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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have really been enjoying my new 18xl. I was wondering if you guys have any tips pointers or advice on how one should fall off properly if the time ever occurs. Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  2. Hi all! New to the forum & new to the hobby/lifestyle:) I'm looking to pick up my first wheel and I've found a Z6 and a V8, both second hand for around the same price...what do you guys think I should go for? Open to any and all advice! (Based in the UK, weight 85kgs, use will be mainly to commute 6miles round trip)
  3. uekarashi

    S5 after some time

    So I came across an IPS S5 518Wh being offered secondhand, and it's pretty tempting as a light(er than my 18L) wheel for casual weekend runs to the shop, etc. I was wondering if anyone who's had an S5 for some time has comments as to how ir's come along - any particular wear I should look out for, anything I should consider before happily making my 18L less lonely (waterproofing? I know water and dust was an issue with the I5, but the S5 seemed to have a little lip to prevent this?) I seem to recall @Zechi @triad88and @jbwheel all had S5s in their ownership at some point or other
  4. Hello folks. So I've been taking my new MSX out for a few rides a week ever since winter started trending away and the roads got more and more bare. I've had this wheel since November, just itching to start riding it. However, I noticed recently as I was adjusting my mudflap, that the wheel isn't perfectly centered. There's not a huge amount of clearance between the tyre and the part of the mudflap that slides onto the chassis. I could always just be hypervigilant, and my worries are unfounded, but I'd like to hear from any of you and what you think about it. The "misalignment" is more or less not visible at all from the front end of the wheel. My biggest worry is that the wheel would be off balance and causing me to make bad standing habits while riding it.
  5. Hi Guys, I need your help deciding on a wheel. I am from Australia and I have been researching this for quite sometime now. I can't seem to make a decision. Gotway seems to have the best capacity in the market but the worst quality control. With all the reported incidents on youtube; I do want to get the best, sturdiest, off-roading, long rage, highest wh out there but I dont want to die. Now I have seen many people on youtube crashing with Gotways without even reaching half its speed limit... ACM 2 giving up at 15mph after hitting a minute bump on the road. I sense a lot of frustration in many videos with gotways (ACM 2 with a wrong footplace installed). I need someone to give me an honest opinion on what is the best and safest out there for what I want bearing in mind that I dont plan on going any faster than 45 km/h - 96 kg weight
  6. Neither speaking Mandarin nor having a Chinese keyboard, I failed addressing Chinese members directly. You know, the @... function, as in @王月月. I can produce the character sequence using copy&paste, but I can't get the notification trick activated like with @John Eucist or @esaj. Is there any usable workaround for this?
  7. Hi folks, dear moderators, presently preparing a vacation to Asia, I remembered seeing travel related tips spread all over the sections of this forum. As our community became a global collection point for EUC-addicts risking serious withdrawal symptoms when deprived of their batteries by the airlines, I was wondering whether a "Tourism" or "Travel" section might be a good idea? I was thinking of a forum area organized by region, where members can look for lokal contacts at their destination or offer local advice where to rent or borrow a wheel, where to ride, what rules to observe, or on regular group rides. In this case, I would not strictly separate commerce from private as travelers like me may be interested in both. There is also a zillion of wheely videos around, some showing the most scenic environments - hiding behind titles like "my first ride", thus almost impossible to find when you do specific holiday research. We could cross-link those from e.g. the "Video Tread" to a particular location in the "Travel" section - so you find them when you need them. What do'ya think of this suggestion?
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