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Found 8 results

  1. Unfortunately, my wheel took a 150m tumble down a pretty steep hill... amazingly, this wheel takes a punishment and still rides. My wheel rim is bent and needs to be replaced... any ideas for where I can source replacement parts? Any guidance would be appreciated. I'd love to revive this rig!
  2. After only 8000km of taking a 95kg rider (+ gear) through dirt and gravel roads, off-road paths and some pavement, one of the bolts that hold the pedal arm on the axle, snapped. Luckily the other bolt held, so the event wasn't very spectacular. We were in the middle of a lovely forest trip with a local 2-person meet-up (me and @UniVehje), and had ridden on a bumpy path at the edge of a field for the last 1 or 2 km. I heard something dragging against the motor, we stopped to check, and I noticed that the pedal arm is loose. I had tools with me, so I put most of my weight on the other foot and we rode slowly to find a spot where I could dismantle the wheel and tighten the bolts. About half a km later we found a tall trash can with a wooden lid next to a recreational area. I'm pretty sure mine was the first 16S dismantled on that specific trash can. The beautiful woods on a lovely hot day in the middle of a marvellous ride were the bearer of bad news: The bolt had snapped. We tightened the remaining bolt as much as we could, and did manage to get half a thread for the snapped bolt to grab on to. Just enough to ride to the nearest place for a cab. It was a darn shame to cut such a fun trip short, but I do feel lucky that the remaining bold held. If the other pedal had dropped completely, it could've been a bit ugly. Also luckily, the remains of the snapped bolt came out easy just by prying it out with a flathead screwdriver. I replaced all 4 bolts with good quality stainless steel ones. The M8x35 is not a standard size, so I did have to cut them from slightly longer ones. Steel and aluminium do not mix well, as with humidity they are suspect to galvanic corrosion causing thread galling and pitting. I found a tip to use "Permatex Aviation Form-a-Gasket", a gooey liquid gasket cement as an insulator to prevent the chemical reaction from doing its damage. Hopefully it does its job here as well. I think yesterday was the first day after the snow that I didn't get to go on a ride. Boy was it fun again to ride my standard 31km route! And the new bolts are amazing, the blazing acceleration and such a dynamic ride response are spectacular! Kidding of course... It's kind of boring that after putting a few hours of work into your wheel, nothing feels or looks new. I did manage to ride the 8000km before the bolt snapped, but since these bolts have a crucial job of carrying your whole weight, and the quality of Chinese bolts varies quite a bit, I do recommend replacing the bolts at the same time if you plan on replacing the tire or take the motor out for other reasons. Photos by @UniVehje , myself, and Apple Maps.
  3. Hello folks, I just found out by coincidence, that there is a firmware update 1.07 available for KS-16S. I updated the firmware by using the latest version V1.47 of the "new" Android App, available here: http://jc.cnaite.cn/data/apk/Kingsong_Aligned.apk Because it's one o'clock in the morning (at my place ;), I haven't done a test ride with this setup - please be patient until late sunday evening (CEST). Or another rider may substitute with their experience report on this firmware. Regards, Borg.
