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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I sell my wheel ACM16 with very few km and still under warranty ! It is practically new and all for 780.00 euros. purmoka-moka@yahoo.fr
  2. Dear all, My 12 month warranty struggle with supplier. Paid £825 ($1005) Inc Shipping. Unit: Kingsong 14C (800W|680Wh) Purchase Date: 6th August 2015 Perfect for 25 weeks. Ridden for 21 weeks (minus 2 weeks holiday + 2 weeks working away) Running cost / 21 weeks £39 per week. (approx $47) Previously owned: Ips - 1000+ miles no issues. Ninebot one - 1000+ miles no issues. Powerbrick failed - Emailed supplier October 2015. Email reply from Supplier (Company director) 'The first batch was pretty shoddy' 'Half of the chargers were defective out of the box' Unit fault- Emailed supplier 2nd Feb 2016. Scrapping from wheel, a large number of images sent to supplier showing foot pedal rubbing against wheel. Email reply from Supplier (Company director) 'is it a slightly bent axle causing the problem?' 'can it be hammer back into shape?' 'A bit of force should do the trick. You should be able to wedge it free by carefully using a chisel or flat head of the screwdriver.' Centre Axle Close up Unfortunately, mid Feb i was diagnosed with a seriously illness, in and out of hospital, doctors appointments... the Kingsong was the last thing on my mind. In June, after a number of emails from the supplier one of which i clearly remember asking him to take the unit back and rebuild it for me, it had been a long time since the unit had been dismantled, this request was ignored, the replacement wheel arrived 1 or 2 days later, after refusing to pay the shipping cost of £25. After another load of trips too and from hospital, doctors, nurses, etc. finally, I got around to fitting the 'new' motor, albeit some time later. Read and re-read the supplied manual several times The rebuild: Started out full of promise, rebuilt the unit in around 2 hours (took my time) Powered the unit up after fitting the very tight side panels, all the lights worked.The unit only works when it is moved 45 degrees to left or right. contacted supplier again, new board sent out - refitted same issue. Emails sent to king song 5x - Number of responses Zero Will post more images later for those of you who want to see in more details what $1005 buys you. To be continued.....
  3. Please post your Gotway average range on a charge, and your battery size. For me I have a 680wh (MCM4), but haven't been able to get it low yet (my lowest was 60% after a few hours of riding). That thing just keeps going! I'll update when I manage to actually get it low.
  4. Just got my new MCM4 680Wh for 873.00 USD (784.00€) from China with charger, free trolley handle and free shipping to Europe and no import tax. I ordered it on 20 of June, it was shipped on 23 of June and delivered on 30 of June. I told the seller that if I were happy with my purchase I would report it on this forum. Few days later he raised the price to 838,69€ but sent me this message: Dear Franco, you can let your friend and the member of the forum mention your name, i will adjust to be similar price to them. The rising price is just keep it same level from Gotway official price. So don't worry, i can adjust the price for new customer. The seller's link is: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/680Wh-GotWay-14-MCM4-One-wheel-self-balance-electric-scooter-high-speed-unicycle/32620729624.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.79.rjWaS8 He has both versions HS and HT for the same price, just specify which version you prefer. I hope this post can be helpful for members interested in a MCM4 (remember to get a 15.00 USD coupon for the order, so the total would be 858.00USD)
  5. I tested the speed, range along mountain road in S. Korea. What I found is the range is highly dependent on amount of hills, rider's weight, speed of wind, especially the speed of the wheel and acceleration My weight: 67 kg Model used: Gotway MCM4 HS 680WH, 2016 version I hope you to know that in each ride I tried my best effort to maintain the speed in narrow range (1) 1st picture: range traveled: 18.7 km duration: 1hour 11 min the number of hill: lots of hills ( more than 200 hills) battery consumed: 40% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 28km/h - 33 km/h acceleration: hard ( I tried to catch up cycles, cars. all cycles were gotten past.) wind: strong headwind ( up to being able to keep my eyes opening) calculated range: 46.8 km = 29.08 miles (2) 2nd picture range traveled: 16.6 km duration: 1hour 31 min the number of hill: lots of hills ( more than 200 hills) battery consumed: 30% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 33km/h - 38 km/h acceleration: hard ( I tried to catch up cycles, cars. all cycles were gotten past.) wind: strong headwind (weaker than above) calculated range: 55.3 km = 34.4 miles (3) 3rd picture range traveled: 21.7 km duration: 1hour 49 min the number of hill: some of hills ( about small 20 hills and large 10 hills) battery consumed: 30% the speed range when I saw on iPhone app: 20km/h - 25 km/h acceleration: moderate wind: no headwind calculated range: 72.4 km = 45.0 miles Because I could not record all ranges by the cycling app I have traveled, I can not say the above is precise. However, based on several measurement of distance (calculated on gps map) when I almost used up the battery ( until 20% left ), I can tell that the above calculation is roughly correct. How about the ranges of your MCM4 or KC16, KC14? PS. I heard 3rd warning alarm around 35-38km/h (21.8-23.6mph) from my MCM HS when the battery is between 80-100% Is it normal?
