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Found 6 results

  1. SOLD! I have a pair of King Song 16S electric unicycles (EUCs) for sale. One charger between the two of them. They come with the stand that is pictured. A new 16S is $1299. I am offering this pair for only $150 more, just $1449 for both, which is practically two for the price of one! The 16S pictured on the stand with the pedal up has about 400 miles on it, in excellent working condition, exterior in very good condition, with a warranty valid until April 9, 2022. It was purchased from eWheels, so there is post-warranty support available, should it be needed--nothing is necessary now. The 16S pictured with the pedal down has about 7850 miles on it, so it has visible signs of use and wear. It too was purchased from eWheels, but is out of warranty, although post-warranty support is available--I can assist with that. When it was last working normally about a week ago, the battery was still holding a charge fine. I made the mistake of plugging in a charger (just for a second!) that was supposed to be compatible (a new one I had recently bought off of eBay), but apparently it was not compatible! The power still goes on and off, but it won't go into the balance mode. I can still connect to it through the King Song app. It's perfect for the do-it-yourself person who wants to figure it out. Seems to be stuck in the charging mode and will not drop out of the charging mode, with all the LEDs lighting up green and the top pair flashing, even when it's not plugged in. The app says it's charging, even though it's not. There are bits of tape stuck on the exterior, which I have not bothered to remove completely. A small ankle pad is missing on either side, which I think happened when the tire was replaced--the tire is newer and slightly less thick than the original tire, but it's inconsequential to its operation, except that it makes it a little more nimble. You can always change the tire, but it's unnecessary. I was previously offering to sell them separately, but it really makes the most sense for them to be sold as a pair, since there is only one charger between them. I also raised my prior offer from $1299 to $1449, because I was hoping for a quick, local sale, but that didn't happen, so now I am opening up the sale to nationwide shipping. Shipping is offered in the U.S. (not Hawaii or Alaska), if you cover any shipping expenses. Since both of these were originally purchased from eWheels, discounted shipping is available. I can assist you with shipping arrangements. If you're in the Los Angeles area, I can give you a free training session to get you started learning. Delivery is also available in the Los Angeles area. Top speed: 21.8 MPH Range: 35 miles Weight: 37.9 pounds Tire size: 16 inch x 2.125 inch (on the better one, slightly smaller on the older one) Battery: 840Wh Volts: 67 Watts: 1200 Capacity: 250 pounds My contact information is in my signature right below. You are welcome to call or text me with any questions.
  2. Hello Folks, I'm a Ninebot One S2 (S1) Rider and pretty satisfied with that package, especially regarding it's movability and handling. But I'm missing a little *whoom* and therefore I'm thinking over to switch to something like V8 or KS-16S... in the first place. Now I read the rumours about the announced shiny new KS-18L or Ninebot Z, both 18 Inch. So, what is your option, should I Upgrade to 16" - or even better to 18"? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What about the riding comfort (e.g. City ride, long distance ride, gravel road, bumpy road etc) - are there big differences between 16" and 18" or do they behave more or less pretty similar? Will a 18 inch wheel be suitable for inner City usage or is it much less movable/agile, compared to a 16 inch Model? Thank you for you opinions/experiences Rgds, Borg
  3. Unfortunately, my wheel took a 150m tumble down a pretty steep hill... amazingly, this wheel takes a punishment and still rides. My wheel rim is bent and needs to be replaced... any ideas for where I can source replacement parts? Any guidance would be appreciated. I'd love to revive this rig!
  4. After only 8000km of taking a 95kg rider (+ gear) through dirt and gravel roads, off-road paths and some pavement, one of the bolts that hold the pedal arm on the axle, snapped. Luckily the other bolt held, so the event wasn't very spectacular. We were in the middle of a lovely forest trip with a local 2-person meet-up (me and @UniVehje), and had ridden on a bumpy path at the edge of a field for the last 1 or 2 km. I heard something dragging against the motor, we stopped to check, and I noticed that the pedal arm is loose. I had tools with me, so I put most of my weight on the other foot and we rode slowly to find a spot where I could dismantle the wheel and tighten the bolts. About half a km later we found a tall trash can with a wooden lid next to a recreational area. I'm pretty sure mine was the first 16S dismantled on that specific trash can. The beautiful woods on a lovely hot day in the middle of a marvellous ride were the bearer of bad news: The bolt had snapped. We tightened the remaining bolt as much as we could, and did manage to get half a thread for the snapped bolt to grab on to. Just enough to ride to the nearest place for a cab. It was a darn shame to cut such a fun trip short, but I do feel lucky that the remaining bold held. If the other pedal had dropped completely, it could've been a bit ugly. Also luckily, the remains of the snapped bolt came out easy just by prying it out with a flathead screwdriver. I replaced all 4 bolts with good quality stainless steel ones. The M8x35 is not a standard size, so I did have to cut them from slightly longer ones. Steel and aluminium do not mix well, as with humidity they are suspect to galvanic corrosion causing thread galling and pitting. I found a tip to use "Permatex Aviation Form-a-Gasket", a gooey liquid gasket cement as an insulator to prevent the chemical reaction from doing its damage. Hopefully it does its job here as well. I think yesterday was the first day after the snow that I didn't get to go on a ride. Boy was it fun again to ride my standard 31km route! And the new bolts are amazing, the blazing acceleration and such a dynamic ride response are spectacular! Kidding of course... It's kind of boring that after putting a few hours of work into your wheel, nothing feels or looks new. I did manage to ride the 8000km before the bolt snapped, but since these bolts have a crucial job of carrying your whole weight, and the quality of Chinese bolts varies quite a bit, I do recommend replacing the bolts at the same time if you plan on replacing the tire or take the motor out for other reasons. Photos by @UniVehje , myself, and Apple Maps.
  5. Hello folks, I just found out by coincidence, that there is a firmware update 1.07 available for KS-16S. I updated the firmware by using the latest version V1.47 of the "new" Android App, available here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk Because it's one o'clock in the morning (at my place ;), I haven't done a test ride with this setup - please be patient until late sunday evening (CEST). Or another rider may substitute with their experience report on this firmware. Regards, Borg.
  6. As New they were ridden once NO CHARGERS SF Bay Area or Ship to you at your cost 16S - $850 14D - $450 Take both? Saves me time and you money.... happy to send more pics or answer questions although I know nothing about them other than I don’t want them, thx
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