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Found 3 results

  1. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks I use with Darknessbot and the Apple Watch companion app. Enjoy 😊
  2. With Apple's new announcement, a phenomenal example of talking while remotely occupied was given. You may have seen the person on a board in the middle of the lake having a very clear conversation with the presenter of the event. The refinements continue to remind me of the many uses that the Apple Watch has given me and will continue to do so when I'm riding the MiniPro, working out, or otherwise unable to use the iPhone easily. Combining the Apple Watch with the AirPods makes for a great communications tool. When riding together, my wife and I are planning to start wearing the AirPods for longer trips. Until now, we seem to keep shouting comments to each other, which does get cumbersome at times, especially if we're not facing each other. Anyone else having similar experiences?
  3. Just got my Ninebot One last Saturday and spend all my spare time now riding on this beast. Yesterday I wanted to explore a bit the Ninedroid App and played with it whilst riding. However, holding my bloody phone in one hand all the time is neither comfortable, nor does it look cool, right! Has anyone, (maybe especially the distributors or dealers of Ninebot) any idea, if the company is planning to upgrade the App for Apple Watch? If yes when would that be and if not, whom to contact in order to send a respective proposal? Cheers!
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