  6. Putting up my GotWay MCM4 680wh unicycle for sale in the vicinity of Washington DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, etc. Wheel is used and scratched, but is in good working condition. At the time of this post, the wheel had 680 Km in odometer. Wheel for sale in person, cash transaction. $500 USD, or 1/2 oz. of Gold accepted. Includes: box, unicycle, charger, and trolley handle (unmounted). UPDATE: ¡THE WHEEL HAS BEEN SOLD!
  7. I’m going give a head to head comparison between the IPS Lhotz 340 and the T680+(a.k.a. “Tank” or 151/152, or T500 which is mentioned on the box; the fine art of marketing cleary has not trickled down to IPS yet ). I’ll split the review up in several parts, as this will make it easier to comment and/or ask questions. After combing through most threads on brands, BMS, motor, battery, FP or not to FP, etc., I count myself lucky to have bought a Lhotz340Wh (older version with torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH) august last year. So why did I buy the IPS 680+? Lhotz Design: The broader (2,5inch) and larger tyre which actually makes the wheel around >1inch bigger than the one of th IPS680+ results in good traction and stability. It has relatively long pedals (22cm, you can scrape the corner of the pedals on the ground in tight turns) so you can place your feet exactly where you want them depending on what you want to do, which improves control over the wheel. The pedals are made of solid painted aluminum, they are not that thick and I tend to feel some flex (real flex or the hinges, fixtures?). Because of the paint the pedals are quite slippery when wet, this is nothing a patch of skate board tape cannot cure. The body (15cm wide) tapers off towards the edges and there’s no protruding battery housing at the top, so there’s room for the inner side of your calfs (no pressure) and you can put your feet close to the center which is great for stability and control. As a consequence the biggest pressure is on the inside of the ankles instead of the calfs. There’s here and there in strategic places soft rubber-like bright red padding (the brownread stuff on the pictures is my doing), with a high friction surface which is great for improving control over the wheel. The case has broad cut-outs front and back, so negotiation small obstacles like branches on the road poses no problem at all. The Lhotz is very sturdy by design, no rattles or creaks if you pressure it, and the handle is stainless steel so it doesn’t break even if you wheel bounces downhill without you. This all comes at a weight penalty of course: 14 kg. The round stainless tube of which the handle is made doesn’t improve the weight perception when carrying it, it’s slippery and cold in winter (I’m now using a samsonite belt to carry it). I don’t understand why IPS put a plastic slide-on charging port cover on it, which doesn’t stick for more than a minute. To save weight perhaps, really??? (I replaced it by an aftermarket metal screw cap)The battery charger is a very light box with an active cooling system (which doesn’t inspire a lot of trust, what happens if the ventilator dies?), and a US style wall plug (an EU adapter was sold separately) Verdict: Excellent Lhotz Safety: The Lhotz has enough torque to cope with my 100Kg adequately but it’s not perfect, I’ve had 2 FP, 1 overtorqueing when acceleration too fast from standstill, and 1 on a slight downward slope riding in a pit when at it’s cruising speed. When I push the weel, I can feel it (the motor?) struggling and (I believe) the BMS sometimes cuts in fractions of a second when the battery is drained too fast. I’ve experienced no BMS cut-outs though; when the batt level decreases the pedals start tilting at lower speeds and the weel starts beeping if you try to push it, even at very low speeds the tiltback is quite strong so there seems to be plenty of reserve programmed into the BMS. Therefor I would consider the Lhotz by design a relatively safe wheel, the flipside is that below 50% batt level the wheel is no fun to ride at all, and it’s game over below 30%. Verdict: Very good