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Found 17 results

  1. I’m having a similar issue. My Rs 19 Ht is saying 70 percent battery charged on the app. It won’t charge any further. On the charger the green light remains on as if it’s fully charged. Not sure how to go about this issue atm. Going to try draining the battery more then charge from there
  2. Have you ever wished someone made a charger that had variable voltage, variable amperage, auto detect between 110v/240v, swappable charging connections, and was smaller and lighter than two 10 amp chargers? Behold the Chargery C10325 charger. The first time I saw this charger was watching trip updates from Archee Jan Bloch as he rode his modified Gotway 3108W Monster from Boston to New York City and back, traversing 625 miles of continuous riding and charging. The C10325 is a 1500W charger and weighs 3.5kg (7.72 lbs). It's is a big boy, but still slightly lighter and about 9% less volume than carrying two 10 amp chargers from YZPower. (Read more)
  3. I was given a number of hoverboards to use for projects in a school. None have charged batteries or chargers. None work as hoverboards and not interested in fixing them. Just using the parts to do other things. Some of the motors are going to being used to make DIY wind turbines. The remaining parts are going to be used to build other things with. This is where my questions start and i hope someone has the answers or can point me in the right direction. And. thanks in advance. The hoverboards are model "Smart" with specifications listed as 650x245x230 36v. Not much more info than that. The LED boards ("street lights"?) I'm playing with right now have JKL-PHC02-E-VO2-8-LED-L. When i search this I get a few links for parts and to smartboardsuk.com but no support for electronics, wiring diagrams etc. On the LED boards I'm wondering about specifications? Voltage (I've run them to 12 vdc where they are bright but the current and heat starts to rise after this.)? Current? Are they RGB or just, in the case of the left one, blue? Thought these might work well programed to flash off an Arduino. Any suggestions on charging the batteries without the supplied charger? I have the built in receptacle but could connect them to a charger in other ways. They are 36v Finally, looking for any other suggestions on what to use these for? What have you built from used hoverboards or seen done with them? Ideas a high school student could do? Just looking for ideas. Thanks again.
  4. October 2020 I published an article about using a J1772 adapter to charge your electric unicycle (EUC) at EV charging stations. In that article I included a demonstration video of how to use the adapter. Despite its niche use within an already niche sport the video and article were relatively popular. The adapter has been a game changer for riders in SoCal and elsewhere, but while planning a couple of future rides I discovered that there are unique situations where EV chargers aren’t available and neither are regular 5-15 outlets. (Read More)
  5. Hey everyone, I have a ninebot z10. Was my first and is my only wheel. I know many people experienced issues with their z10s. But i never had a real issue with mine. Unfortunately i have not ridden in a long time due to life being too busy. I tried to charge my wheel up the other day amd it doesn't respond. The charger light stays green. I tried disconnecting the battery but that didnt work. I tried charging the battery directly with a cable connected to the charger. But that hasn't work. I am going to retry this with different wires because they might not be connecting. Does anyone have any other suggestions in the interim? I love riding this wheel, such a great experience so whether i get another wheel or not i dont want to lose this one.
  6. The manual makes a point about a specific order of connections when charging a wheel. I have MCM4 HS but I suppose most Gotways should be nearly the same in this regard. The order is: To charge: * Connect the three-prong connector to the wheel * Plug the charger to the wall socket After having finished charging: * Disconnect the three prong from the wheel * Unplug the charger from the wall socket Is this the ritual other Gotway shamans observe? I ask because even though I'm ready to accept this nonsense for the sake of preservation of an expensive piece of equipment, I don't like how too much seems to be dependent on a completely arbitrary order that's very easy to mess up. What makes me especially worried: * When I start charging and connect the three-prong connector, there are sparks flying. I'm having a hard time accepting this as normal. * Until I plug the charger in the wall, its LED shows up as green. It's not a problem per se, but I think it's an indicator of a bad electric design. So, should I worry more than usual about this or is this just how those things are?
