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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, I'm trying to determine if this is an issue with the latest firmware update, a problem with the control board, or another issue entirely. Most recently I have noticed that my Z10's center of balance is making more drastic changes at low speeds. When I start the unit up and begin making small movements, I can feel the sensor reset slightly and at times have had the footplate tilt back and forward a significant amount before slowly resetting. This isn't as extreme as the issue linked in the post below, but is significantly different than when I got the unit. Again it hasn't affected me too much at higher speeds. Is it possible for the control board to slowly wear out?
  2. TremF

    Gotway ACM issue...

    I am currently nursing a scratched ACM and a sore shin! TWICE (actually THREE times) now in less than a week my ACM has just dropped on me! The first (actually the second) time I came out of a shop, turned on my ACM and got on leaning against a wall while I got my feet comfy on the pedals. As I went to lean to set off - gently not over lean/ harsh - it seemed like the ACM flipped on me. I was left standing on the ground with a sore right shin where the ACM caught it somehow and the ACM looked to have smoke coming from it. It could have just been dust though. I picked it up, turned it off then back on, got on and set off normally. It has worked fine since until this morning! I went to set off for work, I set the ACM down, turned it on, pulled down the pedals and before I got on and moved the ACM forward and backward to make sure the wheel moved ok (I've been doing this since the first incident) then got on while holding my fence as I got my feet comfy. As I leaned forward slightly to set off the ACM just dropped on me as if it wasn't even turned on. once again it somehow caught my right shin. once again I picked it up, turned it off then on again, got on and set off normally. I am wondering if it just dropped on me first time as I wasn't really paying attention but this morning I was because I have been cautious since the first incident. Just before my ACM was due for dispatch it was said that peoples ACM's were frying due to an overcurrent when the ACM tried to go over a bump or out of a ditch at low speed. Apparently mine was kept back to receive the "fix" but as I have since found out I didn't receive the new board I am wondering if the fix is what is causing the ACM to drop when trying to set off slowly? Whatever the reason I am not happy. Twice in one week and a scratched ACM and shin, Edit - I've just realised this has actually happened to me THREE times in less than a week. The first time was the day before the second time. I was riding along the canal and was stopped by a couple asking me questions. For some reason I turned the ACM off while chatting and then turned it back on and went to ride off while they were watching and it just dropped which made me embarrassed because i never did that on my Ninebot and it was my first drop with my nice new ACM. Initially I thought it was because the ground was uneven and I didn't balance correctly but thinking about it I didn't have chance to move because it just dropped as I got on to set off.
  3. I recently got a V8, and love it. I normally keep the disco lights off, but today I went to turn them on via the app, and they wouldn't go back on. Has anybody experienced this, and if so, what did you do to get them working again?
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