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Found 11 results

  1. I just got the wheel and have rode for about 9 hours. I am a complete newb. So lets just say there have been some tumble. I tried sounding the horn yesterday and noticed it no longer works. The bluetooth speaker works and everything else seems fine. I tried from the regular app and the darknessbot app. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Now I understand that the ninebot will beep when not touching the ground, and it will spin its wheel at a very high speed when its lifted off the ground... But mid-ride (Im learning here), it started beeping, I would consider it chirping actually. Like twice a second, and never ending. I continued to ride for about an hour so it definitely wasn't tied to the battery. But I couldn't get it to stop! Is there a guide somewhere to these beeps? I wish I had a better understanding of what the problem is, do you know?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a newb question on what the Tesla beeps mean (I saw the universal Gotway beep post and didn’t find my situation listed). I’m 185 lbs and with the Tesla battery charged to 90% and 48km tilt back(not sure what this setting exactly does), I decided I was comfortable enough to attempt high speeds for a 4 mile trip. Yes, I wore a helmet, wrist, and the fox racing forearm/elbow/triceps guards. The fox racing knee/shin guards however are too restrictive to have any control (I fell a few times months ago during the training days) so I elected to gamble my knees’ safety until the new pads arrive. As I was speeding, much faster than my normal pace (which is about a bicycle’s speed), I heard for the first time, a single beep. I panicked like anyone who had two knee surgeries would and immediately slowed down and rolled about 100 yards concerned that there was something going (there no further beeps) I decided to speed up again and the single beep returned to which I repeated the above process about 3-4 more times. Upon reaching my destination, I checked the app which indicated a top speed of 21.3 mph. I also checked the tire pressure was surprised to find that it read 26 psi (It was filled to 41 psi about a week and 50 miles ago but since it’s an electric pump maybe it isn’t as accurate. Note, on the return trip, I filled the tire to 41 psi and encounter the single beep again so my question is, if the Tesla is rated for 30mph and is the single beep just the 20 mph warning? I watched Tishawn’s speed test video and didn’t hear a beep when he hit 20mph (but that could be because of the music from video editing) and the “respect the beep” crash video just had a series of consecutive beeps before he wiped out. Thanks for your help everyone. My only guess is that it has something to do with the tilt back setting on the official iOS app. I’m using the highest 48km setting since I read that the safety mechanism that prevents you from leaning forward may also throw a beginner off balance? I’ll have to try setting it to the lowest to see what the tilt back feeling feels like.
  4. I'm trying to understand the warning beeps on my new 84v acm. I tried disabling the first alarm - when i tested it, when i reached 30+ km/h, i heard 3 beeps. (i occasionally heard single beeps also, which i shouldn't be hearing since i disabled the first alarm in the app, right? maybe this is a bug?) But anyway, is the second alarm 2 beeps or 3 beeps? and what's the final alarm? I thought final was 3 beeps based on several youtube videos and posted messages, but then i thought i read somewhere recently that the final alarm is 5 beeps, so i'm just trying to verify what's going on. I shouldn't be anywhere near my final alarm at 30-35km/h, right? This is with 90% battery, cool afternoon, flat pavement, 170lb rider. is it 1-3-5 beeps, or 1-2-3??
  5. Hi, I'm new to this website and I need help with my IPS 191 I remember that I charged my EUC last week and tonight when turned it on, it started to beep constantly. The battery must be full as the green light won't blink. It sounds like the time when you crash and it suddenly starts to beep and flash lights! Has anyone experienced this problem? I own a Llohtz IPS 191 which I purchased last December and It has been lightly used since. (50miles on the mileage) The app connects but shows no battery whatsoever! Unfortunately, the charger light shows green as soon as I plug that in. So, I'm confused...! Is it the charger or I'm going to have to investigate it further? I just don't know where to start. tnx
  6. After riding it and putting it on it's side the mSuper started beeping and when I brought it upright it won't stop beeping and doesn't self balance. The motor won't work either but there is some resistance there like the wheel won't run freely/loosely. I can turn the lights on and off using the power switch but when I hold the button down to turn it off it doesn't do anything. The button seems to work so I figure it's not that, at least I don't think that's the problem. I can connect to the Gotway App and change settings, see all the stats and it beeps to confirm any changes but the euc still won't function completly (turn off, self balance and continues to beep). I opened it up and everything inside looks fine. I've finally resorted to disconnecting the battery to get it to stop and when I connect it again it still doesn't work and does the same thing. I even tried doing a re-calibration but that didn't work either. Sometimes it does the long beep like it's trying to recalibrate but just continues to beep and the euc still won't turn off even when I push and hold the button. I've tried a bunch of things. Before this everything worked perfectly and it's only about a month old, dated July 2017. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? Will I need to replace the circuit board? Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks, Emile
  7. Hello. Have this hoverboard that keeps beeping. If I use it calm and easy there is no beeping. If I speed up a bit the beeping starts, and it won´t stop until I turn off the board. When it starts beeping the light turns red (Not battery, but the other light. Battery is green) I have reset it and re-calibrated it... (It says "Bluetooth mode" when I start up the board, but I don´t have any remote.) Hope someone know what to do. Thanks Kind regards
  8. Hey guys, Probably just a little paranoid but I've noticed that my Ms2 changed the beep tone and intensity its about 60% quieter and doesnt sound like the same tone as usual it's deeper. should i open it to check it out ? it happened after riding like 10 minutes under normal/light rain not heavy thx
  9. Hello Wheelies My KS16 Shows after switching on 4 LEDs crosses and beeps continuously, and Serial number is no longer displayed in the app . Can anyone tell me what error message that is?
  10. Hi, This week, I bought an IPS 121/T350 from GoWheel.com (excellent service btw). It is my first EUC. After a couple of hours of intense practice (steep learning curve!), I am now able to ride it more or less ok. The only thing is, I seem to hit the tilt-back and beep limits quite soon (flat and smooth road, no hills, low speed). This may have to do with the fact that I weigh 120 kg, but I'm not sure. From what I've read on the forums, the max speed of the IPS 121/T350 is 19.9km/h. Is this for a person with normal weight, and will it be lower for a heavy weight guy like me? Also, does the tiltback and the bleeping start when a certain current is drawn, or a certain voltage drop is experienced (which would be safest), or is it just speed-based? Also, what is the difference between tilt-back and beeping. If I get the tilt-back, I can still push a bit harder until the beep. Is it safe to just stay below the beep-speed (which seems at least 5km/h faster then when the tilt-back kicks in)? So how do these things work: 1- heavy people just reach the limits sooner and can't reach the normal max speed of 20km/h because everything is limit based? 2- it is speed based and tilt-back kicks in at predefined speed and then bleeping also at max speed of 19.9 km/h Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello Everyone, I recently bought a Chinese unicycle online, as soon as I turned it on for the first time it started beeping continuously with the battery LEDs ON as shown on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btRw1epMNdM I already tried fully charging it and calibrating it, nothing worked so far... Please, if anyone have any further information on how to solve this, share it. Thank you all in advance.
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