  7. Dear all, My Inmotion V5+ does not seem to charge full to 100% as indicated on the app anymore. While the light from the adapter (that rectagular block thing) switches from red to green, when I connect to the app the percentage is always only 90 something, never 100%. Moreover, when I connect to the app while charging the V5+, there seems to be no indication on the app to say that it is indeed charging. Any help? TIA
  8. I have provided a link to my google drive to view the content. a few videos. photos as well of the 3d model and what the 3D print looks like. overall, very happy with the results. looks like default. The reason for this is that the chargeport is more robust, i like the industrial feel and look of it. it will also help more with cooling as the Diode i use gets a bit hot during usage. im also changing the cables going to the BMS later on. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Aa6wG_wxsMRMiNSTTbRAnRXS1kHZy7Q8
  9. DATE CHANGE!! This ride is now on Wed the 19th. REQUIRED: 1600+ Wheel (42+/- mile). REQUIRED: Driver's license (maybe a passport, read details below) REQUIRED: Rapid charger (if you don't have 2100 wh or more). This ride begins with a ride on the Metrolink. This means you cannot be late. There is no later Metrolink train that goes to O'side in the morning. I strongly suggest taking the Metrolink from the closest station that serves the ORANGE COUNTY LINE. This is a weekday ride and you can beat traffic, accidents, etc by taking the train. Take the Metrolink from your station to OCEANSIDE. All riders will board the same train. I'll be getting on in Tustin. I am not riding to the station. I am driving to my station so that my wheel will be at 100% when we land in O'side. In order for us all to easily group together take note of which car you're boarding (2nd car, 3rd car, etc). After you board the train use Telegram to advise other riders which car you're on. Prices are listed below the train schedule. Regardless of which ride option you end up doing... only buy one way tickets! RT tickets are just double the price so there's no benefit buying those. This thread will be updated periodically but for the most current info join our OC EUC RIDES Telegram group at https://t.me/OC_EUC This is a recon ride for the LA to SD GROUP RIDE. It is also a fun way to get your Camp Pendleton Bike Pass (which is required for the June LA ~ SD Group ride). The reason this ride is on a weekday is because the Visitor's Center is not open on weekends. The reason we're riding the train to is that we can only get the bike pass at the Main Gate in Oceanside. Once we have our passes they are good for one year. Recon rides are exploratory by nature as we are riding a route for the first time. These rides are subject to stops and starts to get our bearing and ensure we're on the right path. Riders can board any Metrolink station on the Orange County Line (Union Station in LA, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, Buena Park, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Tustin, etc.). There is no official meet time or meet location. Just be on the train that arrives in Oceanside around 10 a.m. Metrolink has an app to make ticketing easier. Ticket prices to Oceanside As you can see... tickets from San Clemente to Oceanside are $8.25 but it’s only an additional $8.50 to board at Union Station. That’s a pretty tempting price to avoid the weekday traffic. If you are driving to San Clemente be aware that there are two stations in San Clemente. Make certain you go to the right one. Here is the link: https://goo.gl/maps/vHYqtwT1RybL2BFz6 When we arrive in Oceanside (around 10 am) the first thing we'll do is to go to the base to secure our passes. Then, we'll go scout a nice little 20 mile route in Oceanside I found. Midway in the 20 mile ride is a microbrewery called The Belching Beaver. There are also many numerous lunch options near the Oceanside pier. Then, we'll head back to the base, go through the main gate with our newly acquired passes and head north through the base back to San Clemente. The last train heading back north is 3:48 p.m. From: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Base-Access/Recreational-Bicycling/ Recreational bicyclist will be required to obtain a Bicycle pass/credential in person from the Visitor Center. Recreational Bicyclist passes must be obtained in person at the Visitor Center located in Bldg. 20255T, adjacent to the Main Gate near Interstate 5. Driver licenses and identification cards marked "not valid for federal purposes", "federal limits may apply", or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of securing a bike pass. If your ID has anything similar to that on it you must bring a passport. Recreational Bicyclists are only authorized to access the Base for bicycle transit and may not participate in any other activities. Recreational bicyclists who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are prohibited from entering Camp Pendleton unless escorted in person by a Dept. of Defense affiliate. APPROVED BIKE ROUTE: Cyclists are allowed to transit North/South from the Las Pulgas gate to the Main gate (Stuart Mesa Rd to Vandergrift Blvd) and South/North from the Main gate to the Las Pulgas gate (Vandergrift Blvd to Stuart Mesa Rd). Bike access is allowed from 6 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week, all cameras must be turned off and stowed away. Ride in single file only. @1Wheeler @3euc @Alsayyad @Ando Melkonyan @Austin @Ben Richards @BlackOutEX @Blueman @captainwells @Chairman S @Coastal Rider @Dave Frear @Dave U @downtown @Dzlchef @enigma35 @Ferreal @Flyboy10 @Flying W @Freewheeler @Gizmo Dork @HeavyGoing @Heyzeus @IRK @Jambo @John Wood @Jon Sawa @Josh Morgan @JomMas @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Kens @Kimosabi @kingkong18XL @Klin @Kyle K @M22 @maltocs @mango_fpv @Marty Backe @Marvin Ong @Mike Hanna @MikeV @Mushuukyou @n2eus @NBC44 @ndmcc @Nick McCutcheon @NightRider @noisycarlos @Peter Q @Rama Douglas @roghaj @serfy @Shawn Johnson @Sketch @Stan Onymous @Sven @swvision @Tanabe @TedTheAtheist @Terenig @tihoa @Tjtripp @TomM @Unosolo @unowheel @UpDownGo @Questor @who_the @Williepimpin @Yellowman @Yunicyle @YoshiSkySun @zentype
