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Found 1 result

  1. DATE CHANGE!! This ride is now on Wed the 19th. REQUIRED: 1600+ Wheel (42+/- mile). REQUIRED: Driver's license (maybe a passport, read details below) REQUIRED: Rapid charger (if you don't have 2100 wh or more). This ride begins with a ride on the Metrolink. This means you cannot be late. There is no later Metrolink train that goes to O'side in the morning. I strongly suggest taking the Metrolink from the closest station that serves the ORANGE COUNTY LINE. This is a weekday ride and you can beat traffic, accidents, etc by taking the train. Take the Metrolink from your station to OCEANSIDE. All riders will board the same train. I'll be getting on in Tustin. I am not riding to the station. I am driving to my station so that my wheel will be at 100% when we land in O'side. In order for us all to easily group together take note of which car you're boarding (2nd car, 3rd car, etc). After you board the train use Telegram to advise other riders which car you're on. Prices are listed below the train schedule. Regardless of which ride option you end up doing... only buy one way tickets! RT tickets are just double the price so there's no benefit buying those. This thread will be updated periodically but for the most current info join our OC EUC RIDES Telegram group at https://t.me/OC_EUC This is a recon ride for the LA to SD GROUP RIDE. It is also a fun way to get your Camp Pendleton Bike Pass (which is required for the June LA ~ SD Group ride). The reason this ride is on a weekday is because the Visitor's Center is not open on weekends. The reason we're riding the train to is that we can only get the bike pass at the Main Gate in Oceanside. Once we have our passes they are good for one year. Recon rides are exploratory by nature as we are riding a route for the first time. These rides are subject to stops and starts to get our bearing and ensure we're on the right path. Riders can board any Metrolink station on the Orange County Line (Union Station in LA, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, Buena Park, Fullerton, Santa Ana, Tustin, etc.). There is no official meet time or meet location. Just be on the train that arrives in Oceanside around 10 a.m. Metrolink has an app to make ticketing easier. Ticket prices to Oceanside As you can see... tickets from San Clemente to Oceanside are $8.25 but it’s only an additional $8.50 to board at Union Station. That’s a pretty tempting price to avoid the weekday traffic. If you are driving to San Clemente be aware that there are two stations in San Clemente. Make certain you go to the right one. Here is the link: https://goo.gl/maps/vHYqtwT1RybL2BFz6 When we arrive in Oceanside (around 10 am) the first thing we'll do is to go to the base to secure our passes. Then, we'll go scout a nice little 20 mile route in Oceanside I found. Midway in the 20 mile ride is a microbrewery called The Belching Beaver. There are also many numerous lunch options near the Oceanside pier. Then, we'll head back to the base, go through the main gate with our newly acquired passes and head north through the base back to San Clemente. The last train heading back north is 3:48 p.m. From: https://www.pendleton.marines.mil/Base-Access/Recreational-Bicycling/ Recreational bicyclist will be required to obtain a Bicycle pass/credential in person from the Visitor Center. Recreational Bicyclist passes must be obtained in person at the Visitor Center located in Bldg. 20255T, adjacent to the Main Gate near Interstate 5. Driver licenses and identification cards marked "not valid for federal purposes", "federal limits may apply", or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of securing a bike pass. If your ID has anything similar to that on it you must bring a passport. Recreational Bicyclists are only authorized to access the Base for bicycle transit and may not participate in any other activities. Recreational bicyclists who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are prohibited from entering Camp Pendleton unless escorted in person by a Dept. of Defense affiliate. APPROVED BIKE ROUTE: Cyclists are allowed to transit North/South from the Las Pulgas gate to the Main gate (Stuart Mesa Rd to Vandergrift Blvd) and South/North from the Main gate to the Las Pulgas gate (Vandergrift Blvd to Stuart Mesa Rd). Bike access is allowed from 6 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week, all cameras must be turned off and stowed away. Ride in single file only. @1Wheeler @3euc @Alsayyad @Ando Melkonyan @Austin @Ben Richards @BlackOutEX @Blueman @captainwells @Chairman S @Coastal Rider @Dave Frear @Dave U @downtown @Dzlchef @enigma35 @Ferreal @Flyboy10 @Flying W @Freewheeler @Gizmo Dork @HeavyGoing @Heyzeus @IRK @Jambo @John Wood @Jon Sawa @Josh Morgan @JomMas @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Kens @Kimosabi @kingkong18XL @Klin @Kyle K @M22 @maltocs @mango_fpv @Marty Backe @Marvin Ong @Mike Hanna @MikeV @Mushuukyou @n2eus @NBC44 @ndmcc @Nick McCutcheon @NightRider @noisycarlos @Peter Q @Rama Douglas @roghaj @serfy @Shawn Johnson @Sketch @Stan Onymous @Sven @swvision @Tanabe @TedTheAtheist @Terenig @tihoa @Tjtripp @TomM @Unosolo @unowheel @UpDownGo @Questor @who_the @Williepimpin @Yellowman @Yunicyle @YoshiSkySun @zentype
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