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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I'm trying to determine if this is an issue with the latest firmware update, a problem with the control board, or another issue entirely. Most recently I have noticed that my Z10's center of balance is making more drastic changes at low speeds. When I start the unit up and begin making small movements, I can feel the sensor reset slightly and at times have had the footplate tilt back and forward a significant amount before slowly resetting. This isn't as extreme as the issue linked in the post below, but is significantly different than when I got the unit. Again it hasn't affected me too much at higher speeds. Is it possible for the control board to slowly wear out?
  2. Hey, I have inmotion v8 more than a year now, drove around ~1000 km. Face planted only once (after 3 months of usage) when I reaches "I'm-too-cool-to-look-at-road" mastery level, hit the pothole in the road, the only real damage was torn clothes as I was with helmet, wrist guards and bikers jacket. Today I was driving my usual route on a kind of dry day (10C), battery ~90% full and driver blocked my path with the car on pedestrian walk, I had like ~15 meters to stop from ~25-27ish km/h speed. No bigy, done that before, just lean back, look awesome, reduce speed to put one foot down and turn 90o. v8 started wobble front/back like ABS (anti-braking system) in cars do, like never before, this intermittent braking shook my feet of the EUC and we were both sliding under the car. Ti's was only a mere scratch - to me, EUC, my self-respect. Shook of the dust, hopped on EUC and continued down my usual route. Two kilometers later, was doing pathetic sub ~20 km/s and started gently braking before ~80o angle turn. That son of a b*tch shook me of in same (tilting quickly front/back/front/back) way as few minutes back, EUC ended up driving in car road, got under the car, broke bunch of EUC plastic covers, left me sitting on my ass. Anyone had this behavior with v8? P.S. I changed to summer tire few weeks back, not sure if related.
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