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Found 3 results

  1. When talking about the latest Monster v3 upgrade and the possibility of swapping the 800Wh battery packs from an older Gotway wheel, I decided to get an MSX without the battery and to swap my ACM2 batteries from 2018 to the MSX. I thought this would be a simple disconnect/reconnect task. You probably guessed already that this was not not quite that simple as I am posting this for others to read before going this route. The battery in my ACM has 3 connectors. The main current draw goes through a thick wire pair to an XT60 connector. The BMS hooks up to 4-pin connector with think wires. The battery side has 4 wires, the wheel only runs two wires from the 4-pin connector. And the third connection is a 2-pin JST connector with a red/black thin wire pair. That JST connection is the one creating a bit of a snag. (UPDATE: No, it's not a JST connector. I haven't found what it is but a JST won't fit. You could still use this adapter mentioned and linked below as a pigtail to solder on the XT30 end to the battery which is what I did.) (UPDATE2: The connector is an SM2P connector. One needs the male version to make an adapter) My battery is just about a year old, so I assume this would be a common problem for potential upgraders. This shows the connectors on the battery side (the yellow XT60 got cut off a bit, sorry): And then here's the problem when trying to attach the battery to the MSX v3: The battery JST connector is in the foreground and a bit blurry. That should hook up to the yellow connector that I am holding between my fingers. It is an XT30-U connector which obviously would not fit the JST. Now, I checked where this is connected to and it turns out that the wheel would function just fine without this hooked up. This XT30 connects to the charging port of the wheel. This is actually a nice improvement as it is not just a 30Amp connector now but also beefier wiring attached to it, so one could charge the batteries at a higher rate than the 5 Amps the JST connector is spec'ed at. However, it requires some changes to older batteries to connect, of course. I did not feel adventurous enough (or replace that with "crazy") to cut off the JST connector on the battery side as this is carrying battery voltage and a short would probably not just ruin my day but many days after that. So I ordered this adapter from Amazon to hopefully do this by just plug-and-play. Worst case, I could do soldering on the adapter and then just hook it up if it requires a male/female swap. The adapter should arrive tomorrow, so I will update my post once I have tried it. My assumption (which needs verification from someone who actually gets the latest v3 version) is that this is probably also a change that Gotway did on the v3 of the Monster. So, be aware that the batteries will not just swap over in a few minutes if you do not have an adapter at the ready. The other, rather minor, problem I found is that the battery for the ACM has its hookup wires mirrored for what they should be on an MSX. With a little bit of extra work of adding thin padding between the battery and the shell this should be no problem.
  2. I've been using the ios kebye gotway app for my Acm2 since I got the thing 6 months ago. Recently the app crashes and doesn't work at all. There are no other apps I know of that allow you to manipulate the speed settings. On the app I had always set to (medium) and the Speed at the highest setting ... When you simply power up the current default setting is frustratingly slow @ I estimate 7 mph max... Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get my wheel fully operational? Is this just a matter of waiting til they update the app?? This especially blows bc it's like the last nice day of the year today ?
  3. Hi guys, I’ve joined Electric Unicycle community around a year and a half ago. So basically, the first wheel that I learnt to ride on was INMOTION V5F. Now I got to the point where I feel like I really want some crazy speed, because V5F can only do 23 km/h without reaching to tilt-back. I was looking for a new wheel and decided to buy Gotway. I don’t really like the new INMOTION V10F. So thought that I could ask your advice. So here are some questions: 1) How fast you can safely ride Tesla or ACM2? 2) Is there a significant difference between riding a wheel at 25km/h and for example 40km/h? What I mean is the overall feeling you experience. 3) I weight at around 58 kg, what range could I get from Tesla (1020wh) and ACM2 (1300wh)? 4) What wheel would be more comfortable to ride? I know they both 16inch, but ACM2 looks like a tank compared to Tesla. 5) What’s approximate weight of both wheels? 6) And the last, is Green Fashion shop at Ali a reliable place to buy those wheels? No unexpected customs on Arrival? Thank you in advance for your answers.
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