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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone, I’m new to the whole ECU world. Currently a Onewheel XR owner and looking to transition to something new and different. I’ve done some research and looking to buy either a Gotway 16” or King Song 16s/x. im located in SoCal and looking to buy local let me know what you have and we’ll go from there. thanks 🙏🏼
  2. i would like to share my very unpleasant buying experience about the intelligent walking store. I ordered a tesla 1020 and recieved a msuoer x 18 inch thant does 30k max.It was not what i orderd and i dont want it after trying all the apps to sort...so i supposedly struck a deal that i keep the damm thing and pay this store another 500usd for the tesla which includes shipping to new zealand which sounds like a great deal...but hang on i banked the $500 usd and no messages..hello the answer was i dont quite undersatand...understand what you ripped me off another $500 and no memory of the deal or the sale as guess what ..he had left it long enough for me not to place feedback...i paid both amounts of $1332 and $500 to paypal..to his personal account..stupid me jason_ken was the seller and i would like it known everywhere in the EUC that if you buy from this store you will be dealing with traders who cant speak english and use it to there advantage when they need to..it has put me off buying thru any chinese store and i waited so long to save and buy a descent wheel and now ive got a suitcase i could probabley carry faster...please be warned as i am sure there are over poor sods out there that have had the same isues..plus i had to pay another $200 usd to there store for postage which was redemaable thru aliexpress but i left it too long to associate with sale so no feedback available ,,because guess what i trusted him and the shop looking at the feedback they had,,fancy that..so in total i have spent $2032 usd and that way more that you can buy a msuper 18 x now...
  3. Hello All, I'm looking to purchase my second EUC, preferably from someone local (Los Angeles, CA area). I doubt it, but if anyone has an Inmotion V10, Ninebot Z10, or KS-18L for sale that would be ideal but I am open to others such as the Gotways. Feel free to post what you have for sale.
  4. [Not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this, but.....] For anyone looking to sell a second-hand pre-owned EUC or PEV in the local NYC area, we've created an FB group: NYC PEV Marketplace FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/1835902416708701/
  5. I have now purchased two Kingsong 14-C's from electricunicyclereviews.com over the last two years. Will, the owner, has been fantastic in answering my newbie questions, solving problems, and doing everything within his power to standby what he sells. No matter what the issue, Will always took the high road and made it right. Since we actually live not that far from each other, we took personal delivery of one of the uni's, and I was really happy to meet in person and swap stories. Very impressed and would definitely buy through him again. Also impressed by Will's "saftey-first" focus in the products he carries and the logic behind those brand choices. This industry is still young and I value a trusted adviser.
  6. I thought it might be useful to have a checklist thread in the Ninebot section. This is a checklist for Ninebot E+. Some of this may or may not apply to other electric unicycles. This is intended to be helpful - please feel free to correct me or add anything else that you think might be useful. I have owned my Ninebot One E+ for round about 12 months, ride it every day (UK weather permitting) and think it's a fantastic machine when ridden sensibly and within the rider and machine limits. For me, one of the big selling points of the NB E+ is that it is very easy to replace damaged or worn parts. Before Buying Read reviews, have a look at You Tube and browse/ask questions through this forum. Bear in mind when using any forum that there is normally a mixture of users - newbies, enthusiasts, advertisers, sellers pretending to be enthusiasts and perhaps the occasional troll. Some posts may be designed to sow doubt about a particular product or direct you to alternative products. Do some research on any related national and/or local laws and how these are enforced. Be extremely wary of any websites which have offers that are too good to be true and those with limited contact information. You can view a list of official distributors on the Ninebot website. Before purchasing anything that's relatively expensive, it's very sensible to have a good understanding of consumer protection laws that apply in your region. As part of the purchase process Get written confirmation of which version of Firmware is to be supplied the warranty period provided, and what is covered what actions may void the warranty (E.g. maintenance tasks, usage). confirm the supplier has the product in stock before placing an order (unless you are prepared to potentially wait). On receiving the unit Check that everything is in order and the unit functions correctly: Check Firmware Version - Certain Firmware versions are "Bad" - See notes below on avoiding the temptation to update firmware without good reason Check Battery - Is the battery as advertised. Has the label been tampered with? Check the Charging Port (on Ninebot) and the charger lead. Does the Ninebot turn on? Maintenance and ongoing checks Tyre Pressure Recommended tyre pressure = 55psi (this may depend on the actual type of tyre used - see comments below) Changing the pressure in the tyre will dramatically alter the Ninebot One ride. The tyres lose pressure over time. Doing hops or jumps may expedite pressure loss Doing hops or jumps at low tire pressures may result in damage to the wheel rim I like to keep a couple of spare inner tubes on hand in case of a puncture. If you need to change the tyre or inner tube make sure you have watched a tutorial and fully understand whether this voids your warranty. Battery Casing The battery casing can become damaged by repeated jolts and/or crashes - doing hops or jumps may therefore damage the battery casing. Several users of this forum have suggested modifications that may reduce or prevent the risk of this type of damage occurring. Battery Wires - can also become damaged by repeated jolts and/or crashes. The protective outer cover can split due to the high current. Connectors can be worked loose over time. I check the battery cover and wires on a weekly basis and always after a crash. Battery cover/leg support cover condition The battery cover/leg support can become damaged over time, especially if you do tricks. These are very easily replaced. Shell condition The shells can become damaged over time, especially if you do tricks. The bolt holes can wear though or crack. The shells can be easily replaced, although