Lhotz Range/speed: Even with the torque biased motor, limited to 20KmH, it doesn’t feel that stable at the 17KmH cruising speed (see safety topic above). At 17KmH cruising speed, it drains 50% of the battery in about 12km. I live in a small village, and for shopping, the library, public administration, etc. I have to commute to the main village of the region which is at 5km one way. 12Km max range is not enough, driving around a bit for the shopping, windy conditions, low temp, and I barely can get home. There’s no fun in carrying a 14kg wheel, believe me, this causes me quite a bit of range anxiety. My wife already had to come and ‘save’ me by car, because I forgot the evening before that I rode just a very short distance and didn’t charge it to a full 100% (I try to avoid this because it’s not good for the battery). So if a guy of my size needs a cruising range of >15Km at a cruising speed of 20-25KmH, 340Wh is nearly not enough. Adequate. Which brings me to my choice of the T680+: Looking around, I saw no 16” alternatives from a reputed brand with such a big battery and a proven design (the KS16 is brand new). With the T680+ I hope to find (almost) the same build quality, high torque motor, and decent safety features, all this for a price of 1,129.- USD (delivery and taxes included) delivered to my door in Belgium straight from the IamIPS factory in just 12 days.
  8. We got our KingSong KS16 today and made this video while unboxing and first ride... These are truly some wonderful devices... KingSong seems they have listen to previous complaints and improved key areas of the machine... I feel a lot stiffer than my current KS14c... We have not tried the full potential yet, as the unit is not unlocked yet, we are getting the unlock code from Tina soon so we can unleash this beast..
  9. Is there a reason why it seems just Gotway and King Song sell electric unicycles with big battery packs in them? (granting the euc a long travel distance range) Why are the other manufacturers (Solowheel, Ninebot, IPS, Airwheel, etc.) not installing batteries bigger than the 300's Wh? For me range is top priority, top speed is secondary. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The other manufacturers need to step it up!
  10. Range test of KingSong KS14c - 800W - 680wh... Does the battery last for 28km, with a heavy rider and 10C ambient...?
  11. To those of you with, specifically, the 680Wh battery King Song unicycles... what distance/range does it last you until the low battery warning starts? I wanna read real world stats by genuine owners. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Thyme and I've been lurking for about a month trying to get up to speed with all the different EUC's. It looks like it might be some time before I decide on a make and model, which is ok because I also need to save up some cash in order to buy one. Any EUC I do end up buying will have a 16" or 18" wheel and the biggest battery I can get, contenders so far are "Gotway Msuper 18", "King Song 18" , "Ninebot One P" and "Xima Lhotrz 680 (IPS191 Plus)". I'm looking for a EUC that will go long distances and on rough terrain and not looking for a nimble wheel to do tricks on. It would also be good to have one which it is easy to change the battery as I would like to take a spare with me if the battery is 320Wh or lower. I am looking for good build quality, reliability and good IP (Ingress Protection) IP 65 or higher is my target. Here's a handy chart which shows what the numbers mean. I couldn't find any info on the Xima Lhotz 680 (IPS 191 Plus) in the forum (I might have missed it if there is some info on this model) I have posted the specs and a picture of it here and hopefully someone has some experience or further knowledge of this model, can tell me more about it. copied and pasted from - http://www.ipselectricunicycle.com/bbx/222147-222147.html Finally I'd like to say,this is an awesome forum, which is nice and respectful and is full of great advice, reviews and friendly people Thanks for taking the time you lovely people
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