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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have an Airwheel X3 that has been sitting around lately and is looking for a new home. There are multiple scratches and scuffs, however, it is still in good condition (7.5/10) and works very well. Comes with training wheels, charging kit and everything included in original box. I am looking for around $250 + shipping but I am willing to negotiate. Located in the U.S. Thanks.
  2. Airwheel X3 - two and half years old (bought with $730). Battery changed 7months ago. Trolley handle installed. Training wheels and holding strip included. Tire filled with Slime - don't need to inflate for a year. Great first wheel to learn with. Maximal cruising speed: 8mph Range:10miles (mostly flat roads, 150 load) Location: Palo Alto, California
  3. 20 days without any wheel so far. I have the money saved up now including my prize money and I am really not sure which way to go this time around. The KS14b just couldn't handle most of my tricks...extreme or not and it is totally out of commission now. There is a small chance a new board might resurrect it for some disco transportation at least. Not for tricks though. I have a beat up 9bot1 C+ that turned off all of a sudden 1 month ago (without any jumps or slides) and never came on again so Jake from @FORWARD california is doing his best to help me get it fixed, even though it was purchased almost a year ago (because he is just awesome!) I do love riding the 9bot and obviously it works for most tricks, just ask @Jonathan Tolhurst and many other tricky cats. I haven't ever pedal slid, jumped high or anything like that on it yet. Also sometimes it would turn off while landing a jump and could not be turned on again until it was plugged in again. Important: It turns out that less power is more beneficial for jumping and sliding as it creates less resistance from the board and it just gives out completely instead of hurting the motor or the board. So I am looking at these three. Ninebot One A1 same as the E series. It's affordable, light as hell, doesn't spin out of control when it falls Inmotion V5 seems nice, super stiff ride but really high pedals. Does it spin out of control when it falls? Freeman A4 dual chip set and Ninebot-esque stiffness in ride and control. It's light, safe and solid but a bit chunky Any advice, experience or recs from actual riders would be appreciated. Thanx folks
  4. Has not been seriously beat up yet. No big jumps pedal slides or stairs on it. Aiwheel X3 just wont turn back on and seems to be beep/blinking out a code. Got it super cheap, new a few months ago for my lady and she still rides on my back instead. Lol. Still sucks!
  5. I've had the Airwheel x3 since early fall, and I have quite a bit to say on this product. The Airwheel x3 was introduced to me last summer, and after riding for several hours, I was hooked! I purchased one from him and was zooming around while getting the hang of it. I never walk anywhere now, it feels good. After riding for about a week, I felt a cohesion between me, and my Uni. The product is performs great, and It took me until recently to feel "limited" by an entry level model. The Airwheel x3 is a great entry level product, I would recommend to anybody looking for short distance transportation, or looking for a fun time. 10/10 would recommend to my friends!
  6. Been riding now for four months in San Francisco. LOVE IT! Totally have the EUC bug. My X3 clone (Fotowelt X30, LOL) is awesome. But I've noticed something and am wondering if anybody has 1) experienced the same thing or 2) discovered a workaround. For the first five minutes or so of my ride, my wheel angles the pedals toward the rear, so the tips of my toes stick into the air, and my heels are closer to the ground. After a few minutes, my wheel seems to level out and I can ride without such an extreme tilt. What I've tried to do is stop and start multiple times, or slow down from full speed repeatedly to level things out. Though things eventually level out, I can't say I've discovered a repeatable solution, or even the problem. Can anybody suggest what is happening or if it's even a problem?
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