will pass along many kilometers of beaches, enjoying the beauty of seascapes. In the evening we’ll return to the hotel and spend the night at in Shenzhen. Day 5 Big Nan'ao Peninsula tour on unicycles ~ 60 km Nan'ao Peninsula – the corner of silence and comfort in the South China Sea. The main feature of this peninsula is its quiet and measured life. We will ride along the fishing villages, see how to catch exotic fish, shrimps and crabs. Will climb up into the mountains, where the entire peninsula is visible at a glance. All the way through we will contemplate the magnificent scenery and enjoy the beauty of wild nature. In the evening we’ll return to the hotel and spend the night in Shenzhen. Day 6 Moving to Guangzhou Big city tour on electric unicycles ~ 50 km Guangzhou - an ancient city in southern China, located in the Pearl River Delta with a rich history and beautiful architecture. Guangzhou - a city of contrasts. In the excursion, we will ride along the waterfront of the Pearl River, we will see one of the highest TV towers of the world, visit the ultramodern skyscrapers district and rest under the shade of trees in a nearby park. In the evening we return to the hotel and spend the night in Guangzhou. Day 7 Drive along the coastal area of Nansha on unicycles ~ 60 km After breakfast at 9:00 am we will go on a minibus in the scenic area of Nansha, where the entire day is free to ride the unicycles. Nansha - the new Guangzhou area with many parks located near the water. Freedom and space - that’s how you can describe this place. In the evening we return to the hotel and spend the night in Guangzhou. Day 8 Make big EUC party with Chinese riders If you interesting this trip please contact with me Whapsapp: +79268557733 Email: info@electroway.ru add us in FB: https://www.facebook.com/euctravel
  6. Well Sorry, like here i can't add & post more picsmy account used all space for... these are links for OFFICIAL INTERNAL PICTURES FOR - NEW SEGWAY SMART for North American countries (n4m350= us modele/n4m340=Ninebot Plus china modele) wrotte "MINIPLUS" on label and "SEGWAY SMART" on manual... Specsheet say max speed at 20kmh 12.5mph for American modèle. .. look picture "LABEL 2" ------------------------------------------------------------ - New SEGWAY ROBOTICS LOOMO
  7. The Shenzhen EUC ride harnessed the riders best of skills and an articulated handling of the different types of traffic encounters on different road conditions.
  8. i am from China. i am going to be a visiting scholar from August to January in UMass, Boston. i wonder if i am permited to ride euc in Boston? can euc be carried abound the subway?
  9. I want to import one Ninebot mini from China but don't want to pay custom. Will the custom allow an used ninebot mini to pass through without custom? Thanks.
  10. I received a Christmas greeting from Yueyue at IPS, which made me curious about what Christmas is like in China. I found this interesting page: http://www.chinahighlights.com/festivals/christmas.htm
  11. I'm from the Philippines and I wanted to buy a electric unicycle ( to get to school and back home which is 6kms back and forth) but the thing is I don't have any options on which to buy but I've found 3 on the net. Which of this 3 is better ? I don't know the technical stuff specs but I hope you help me Here's the link 1. http://www.lazada.com.ph/moonwheel-e-001-electric-unicycle-black-440356.html Link 2 http://www.lazada.com.ph/x3-electric-wheelbarrow-unicycle-blackred-470355.html link 3 http://www.lazada.com.ph/mars-kingdom-f3-mk-moonwheel-black-249365.html thanks
  12. So i purchased a chinese knock off of what i believe to be the air wheel(lol hard to tell), and it doesn't appear to be working at all. When you turn the unit on, it goes forward, backward, then maintains a constant BEEEEEP, until i turn it off. When i plug the charger in, no indication lights come on that it is charging. The company gave me a refund, and let me keep the unicycle, and so i would like to try and fix it, I am fairly tech savy, and have checked to make sure the charger and battery are both working. any ideas what else it could be? much appreciated on the help!
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