replacing these may void the warranty. Care must be taken not overtighten the screws or bolts. There are some useful tutorials available on Youtube (Speedyfeet have an excellent tutorial) Foot plate condition These wear down when turning corners and from spinning. They can also be damaged in a crash. These can be swapped over to increase their lifespan. There is a little grub screw that holds in the foot plate.This should be checked regularly to ensure that it has not worked loose. Foot plates can get very slippery in wet conditions. I check the foot plate condition on a weekly basis. Ninebot App and firmware When a new Firmware is available, the App will ask you on startup whether you want to upgrade. It is not advisable to upgrade straight away - some firmware versions have been related to NB1 problems. There is currently no means to roll back firmware - therefore the old adage, if it ain't broke, don't fix it is especially true when related to firmware. In the UK, the Speedyfeet website has a list of firmwares that are considered "safe". Ride Mode - This can be set from 0 - 9 via the App I have set at 3 and find this to be perfect for tricks Riding If you are new to electric unicycles it may at first seem almost impossible and then you will reach that first "get it" moment. There are loads of tutorials online. It takes most people an extended period of time from that first "get it" moment to developing stance, fine control and a good understanding of the limits of yourself and the machine. The first few months are likely to be the most dangerous as that "Epic EUC feeling" can overide common sense to begin with (that was certainly the case with me). Practising manoeuvres will improve your control of the machine and also help you to understand the machine and your own limitations in a controlled environment. Electric unicycles behave differently when in contact with different surfaces (E.g tarmac, grass, unsealed surfaces, snow). Falling off As with any wheel sport - learning to fall off safely (or as safely as possible) is an important part of learning to ride. You are more than likely going to fall off at some point in time, especially when learning. If you are going to do tricks then you will definitely fall off/crash as you learn. You should consider wearing appropriate protective equipment. My tip would be: don't go faster than the speed at which you are prepared to fall off. Other tips Be extremely cautious when riding near pedestrians - people who have never seen an EUC before may react in an unpredictable way. Riding in wet conditions can be extremely dangerous - other users of this forum have modified the foot plates to improve the grip in wet conditions. A trolley handle is extremely useful for taking the wheel through the public transport system. When practising tricks it is advisable to remove any accessory/handle brackets or stands as these can take chunks out of your ankles and shins. Be very careful when attaching things like action cameras to the wheel - if not secured properly these can fall off and jam up the wheel causing you to crash. Basic Tool Kit (this is what I carry when I'm out and about) 2 x Allen Keys to fit the two types of bolts 1 x Phillips head screwdriver 1 x flat head screwdriver 2 x Inner Tubes 1 x 160mm valve extension 1 x bike pump & pressure gauge 3 x plastic tyre levers 1 x roll of electrical tape 1 x Inner tube Basic spares set (this is what I keep @ home) 2 x Inner tubes 1 x replacement tyre 1 x foot plate 1 x Battery cover/leg support cover
  7. Has anyone ever bought from futureunicycle.com out of Buffalo Wyoming? Prices seem good, and free shipping
  8. So.. I'm about to buy an euc. 1stQuestion: Inmotion V3C or first wheel gizmo/surf/dyno -I don't want to fall off (bad back) particularly when starting or stopping when I'm learning how to use it and I want something that is easy to carry - e.g. using a handle. Anyone know which of these are better? 2ndQuestion: Should I wait for the uniwheel The store says it's about to bring in the uniwheel which is made in the UK. Does anyone know if and why this would be a better choice? many thanks Claire
  9. New and looking for a cheap wheel that wont try and kill me. I have had, hell of a time... looking for wheels on all these Chinese sites and amazon.. they all look like cheap knock-offs. I am getting frustrated finding official websites that would offer returns or at least stay in business long enough for me to buy a replacement air tube for the wheel. I am looking to spend around 300-500 on a wheel. I read on the forums that Gotway, Inmotion, IPS, King Song, Ninebot, Solowheel are the safest. I also read to find the largest battery possible. I am looking for something to learn on, short rides around the park/walk small off road on the grass. Maybe if i get into it longer rides. IPS i260 14" is the best site i have found so far for a wheel in my price range. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks Spike
  10. Hey guys! First post :]! Been researching these wheels very heavily for the past month. I've never ridden but this sort of thing is right up my alley for something I love. I'm getting closer to being ready to make my first purchase. However, I'm scared to buy one as I'm scared I'm going to get a ripoff. Is there a compiled list of trusted sources? The most I have seen is Googling something like "Buy Gotway 14" and checking a few links. Secondly, I've pretty much picked 3 wheels I'm interested in but having a hard time choosing between them. My choices are: Gotway 14 King Song 14 IPS Some Model I'm interested in one of the faster models (hence these 3 options). I do like the fact that King Song doesn't have the BMS issues that early Gotway's have (haven't read if IPS fixed this too?). Does anybody have any advice on which they would think is the best first wheel out of those 3 :]? Thanks in advance, Realityshift
  11. Hello! Does anyone know the best (i.e., fastest ) way to get a King Song 800W in NYC? I know about electricunicyclereviews.com but was wondering if there was something a bit more local.
  12. Hello people, it's got to the time where I'm getting myself an electric unicycle and I'm in need of some buying tips. I have never rode one before so I want to know what's best for beginners and since I'm generally a quick learner, what's best for pros? What is the difference between all of the brands and which one is the best? Should I get a unicycle or the one with 2 wheels? Thankful for any answers
  13. Hey guys, I've been browsing and researching for about a week now and have narrowed down my first EU purchase to either the new IPS 132 or the Ninebot One C+. However, I can't seem to find any sites that sell the IPS 132 that ship to the US. I assume there's a patent issue here or something? Any suggestions or links just so I can get an idea of price? Thanks in advance!!
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