  10. Hello All, First Post I'm a an avid EUC rider, riding everyday to work and back in busy London. I currently ride a Ninebot Z10, which I love as the ride is so stable and I find this is really helpful when I am on the road with traffic. Despite the many reports of issues, I had had none until 6 weeks ago, when my Z10 stopped charging up. it appeared to be charging as the battery charging display was flashing as per when it charges. but the batteries were not getting any juice and the light on the charger remained green at all time. After many hours attempting to charge I decided to use the upload black box data option on the app and send the info to Ninebot, which they responded to very quickly. But said they could not help until I had tested charging with another charger, after a few weeks I got another charger and tested to see if this was the issue, alas this was not the problem. I have had suggestion that the problem could either be the charging port or possible a MOSFET, Has anyone else had the same issue and managed to or have it repaired. Or any ideas of how to get me back on the road? I have the option of sending this to my supplier who is happy to get his service department to look into this, but I would prefer to try and fix this in London rather than returning it to Germany Also if anyone has a good repair person in London that would also be very helpful. Thanks
  11. It may appertain to the region of a specific region, South Korea that I am about to tell the story: I’ve gone through too many evil things happening here after having arrived to South Korea 4 years ago. Thus this may help understand what’s going on this isolated, bigoted people . I’m also a South Korean but feel like an outcast. Lets start with a trivial thing: I’m frequently being blocked from charging my EUC in local coffee shops and local cafe which are all Korean branded. Virtually all of Korean brand. No exceptions. In Starbucks or McDonald which are originated from overseas I don’t confront with such a problem yet. This is just a tip of iceberg: for example, I was frequently pushed to fall on my face by pedestrians. No etiquette afterwards. No excuse but the offender flee me, worrying about the expense caused for curing my wounds or fixing my EUC. If I add more about S. Korean’s treating foreigners, you may feel very bad. The behavior looks outward and inward of most Koreans is very different and hypocritical, deceiving foreigners. Thus I don’t want to expose all the truth here in order to not make you feel offended by these people. This is prevalent characteristic of South Koreans. I am shameful of being a Korean, seeing all of these. I’m writing this in a coffee shop named “Handmade coffee” a Korean branded one after having been prevented again from charging EUC from wall (sometimes this includes MacBook Pro when I have two devices like MacBook Pro and iPad Pro) Thus I made up my mind that I need to go back to the previous country, Singapore or other country where I may find comfortable to stay.
  12. Gormash

    Not charging

    Hi guys. I have a problem and hoped some of you might help me out... I have a NineBot One E+ with a 1rattwerkstatt battery upgrade that's been running faithfully for two years now without any promlem at all.Last week I gave the wheel an overhaul, cleaning it and removing dirt and I've not had occation to use it until a few days ago after that. The wheel runs just fine, but it won't charge. The powerbrick has a tiny led that glows red while it's charging, and green when fully charged or not plugged in. It now glows green constantly, and the wheel hasn't gained any power even after several hours. The charger I have does not have any bent pins in the plug (one of the first things I checked). I've borrowed another charger from a buddy with the same wheel and it had the same problem, so the fault is definitely with the wheel itself. I've opened up the wheel and checked the cables, making sure everything is thoroughly connected. I'm not tech savvy enough to know anything about resistors or mofets or whatnots, so I can't tell if there's anything visually wrong with them, and I don't have any equipment for measuring voltages and such. Any ideas?
  13. I’ve had my wheel a couple of weeks now and today after about an hour on the GenV charger set at 3A my wheel started beeping about once every 5 seconds. I unplugged it and waited a few minutes then plugged it back in and it continued charging without any issues. Any ideas why it was beeping?
  14. So, I know what the Charge Doctor can be used for but I have no idea how to program it. It has one button !! I read this: http://hobby16.neowp.fr/2016/11/12/autocut-adjustment/ from the maker's website, but I'm no closer to knowing how to program the 80% (or whatever) cut off for battery preservation. I bought the V2 with two inputs, as I have 2 chargers, fyi.
  15. Hello All! Patiently awaiting delivery of the V10 🤞 (yay) ... In the interim, I've been doing a bit of research on charging options. I understand the supplied charger takes approximately 5 hours to recharge from empty. However, I've seen talk online of so called "fast-chargers" that can reduce this time downwards. Can anyone offer any advice/guidance on this front, particularly relating to the V10? I've struggled to find any definite answers, a lot of talk around Gotways but nothing concrete for the Inmotion. I've seen talk around 4V/5V chargers but it's a little beyond me if I'm honest right now. Really appreciate any advice, guidance, links etc and particularly what type of charging time someone could expect if such a charger exists. Thanks all! 😄
  16. Otis Knight


    HELLO, I have had my IPS F400 for a while but only recently have i had this problem! Basically i went to plug it in to charge and gave me a nasty white spark and then the light on the charger just stayed green, when its meant to turn red to indicate its charging! Please someone help, this is my only way of travel XD
  17. My KS14S has stopped charging with both the factory charger or the fast-charger I got through ewheels. I think it may have stopped when I replaced the trolley bars, though I can't imagine what I might have done in fixing these that would affect the charging. It does still work fine--I was riding it today. And the new trolley bars are great! It just doesn't charge. I opened up the charging port to see if I could see anything obvious. At first I thought maybe I had found the problem in that only two cords are attached where I expected to see three (see two photos attached). However, I don't see where the third cord could be so I'm guessing one of them is supposed to be open like that. Any ideas for why it might not be charging?
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