  4. As New they were ridden once NO CHARGERS SF Bay Area or Ship to you at your cost 16S - $850 14D - $450 Take both? Saves me time and you money.... happy to send more pics or answer questions although I know nothing about them other than I don’t want them, thx
  5. Well, I was 95% sure I would be buying a Gotway Tesla but just pulled the trigger on a 16S. I was hemming and hawing over Gotway's reliability concerns but @EcoDrift's post about the insane failure/reject rate of Gotways sealed the deal for me. I know I'm not your target market but I wanted to thank you for your post there and that I highly respect your opinion, considering the volume of wheels you likely move. I did not want to reward a company that plays so free and loose with end-user safety with my business. Anyways, I was spending too much time researching all these different wheels and I felt like I'd have buyers remorse regardless of which wheel I went with and it was stressing me out. I figured the best way to stop stressing about it was to take the plunge and buy one or the other. Knowing myself, I know I'm not the type to wear a full face helmet and my dental insurance probably wouldn't cover catastrophic damage that a face plant at 30 mph would do to me, not to mention whatever other injuries I'd incur if the wheel cut out on me. If I was younger or on the opposite end of the spectrum, retired with pension/investment income, I may have gone with the Tesla but I still need to work for a living. However, I can't help but feel a little regretful thinking about the 30 mph that could have been; the 22 mph max speed will be a tough pill to swallow. I didn't intend for this to turn into a Gotway bashing thread but man, I really, really wish either Kingsong offerred something similar in power/speed/range with their build quality or that Gotway would up their QA (or quality in general). I look forward to continuing to lurk on this forum. Best regards, gr8ps
  6. Just crossed the 100 mile mark, with the wheel in hand about 7 weeks. Definitely not the quickest to the mark I know. I have worked my way up to the full 35 km/h that she is capable of, but finally did experience the dreaded lower-limit ollie at 27 km/h or so, with charge indicating 50 percent. Guess that happens on a windy day with 200 lbs trying to cut through it. It took me about 20 or so minutes to be up and riding, and my daughter picked it up on the third day of her adventure-in-learning. (she did end up with a large bump on the rear of her right ankle when it kicked up at her, and it's still there after 5 weeks or so) It has held up well from both of our attempts to break it apart. Definitely recommend safety gear, especially wrist guards, if you are going off-roading with it at all. Hidden holes can detach the wheel from your feet faster than you can recover, and suddenly you're looking down at the dirt, or up to the sky. I'm now confident enough to have ridden it around town a bit and on campus. Still can't pendulum or ride backwards, but tight turns and jumping off of curbs is no problem, and I can ride very slow, so I feel safe enough around moving obstacles. It has been a blast to ride, and to see the expressions of people that wonder "just what the heck is that?" For anyone that is thinking about getting a wheel, this does seem to tick all of the boxes of speed/reliability/safe/durable that I highly recommend it. Looking forward to many more miles, and increasing all my skills. (and for when they come out with a version with a trunk!)
  7. Hello Folks, I'm a Ninebot One S2 (S1) Rider and pretty satisfied with that package, especially regarding it's movability and handling. But I'm missing a little *whoom* and therefore I'm thinking over to switch to something like V8 or KS-16S... in the first place. Now I read the rumours about the announced shiny new KS-18L or Ninebot Z, both 18 Inch. So, what is your option, should I Upgrade to 16" - or even better to 18"? What are the advantages/disadvantages? What about the riding comfort (e.g. City ride, long distance ride, gravel road, bumpy road etc) - are there big differences between 16" and 18" or do they behave more or less pretty similar? Will a 18 inch wheel be suitable for inner City usage or is it much less movable/agile, compared to a 16 inch Model? Thank you for you opinions/experiences Rgds, Borg
  8. Hi! We have just received a fresh delivery of Inmotion V8, KingSong KS-16S and KS-14S, among others. I have €100 / £90 discount (forum members only!), for the following models: * 2017 * Inmotion V8 (480 Wh) black - €1047 after discount €947 or £880 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) black matte - €1609 after discount €1509 or £1228 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16S (840 Wh) silver - €1614 after discount €1514 or £1239 * 2017 * Kingsong KS-14S (840 Wh) black - €1244 after discount €1244 or £1044 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) black matte - €1232 after discount €1132 or £1015 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) black glossy - €1175 after discount €1075 or £964 * 2017 * KingSong KS-16C (680 Wh) white glossy - €1175 after discount €1075 or £964 * 2017 * KingSong KS-14D (420 Wh) white - €986 after discount €886 or £759 How to get the discount? It's easy: 1. Like our new Facebook page (click) and share it on your profile: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricUnicycles.eu/ 2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (click) 3. Download and rate our mobile app: Android (click) or iOS (click) After it's done, contact me by sending a private message here, or via Facebook / website - simply text "DONE" All unicycles are brand new and come with a 2-year warranty (Europe) and priority support in our mobile app. We also include a protective foam as a gift. Additionally, our clients get 10% discount for accessories. We now have some cool winter tires in black, red and blue colors Our new INMOTION V8 video: Best Regards, Justina
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